Sunday, January 27, 2013

millie overload!

it's 9:30 at night and i feel like it's 3 in the morning. this is the case because last night- millie didn't realize what time she was supposed to be sleeping. we have gotten her on a good schedule this week except last night she decided to embrace the world at 4 am with a huge smile on her face and ready to play!
but besides this state of fog i am in- it's really been quite great with her. it's not so bad that she woke up in the middle of the night cuz the last couple weeks i have been waking up multiple times every night, too- so unlike me!
well let's share a couple cute stories about millie and then share some pics.
p.s. those mothers out there who work, go to school, and have children at home- props. it really does take a whole village and it still is exhausting with all the help. and p.p.s. chase is laying with millie while she's going to bed right now. it's just easier that way b/c she is pretty intimidated by him and will go to sleep quicker. with me, she'd be humming, talking, dancing, and saying "you more sing" to me and i end up singing primary songs for half an hour. then i end up dozing off without knowing if she has fallen asleep or not. so she's finally quieted down in there and here i am bloggin :) life is good.
so this week i've been really sick. maybe it's tmi but i'm an open book when it comes to bodily illness- having a chronic disease makes it a dinner table convo for me. anywho. i haven't thrown up in this way since my engagement chapter or mission chapter. times of stress bring it on and i guess you could say having this full plate to chew on every day has brought it on. i try to go in the bathroom and lock the door but little millie doesn't appreciate being locked out. so she ends up coming in and rubbing my back, smoothing my arm, trying to continuously flush the toilet, and saying "owie" or "i love you". you might think that's horrible of me to expose her to me throwing up like a mad woman, but it doesn't seem to make her queezy in the least bit and she takes some smiles in comforting me. and hearing her screaming outside the door isn't helpful. she loves to help. she is the sweetest and she is such a concerned caring little one. an hour ago she was watching the little mermaid and commenting on everyone getting "owie's". poor ursula.
also funny story. i think it was two nights ago- i heard her whimpering (she has a mini mattress on the side of our bed in our room) and i thought she was having a nightmare and i was going to let her just get back to sleep. i grabbed my phone to shine the light so i could make sure she was covered and warm. i couldn't find the little bugger anywhere! i got up and realized she had scooted herself underneath the middle of our bed (she is quite the squirmer and mover in her sleep) and she was stuck (still sleeping) but trying to get up (banging her head of course). so i carefully dragged her out and placed her on her mattress with her sleeping all the while! hilarious but breaks your heart at the same time. i made a good barricade after that incident! no more rolling under the bed for her!
i've been quite content with millie's healthy eating (which means healthy diapers- who poops 4 times before noon? and it's not like i'm changing her before she's done. cuz they'll be an hour in between. oh man i'm gonna be one of those blogging mothers that only blogs about her child- eh well it does become your world. chase is here too. love him too.) anywho. back to millie's eating habits and tmi bowel discussion. i have a number of food pics coming your way. i heard that you don't need to force two year olds to eat but that they'll just eat when they want and they won't starve themselves. the food is always available and i offer her everything (only healthy options) and she tells me when she'll eat it. helps me not to waste food or see it become stale.
 eating oatmeal as i'm putting on some make up. she doesn't like to be away from me. she will shout "i need you!" hahaha so she enjoys sitting on the dryer in the bathroom with me.
 eating an apple in her jammies
banana time! lots of fiber for this baby cakes! 
 on saturday's me and chase clean our house thoroughly. millie wasn't up for the task of helping. so she entertained herself with the cooking drawer. you can see she enjoys categorizing and organizing! 
and she gave me quite a few dishes to clean later.

and here's one more snip clip of millie just to make you smile! this is the cutest video of her ever! but don't mind my nasty apparel (of course i have to point it out and defend myself)- i wasn't feeling so hott this morning and we had just finished cleaning the whole house.

singapore reunion

last night there was a mini singapore reunion hosted by ee chien at the kent's and it was amazing! amazing food, people, convo, games, laughs! i feel so blessed to have all my different homes and lives come together here at byu like this! such a fun chapter!
the only way it coulda been better is if chase had had the night off of work and coulda come!

