Tuesday, January 8, 2013

first week of my last semester!

i stole this pic and about a dozen others from taryn's phone.
but i just wanted to add this because the best feeling of a long roadtrip is coming out of the Springville Canyon and seeing these babies! you precious windmills!! You know you're close to home!

so we've been having a lot of fun lately! Saturday was taryn's bday and we started the day off with fixing her breakfast and going to chase's ward basketball game. these two clowns freezing outside in 4 degree weather! but never too cold for a photo op! 
 taryn didn't think icicles were real...... we forgave her.

then after we showered and got beautiful. we went on a little double double to our fav restaurant (yes it has surpassed zupas for me) India Palace on Center St.! Delicious!! I haven't decided if that's chase's real smile or if he's mocking us taking so many pics..... 
during lunch i suggested we all go around one by one and say three reasons why we love taryn. 
it started off really sweet and serious. i was saying how she has shown grace and ease in her membership in the church but underneath it all it has been really hard for her as the only member of the family and adjusting! she has such strength....etc. etc. and then chase starts sniffling and says "stop stop you're gonna make me cry." way to ruin a serious moment, babe! but we all cracked up for a while! but soon enough we got back to sharing our serious love! oh chase- you goofball! and taryn- you rock!
oh also at the restaurant i got the recipe for their chicken makhani from the owner. he told us where an indian market was in orem that will help! he wasn't too precise on measurements but i'll let you know how it goes :)

to the beautiful birthday girl!! love you, t.t.!

then us girls went to the mall and did a lil bday shopping.
then the boys met up with us and we saw the hobbit- i loved it! more than lord of the rings! is that blasphemy? well it's true! 

then we went to hangtime (aka the skyzone of houston) and it was awesome! paolo came and he was fascinated. we told him this isn't too common in america- and as mormons, we have fun in weird uncommon ways! but it was awesome! playing tag on all the trampolines was the best! my fav!
i like the houston dodgeball better because they have two arenas (one for younger kids and one for adults) the provo one is combined so it's hard to really play and get into the dodgeball unless you wanna annihilate children. 
then we all came to our house and met up with kristi, garr, mills, and els! we had cake and icecream and played games! paolo rocked pictionary- he knows more vocabulary than we do. we need to be more educated. honestly!

 then on sunday all four of us went to our church ward and it was amazing. we coincidentally matched! so documented it of course!
chase and i got up to bear our testimonies and it felt really good to strengthen our own testimonies by sharing them and fortify the ward! the spirit was strong! i realized i didn't bare my testimony at the pulpit for all of 2012! repented!
in primary- it was amazing! seeing all the nursery kids in primary's sunbeams for the first time.adjustment for sure!
there were some real characters. and kids really do say the darnest things! we got our new ctr 5 class and boy, do we have some personalities?!! one of our little guys was quite vocal. we were talking about choosing the right and i was asking them if they knew who our prophet was b/c he is a good example of choosing the right. and i tried to give them some hints. president....? and one kid answered correctly: Thomas Monson! 
but then the other kid shouted" I HATE THE PRESIDENT." 
and i was taken aback. i said, "you hate the prophet? president monson?" 
and he said "no! the other president!" 
and i said "who?" 
and he said "the president!" 
and i said "obama?" 
and he said "yeah that's the one. i hate him! obama!!" 
oh my!! parents should take it easy brainwashing their five year olds. i'm assuming it was his parents! hahahaha! but it was hilarious and i loved it!
needless to say i tried to smooth it over and say we should try hard to respect our president because he is the president of this beautiful country. and we moved on with the lesson. hahahaha. digression!

last night we had our bi-annual bachelor premier party! bachelor sean- eh i wasn't too crazy about this season b/c he isn't my fav but he really is pretty great but still. well i'm still pleasantly surprised!  it's turned out to be pretty entertaining and okay so far!
and yes we did bring paolo up to the andersons for this event! we tried to prepare him for this ridiculousness of the show and for the loudness of the anderson family! it was a great night and julie made the most delicious navajo tacos!! we all had a great time! the casts of the show were delicious and so was the food! oh those scrambling girls so desperate for sean!!! bless their hearts!

 the semester is officially on and day one was quite successful. these books look intimidating (15) but i've realized that this semester really will be quite pleasant and easy sailing to graduation in april! stoked!
yesterday was the first day of my last semester!!! miracle!

and of course i'll end with this love of my life. being back with millie has been the best! i really missed her! and i can't wait to see her some more tonight, too! for dinner at kristi's with the fam! 

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