Sunday, January 27, 2013

millie overload!

it's 9:30 at night and i feel like it's 3 in the morning. this is the case because last night- millie didn't realize what time she was supposed to be sleeping. we have gotten her on a good schedule this week except last night she decided to embrace the world at 4 am with a huge smile on her face and ready to play!
but besides this state of fog i am in- it's really been quite great with her. it's not so bad that she woke up in the middle of the night cuz the last couple weeks i have been waking up multiple times every night, too- so unlike me!
well let's share a couple cute stories about millie and then share some pics.
p.s. those mothers out there who work, go to school, and have children at home- props. it really does take a whole village and it still is exhausting with all the help. and p.p.s. chase is laying with millie while she's going to bed right now. it's just easier that way b/c she is pretty intimidated by him and will go to sleep quicker. with me, she'd be humming, talking, dancing, and saying "you more sing" to me and i end up singing primary songs for half an hour. then i end up dozing off without knowing if she has fallen asleep or not. so she's finally quieted down in there and here i am bloggin :) life is good.
so this week i've been really sick. maybe it's tmi but i'm an open book when it comes to bodily illness- having a chronic disease makes it a dinner table convo for me. anywho. i haven't thrown up in this way since my engagement chapter or mission chapter. times of stress bring it on and i guess you could say having this full plate to chew on every day has brought it on. i try to go in the bathroom and lock the door but little millie doesn't appreciate being locked out. so she ends up coming in and rubbing my back, smoothing my arm, trying to continuously flush the toilet, and saying "owie" or "i love you". you might think that's horrible of me to expose her to me throwing up like a mad woman, but it doesn't seem to make her queezy in the least bit and she takes some smiles in comforting me. and hearing her screaming outside the door isn't helpful. she loves to help. she is the sweetest and she is such a concerned caring little one. an hour ago she was watching the little mermaid and commenting on everyone getting "owie's". poor ursula.
also funny story. i think it was two nights ago- i heard her whimpering (she has a mini mattress on the side of our bed in our room) and i thought she was having a nightmare and i was going to let her just get back to sleep. i grabbed my phone to shine the light so i could make sure she was covered and warm. i couldn't find the little bugger anywhere! i got up and realized she had scooted herself underneath the middle of our bed (she is quite the squirmer and mover in her sleep) and she was stuck (still sleeping) but trying to get up (banging her head of course). so i carefully dragged her out and placed her on her mattress with her sleeping all the while! hilarious but breaks your heart at the same time. i made a good barricade after that incident! no more rolling under the bed for her!
i've been quite content with millie's healthy eating (which means healthy diapers- who poops 4 times before noon? and it's not like i'm changing her before she's done. cuz they'll be an hour in between. oh man i'm gonna be one of those blogging mothers that only blogs about her child- eh well it does become your world. chase is here too. love him too.) anywho. back to millie's eating habits and tmi bowel discussion. i have a number of food pics coming your way. i heard that you don't need to force two year olds to eat but that they'll just eat when they want and they won't starve themselves. the food is always available and i offer her everything (only healthy options) and she tells me when she'll eat it. helps me not to waste food or see it become stale.
 eating oatmeal as i'm putting on some make up. she doesn't like to be away from me. she will shout "i need you!" hahaha so she enjoys sitting on the dryer in the bathroom with me.
 eating an apple in her jammies
banana time! lots of fiber for this baby cakes! 
 on saturday's me and chase clean our house thoroughly. millie wasn't up for the task of helping. so she entertained herself with the cooking drawer. you can see she enjoys categorizing and organizing! 
and she gave me quite a few dishes to clean later.

and here's one more snip clip of millie just to make you smile! this is the cutest video of her ever! but don't mind my nasty apparel (of course i have to point it out and defend myself)- i wasn't feeling so hott this morning and we had just finished cleaning the whole house.

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