Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MLK weekend

it's been a long weekend which gives us more time to relax. thanks for all you did MLK. however, the long three day weekend..... with a two-year old. more work than ever! but i still loved it! this is us getting ready for church. she has been so happy, cute, and bubbly- but she turns off the charm for the camera :) she's still the cutest thing since my own baby days! and was such an angel at church and loved nursery!

we've been spending a lot of time with taylor and taryn and they've been sooooo amazing at helping with millie. relieving me for a bit here and there so i can lay down or what not!! 
we've been to the stores, playing, cooking, seeing aunt lauryn and uncle dallin, seeing daddy, playing monopoly, singing, etc!
chase has been working a lot (which is good) but that means i'm like a single parent :) except last night chase got called off work and we decided to go up to salt lake for the day!

Paulo's first time up at Salt Lake! I gave a mini tour and the square was beautiful! We all really enjoyed ourselves and Paolo kept talking about how he will be a missionary to his fam!
Millie was asleep the whole tour in her stroller so that actually worked out nicely! 
The beautiful Tabernacle!

 temple door credit pics to tar! what an amazing holy place!

two of the best sights

oh these cute love birds

some of the clan on the marriage stump

 then we went to blue lemon. of course. and this doll face woke up!
then it's off to the planetarium via trax. interesting people on trax. us included! 
some people say we look alike. i see it! i love it!
so much fun for the little one. 
so many dials, knobs, and levers! she was loving it!
and i learned a lot too. 
my fav fun fact that tar quizzed me with:
how many stars are in our solar system? 
one, the sun (everything else we see isn't even in our solar system! trippy! amazing!)
millie is really loving all her new family around! esp uncle taylor!!! she is having trouble differentiating between taylor and taryn's name but we're working on it! she loved dragging taylor around with her little hand!
oh you know- just on mars and on the moon!

now she's just doing some shopping around the house with her shopping cart and watching hey arnold (it's her new thing! all on netflix!) she's into it! and i approve b/c i'm entertained, too!
chase is cleaning the whole house and i'm feeling so spoiled and grateful! well better stop the blogging, turn of the tv, and educate this little girl more! xoxox (p.s. i haven't finished gossip girl but i heard a rumor that dan is gossip girl? what the heck. i must get to the bottom of this)

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