 the top is the clan with babies, spouses, and significant others!
the second is a singapore girl pic!
and this last one is the SAS (Singapore American School) crowd!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MLK weekend

it's been a long weekend which gives us more time to relax. thanks for all you did MLK. however, the long three day weekend..... with a two-year old. more work than ever! but i still loved it! this is us getting ready for church. she has been so happy, cute, and bubbly- but she turns off the charm for the camera :) she's still the cutest thing since my own baby days! and was such an angel at church and loved nursery!

we've been spending a lot of time with taylor and taryn and they've been sooooo amazing at helping with millie. relieving me for a bit here and there so i can lay down or what not!! 
we've been to the stores, playing, cooking, seeing aunt lauryn and uncle dallin, seeing daddy, playing monopoly, singing, etc!
chase has been working a lot (which is good) but that means i'm like a single parent :) except last night chase got called off work and we decided to go up to salt lake for the day!

Paulo's first time up at Salt Lake! I gave a mini tour and the square was beautiful! We all really enjoyed ourselves and Paolo kept talking about how he will be a missionary to his fam!
Millie was asleep the whole tour in her stroller so that actually worked out nicely! 
The beautiful Tabernacle!

 temple door credit pics to tar! what an amazing holy place!

two of the best sights

oh these cute love birds

some of the clan on the marriage stump

 then we went to blue lemon. of course. and this doll face woke up!
then it's off to the planetarium via trax. interesting people on trax. us included! 
some people say we look alike. i see it! i love it!
so much fun for the little one. 
so many dials, knobs, and levers! she was loving it!
and i learned a lot too. 
my fav fun fact that tar quizzed me with:
how many stars are in our solar system? 
one, the sun (everything else we see isn't even in our solar system! trippy! amazing!)
millie is really loving all her new family around! esp uncle taylor!!! she is having trouble differentiating between taylor and taryn's name but we're working on it! she loved dragging taylor around with her little hand!
oh you know- just on mars and on the moon!

now she's just doing some shopping around the house with her shopping cart and watching hey arnold (it's her new thing! all on netflix!) she's into it! and i approve b/c i'm entertained, too!
chase is cleaning the whole house and i'm feeling so spoiled and grateful! well better stop the blogging, turn of the tv, and educate this little girl more! xoxox (p.s. i haven't finished gossip girl but i heard a rumor that dan is gossip girl? what the heck. i must get to the bottom of this)

Friday, January 18, 2013

my two babies

here are my two babies. they are the cuties of this house!

you see, for the next > two weeks, i have little angel mills staying with me 24/7! well minus some school and work that i've arranged her to be watched! but it will still be at this residence.
i am so excited and today has been such a hoot already.
she kept snuggling, talking to herself, talking to me, playing, and just being a stinkin cutie!!
right now she's sleeping and taryn and i are watching downton abbey! we are very blessed!
my face is all flushed and i'm recovering from the flu this week. sad when a costco/walmart run tuckers you out. we're gonna do zumba on youtube after an episode or two!
my flu cold is dying out and chase's stomach bug is fading, too.
poor chase..... he threw up in one of his classes in a trash bin. he doesn't get embarrassed easily but even that caused him some sheepishness. we are both getting over and out of this dreadful sick stage.  and we are hoping we don't catch what the other one had!
it's hard with the weather being so crazy! you know it's cold when the 20's feel warm!

now i'm ready for this three day weekend, homework time, and millie adventures!

like i said.... my two babies
 the other day (when he was feeling under the weather - but so was i) i heard this pounding. and found him in the dark, in our sled, pouting...... we like to play these hide and seek over dramatic needy tantrums! so here he is- pulling an anderson b/c when i walked through the door i didn't rush to his side and caress him with hugs and kisses. hahahaha. high maintenance demanding cutie that i love! of course i snapped this pic before complying with hugs and tlc! i love this goofy man! so much!
squishing him! please no cameras! 
 pretending like he doesn't love the attention!

