Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy new year

happy new year! day 1 and i'm at my beloved blog! documenting it all :) just jamming to this song while the fam is asleep! considerate of me :)

2012 has been so amazing to me! and i know a few ways 2013 could top it!
Top 10 moments!

1. Married Chase (week before and after wedding included!)
2. Said YES to Chase's amazing proposal
3. Taylor's homecoming weekend with my whole Schroedter fam in Texas
4. Washington D.C. with my Anderson fam
5. Moab with my Schroedter fam
6. Signed up for graduation officially- finally!
7. My Park City day with Chase on my birthday
8. Showing Chase my mission at President Holme's farewell
9. all my Millie moments
10. Texan Christmas

my life is quite Chase centered and family centered! Just the way it should be- and who knows- maybe next Christmas- our family will be a little bigger :) no that was not a pregnancy announcement and no that is not a fat joke!

goals for 2013
1. work on that baby idea
2. graduate
3. do at least one family name all the way through the temple
4. be 125 lbs
5. love the heck outta chase
and some more..........

well we are leaving Houston tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn- actually before dawn even cracks! we are going to be so happy once we're in provo but my aunt's house and the grand canyon will entertain us in between- and lesbihonest- we also will be in the car with chase for 16 + 11 hours!!! entertainment will take care of itself! roadtrips are seriously a hoot and a holler!

i'm basking in my last moments in this beautiful state of Texas! i love it! and i'd love to live here later in life!
we've been partying it up around here and i'm so grateful for my parents letting us stay so long and always supporting, loving, and welcoming chase and i! we turn the volume up a few thousand notches when we're here and they love it and hate it!! thanks mom and dad!
my parents are seminary teachers and the other day they had a seminary party one evening! they have 18 or so kids (that's only 1/4 of the youth in our ward) and i think 11 came! it was a blast. chase and i fit right in........ we just try to give hope to younger folks on how great post mission married life is- most think we're nuts but i'm sure some admired us. hahahaha. this is us playing mafia. i like to host mafia b/c ppl always vote me out. if i talk too much (which is my natural state)- i'm suspicious. if i'm too quite- i'm suspicious. i can't win! so i'm hosting!

this is one of chase's fav texan moments. chase thinks it is hilarious when my mom does things that he wouldn't picture her doing. for example, playing dance central and kicking people's butts and really compet-et-ing!!! my mom is a intricate woman who could be a stereotype on the outside but is full of wonderful surprises when you spend enough time with her! she is my favorite!

we got it going on
i feel really blessed that this girl can come live the provo life with me! life is always changing but good friends and a full social life can always be counted on with me!

on friday we went to the bluebell factory in brenham, tx! delicious!!! i really like activities like this. educational, unique, cheap, and group oriented!

yesterday we went to schlitterbahn in galveston! they have it indoor for winter and it was a blast! their lazy river has rapids. the slides that go straight down cause other things to painfully go up. they're tube slides flip you out! they're hot tubs are just right! they're boogie board man-mad wave ride was awesome and can be a little too exposing- mom's lucky sneak peak! you're welcome! there was never a line! the picnic area was delicious! the ground was heated! and it wasn't crowded b/c pepes didn't think to go to a waterpark mid winter! the past week has been chilly- even in houston! this is us pre-indoors. aka quite chilly!! what fun!

 our little picnic area. secluded adventures!!!

this is 5 hours later and we're all smiles! a few injuries and lots of memories!! thanks mom and dad! thanks schroedter family for being so awesome! we will miss you but we will see you soon, you baboons!


Cam said...

It was so fun to see you at the wedding! You and Chase are so cute!

Kina Lambert-Anderson said...

I was going to tell you that we totally ripped off your charades game and played it with my family on New Years... next time we play we must include "Bay Watch" - hilarious!!! And, I hope you nail that 125 pound mark because once yo'baby gets a hold of your body... well, you get the picture! ;) Luvs.