Friday, January 18, 2013

my two babies

here are my two babies. they are the cuties of this house!

you see, for the next > two weeks, i have little angel mills staying with me 24/7! well minus some school and work that i've arranged her to be watched! but it will still be at this residence.
i am so excited and today has been such a hoot already.
she kept snuggling, talking to herself, talking to me, playing, and just being a stinkin cutie!!
right now she's sleeping and taryn and i are watching downton abbey! we are very blessed!
my face is all flushed and i'm recovering from the flu this week. sad when a costco/walmart run tuckers you out. we're gonna do zumba on youtube after an episode or two!
my flu cold is dying out and chase's stomach bug is fading, too.
poor chase..... he threw up in one of his classes in a trash bin. he doesn't get embarrassed easily but even that caused him some sheepishness. we are both getting over and out of this dreadful sick stage.  and we are hoping we don't catch what the other one had!
it's hard with the weather being so crazy! you know it's cold when the 20's feel warm!

now i'm ready for this three day weekend, homework time, and millie adventures!

like i said.... my two babies
 the other day (when he was feeling under the weather - but so was i) i heard this pounding. and found him in the dark, in our sled, pouting...... we like to play these hide and seek over dramatic needy tantrums! so here he is- pulling an anderson b/c when i walked through the door i didn't rush to his side and caress him with hugs and kisses. hahahaha. high maintenance demanding cutie that i love! of course i snapped this pic before complying with hugs and tlc! i love this goofy man! so much!
squishing him! please no cameras! 
 pretending like he doesn't love the attention!

the other baby......
 another goofball cutie!!! she is so stylish!
and as of late, she has been a rotten pickle about doing everything herself. buckling herself in. unbuckling herself. shutting doors (car doors- fingers. i don't allow it and she screams in the parking lot and people stare.) zipping her jacket. pouring the milk. brushing her hair. peeling her banana. putting her shoes on. 
and here- pushing carts. hahaha if she saw i was helping- she'd have had a fit! i notice i have to be more stern and stop her from tantrums, too! hahahaha. i love this independent diva!

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