the other baby......
 another goofball cutie!!! she is so stylish!
and as of late, she has been a rotten pickle about doing everything herself. buckling herself in. unbuckling herself. shutting doors (car doors- fingers. i don't allow it and she screams in the parking lot and people stare.) zipping her jacket. pouring the milk. brushing her hair. peeling her banana. putting her shoes on. 
and here- pushing carts. hahaha if she saw i was helping- she'd have had a fit! i notice i have to be more stern and stop her from tantrums, too! hahahaha. i love this independent diva!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

tra la la la la

i am so extremely excited and full of serious gratitude! today has been the best day of service and it's only 3 pm! I have been praying for opportunities of service to present themselves and by-gol-ee today was just that!
i have that primary song stuck in my head: "when we're helping, we're happy...... tra la la la la la la"

the other day chase and paulo were at the mall and ran into the missionaries. so friday they came over and met with paulo at our house and that was such an amazing experience. the sincerity, the spirit, and the future plans that paulo made with the missionaries really have transformed our home into an even more heavenly place! right now, chase and paulo are at the portuguese ward in orem. and i can't wait to hear how it went. and boy do i have stories for them!
  • so this morning i was off to church by myself (can't leave our 5 year olds teacherless!) and it was frigid. i thought "boy i would hate to walk in the weather!" and then i remembered brother wyatt- we had given him a ride last week and had promised him we would give him a ride to and from church from now on. i barely remembered! i went to his apartment! and was able to get a hold of him and help. he is the sweetest man- probably in his 70's with a speech and walking impediment but with such a diligent and strong conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ!
    it did seem a little inappropriate considering chase wasn't with me- but i wasn't going to have him walk a mile in the single digit weather. 
  • then at church, i received a relief society flyer. and now am signed up to give a meal tomorrow for a sick mother and her family
  • also on that flyer was another sick sister (she's actually my visiting teaching supervisor) who wants to pay someone to clean her house for 2-3 hours each week. well i told her husband, i'd be happy to do it and i don't need any pay. i figure if i can find a friend to go with me, too, then we can get it done in half the time! and for my dad's bday this month- he wants us to all share stories of service- well dad this is only the beginning :)
  • and now i'm here just beaming to be Christ's hands today and within my ward! i also found the time to volunteer at the mtc this week and i know the Lord's gospel is in some good hands! the missionary work is moving along and moving up!

ope my phone is ringing. hold up.
another opportunity to serve............. i will tell you the story when i get back

  • i was sitting here watching downton abbey and blogging with my lunch and got a phone call from brother wyatt (the man i took to and from church). he is need of a meal and i have/had plenty of spaghetti, sauce and meatballs, and peas! so i took 3+ servings over and he was so grateful but i feel just as grateful to see an answer to my prayers to have these easy but important opportunities to serve! serve God and His children! (p.s. i might have heard a drug deal in the apartment over when i dropped off the food. needless to say i booked it back to my car and locked my doors! i'm glad i didn't eat it on the ice cuz i was scurrying quite quickly hahahaha! but that was just a little chuckle in the midst of enriching service!)
and now for fun activities that have been going on around here. yesterday, some of us went sledding at the bowl park up behind the temple! amazing! some baby injuries and crashes. but it was all hilarious and so fun and so cold. we then came back to our place, played dare jenga (chase lost and had to be drug in a sled with his face in the snow. i lost the next round and was given a swirly....... awk but true), we also had some pizza and banana bread [taryn made delicious banana bread], and watched white chicks. hahahaha what fun!
this pic is cut off but you can see most of us and tar was taking the photo
more of us. and taylor intently setting up the next round of jenga!

well now i need to get crackin on my novel for school, don quixote. i feel like i've been reading non stop and barely half way! that book is insane and considering the fact that i need to read it by tomorrow, i better get going!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

the treasure hunt for the best treasure

what a sweet treasure i found today! 
i came home from class and found this trail of flower petals.....
don't worry it's not tmi personal marriage time- even though i was expecting to find a sprawled out chase......

 instead i found this! an old valentine present with a new note and some untorn flowers in his paws.
"You are lucky you married a Chase because now you get to chase me!
Clue 1: Go to the mall closest to you (Provo Town Center) to the store that you used to work at and talk to the cashier. (Tell them Chase sent you)"
p.s. when i turned the lights on in our room, the fan turned on, too, and chase had placed rose petals on the fan blades and they went flying! it was spectacular!

at the store, two giddy employees were watching my every move! a $25 gift card and this sweet note from such a sweet boy! i stayed a little longer to chit chat with the girls and we were all just in awe of all this effort and love! i wish my friend aimmie had been working that shift, too! hahahaha.
"You're a beautiful girl so spend some $ because that hot body deserves some beautiful clothes and meet me (or not) at the next spot!
Clue: Go to my place of employment and be ready for a challenge! xoxox"

Got to good ole chuck and found this beauty with a circle of chuck employees at the cash register!
I did my challenge successfully i might add- i forgot the last line but they helped me along!
Wherever there was a clue for me, there was also a stranger i didn't know that i had to receive my clue from! hilarious!
and at the sperry house! ding dong- rang the bell. 
some lonely byu chic (i'm assuming she was lonely cuz that sperry house is cray cray depressing like that) gave me my clue!
ta da!
and i ended at zupas! he forgot the memo about the india palace but i have been craving zupas! and you can never go wrong with zupas! 
i love you, chase anderson! 
what a sweetie and i got him all to myself tonight! i share this story for my geneological records (i'm in a geneology class this semester and i'm motivated to record my life even more so) and let it be known that chase anderson loves and treats marissa anderson like a queen and she is so grateful!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

first week of my last semester!

i stole this pic and about a dozen others from taryn's phone.
but i just wanted to add this because the best feeling of a long roadtrip is coming out of the Springville Canyon and seeing these babies! you precious windmills!! You know you're close to home!

so we've been having a lot of fun lately! Saturday was taryn's bday and we started the day off with fixing her breakfast and going to chase's ward basketball game. these two clowns freezing outside in 4 degree weather! but never too cold for a photo op! 
 taryn didn't think icicles were real...... we forgave her.

then after we showered and got beautiful. we went on a little double double to our fav restaurant (yes it has surpassed zupas for me) India Palace on Center St.! Delicious!! I haven't decided if that's chase's real smile or if he's mocking us taking so many pics..... 
during lunch i suggested we all go around one by one and say three reasons why we love taryn. 
it started off really sweet and serious. i was saying how she has shown grace and ease in her membership in the church but underneath it all it has been really hard for her as the only member of the family and adjusting! she has such strength....etc. etc. and then chase starts sniffling and says "stop stop you're gonna make me cry." way to ruin a serious moment, babe! but we all cracked up for a while! but soon enough we got back to sharing our serious love! oh chase- you goofball! and taryn- you rock!
oh also at the restaurant i got the recipe for their chicken makhani from the owner. he told us where an indian market was in orem that will help! he wasn't too precise on measurements but i'll let you know how it goes :)

to the beautiful birthday girl!! love you, t.t.!

then us girls went to the mall and did a lil bday shopping.
then the boys met up with us and we saw the hobbit- i loved it! more than lord of the rings! is that blasphemy? well it's true! 

then we went to hangtime (aka the skyzone of houston) and it was awesome! paolo came and he was fascinated. we told him this isn't too common in america- and as mormons, we have fun in weird uncommon ways! but it was awesome! playing tag on all the trampolines was the best! my fav!
i like the houston dodgeball better because they have two arenas (one for younger kids and one for adults) the provo one is combined so it's hard to really play and get into the dodgeball unless you wanna annihilate children. 
then we all came to our house and met up with kristi, garr, mills, and els! we had cake and icecream and played games! paolo rocked pictionary- he knows more vocabulary than we do. we need to be more educated. honestly!

 then on sunday all four of us went to our church ward and it was amazing. we coincidentally matched! so documented it of course!
chase and i got up to bear our testimonies and it felt really good to strengthen our own testimonies by sharing them and fortify the ward! the spirit was strong! i realized i didn't bare my testimony at the pulpit for all of 2012! repented!
in primary- it was amazing! seeing all the nursery kids in primary's sunbeams for the first time.adjustment for sure!
there were some real characters. and kids really do say the darnest things! we got our new ctr 5 class and boy, do we have some personalities?!! one of our little guys was quite vocal. we were talking about choosing the right and i was asking them if they knew who our prophet was b/c he is a good example of choosing the right. and i tried to give them some hints. president....? and one kid answered correctly: Thomas Monson! 
but then the other kid shouted" I HATE THE PRESIDENT." 
and i was taken aback. i said, "you hate the prophet? president monson?" 
and he said "no! the other president!" 
and i said "who?" 
and he said "the president!" 
and i said "obama?" 
and he said "yeah that's the one. i hate him! obama!!" 
oh my!! parents should take it easy brainwashing their five year olds. i'm assuming it was his parents! hahahaha! but it was hilarious and i loved it!
needless to say i tried to smooth it over and say we should try hard to respect our president because he is the president of this beautiful country. and we moved on with the lesson. hahahaha. digression!

last night we had our bi-annual bachelor premier party! bachelor sean- eh i wasn't too crazy about this season b/c he isn't my fav but he really is pretty great but still. well i'm still pleasantly surprised!  it's turned out to be pretty entertaining and okay so far!
and yes we did bring paolo up to the andersons for this event! we tried to prepare him for this ridiculousness of the show and for the loudness of the anderson family! it was a great night and julie made the most delicious navajo tacos!! we all had a great time! the casts of the show were delicious and so was the food! oh those scrambling girls so desperate for sean!!! bless their hearts!

 the semester is officially on and day one was quite successful. these books look intimidating (15) but i've realized that this semester really will be quite pleasant and easy sailing to graduation in april! stoked!
yesterday was the first day of my last semester!!! miracle!

and of course i'll end with this love of my life. being back with millie has been the best! i really missed her! and i can't wait to see her some more tonight, too! for dinner at kristi's with the fam! 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

ridiculous roadtrip

i didn't think that any roadtrip memories could top the roadtrip taryn i took up here a year and a half ago............. well i was wrong. very wrong.
it's 7 am on Saturday and i'm finally in my home and all i wanna do is blog. classic.

let's take you through our days. from the point of my dad's cell phone.
3:36 AM, Dad: May your early morning start of joy and smiles last for many miles ahead. Be safe, we love and miss y'all......
6:58 AM, Dad: Way past San Antonio? Next stop (skye high?)... Hope all is well, back at work myself.........
3:00 PM Ring ring ring ring- conversation with dad- "Taryn locked the keys in the trunk. It's a BMW so it can't be picked. There is no way to get to the trunk from the back seats. And her trunk popping button under the steering wheel is broken." (well there were phone calls like this over the next two hours. then we finally realized we had two options- wait two days to get a key shipped in to the BMW dealer or have our parents fedex us the key super fast!)
it was a miracle- taryn's mom got to fedex at 630- they were closed. she banged on the door and they came out and she explained the situation. my mom sped over there to give joni the spare key she got there at 6:59- they made it in the mail that night by the time the trucks left! hallelujah!)
10:29 AM, Dad: Key arrived?
later that day.......9:05 PM RING RING RING RING...... Me: Taryn's car overheated and we are 30 miles outside of Moab. It's -2 degrees.
Dad: chuckles. Are you serious? (he realizes we're serious...... it gets quiet)
11:02 PM, Me: Tow truck just got here! (yes that is 2 hours later- a couple ppl stopped and taryn almost peed her pants when we started bugging her with psycho, ted bundy, killer stories, our emergency lights breaking, a car hitting us, the tow truck guy being a scam, etc. hahahahaha)
11:39 PM, Me: Here at the hotel!
So Chase and Taylor got out and tried to put water in to see if we could just go slowly and make it to Moab at least. NOPE! we coasted 2 miles before it overheated again. We ended up calling a tow truck. We were prepared for the worst. planning on Dave and Garr to come get us. Well it turns out it was just outta anti-freeze. he had to put in 2 gallons! we love BRYAN our tow truck man/mechanic! He did have to thaw out the water we had put in cuz it froze in 5.2 second in that weather! genius! but we didn't have to order any parts or anything- oh my boy! BMWs are annoying! but anywho. Bryan had us back on the road the next morning by 11!!! Arrive in Provo by 2:15 PM on DAY 3!!!
I cannot believe the days we had- our lives!!!! but in hindsight. something happened yesterday that whispered to me that it was all for God's purpose. i'll get to that in a bit!

There is a little sneak peak! aka the whole story that's important pretty much. Now for the pics to fill in some of the blanks!
 road tripping it up!
no pics please please!
ps you can start noticing on this day one that we all have to wear the same clothes for three days! mother of pearl! but i washed underwear in the sink and put it on the heater. you're welcome for all the details!

these two lovebirds canoodling in the back 


switching up drivers! once again- chase refusing the papparazi
p.s. the justin bieber car killing papparazzi story? nuts! 

 us broken down in el paso. the next day i found out my bridesmaid/companion HEIDI lives there. i forgot that was the town in texas! if only i'd known!
but at least we had a hotel close to the gas station where T left the keys in the trunk and the gas owners were SOOOO nice and let us leave it at the pump for almost 24 hours so we didn't have to tow it! 
and we had charlie and the choc factory on tv (old and new version) and a denny's next door. 
yes, no one in el paso spoke english in the part of town we were in and we were less than a mile from the mexican border and we thought ahhhhhhh but we had our men and it coulda been worse!!!!

a good denny's dinner!!!
we picked it up to-go so we wouldn't miss too much of charlie and the choc fact!
 how i felt about being stranded! but luckily the key came by 10:30 am on day 2!!! new year's miracle!
a stop at chic-fil-a in alburquerque!!! met two different mormon families also on a roadtrip!
we love our mormon world and chic-fil-a! so delicious!!! chase is gonna adore this pic :) but sacrifices we make to document our trip!!
also on day 2....... the tow truck through the window. bad pic but it gets the message across.
a little video while we were waiting for two hours!

 made it to the hotel! frowny and tortured but really actually quite happy to have a warm bed and safe place to stay!
p.s. that is a hot chocolate mess that chase spilled in the sink. 
morning snuggle bugs

 and now we've been in provo one day and it's this little cutie (on the left) 's birthday!!! happy birthday my love taryn! we are so happy you and taylor are up here with us! so happy!
i snapped this gem of a pic this morning when i serenaded her with her birthday song!!! xoxoox

oh p.s. when we had gotten home- sometime in the two weeks we were gone our heater had broken. which made our pipes freeze. but our landlord is amazing and was over within five minutes of us calling her.... and her husband is the handiest man- honestly! and they fixed it all. but honestly- those being broke didn't even phase me after the three days we had!

ok so those roadtrip fiascos were crazy but yesterday they were all made worth it!
we got here in the afternoon and i moved taryn in and chase moved taylor in. then we cleaned taryn's car and they went to the management to pay rent and get keys. then we all met up at the bookstore to get books and then went to walmart to get all three of our houses groceries. and it was a crazy afternoon but we're settled and ready to party all day today for taryn's birthday!
well while chase and taylor were at the management building paying rent checks and getting keys- there was a kind gentleman there with a thick accent. chase overheard someone ask him where he was from and he said Sao Paulo! Chase jumped in and loved his new Brazilian friend. What did we find out? He had landed in America just minutes earlier and took a taxi to this management building. He is studying at BYU this semester. He is not LDS. He doesn't know a soul here in Provo. And was asking directions on how to get to his apartment (over 5 miles in 5 degree weather). He was going to walk (with his suitcases and backpack) and see what to do from there. Well Chase offered him a ride, settled him in, took him to the bookstore with us (because he missed orientation and had no idea where BYU was or what to do to sign up for classes or get books or get his ID, etc.), then we took him to Walmart with us, we got him a cellphone, and he was going to come over for dinner but he wanted to crash cuz he was jetlagged. we exchanged phone numbers and are now facebook friends. we think he's coming to church with us sunday and going to come over! he is sooooooo nice and super chill!! and what a trooper to have the stamina to just walk all over provo and orem- he was so grateful we found him when we did to help him out and we are so grateful we found him so we could meet him! chase was on a high all day! what are the odds? they are God's odds and i truly heard a whispering that this was part of the reason we had so much car trouble- so we could be at that management office when we did. well welcome to America, new friend! we'll see you soon!

i hope you have enjoyed this post. get excited for exciting provo posts now that i'm back in this freezing state. ha xoxoxo gossip girl.