Saturday, January 5, 2013

ridiculous roadtrip

i didn't think that any roadtrip memories could top the roadtrip taryn i took up here a year and a half ago............. well i was wrong. very wrong.
it's 7 am on Saturday and i'm finally in my home and all i wanna do is blog. classic.

let's take you through our days. from the point of my dad's cell phone.
3:36 AM, Dad: May your early morning start of joy and smiles last for many miles ahead. Be safe, we love and miss y'all......
6:58 AM, Dad: Way past San Antonio? Next stop (skye high?)... Hope all is well, back at work myself.........
3:00 PM Ring ring ring ring- conversation with dad- "Taryn locked the keys in the trunk. It's a BMW so it can't be picked. There is no way to get to the trunk from the back seats. And her trunk popping button under the steering wheel is broken." (well there were phone calls like this over the next two hours. then we finally realized we had two options- wait two days to get a key shipped in to the BMW dealer or have our parents fedex us the key super fast!)
it was a miracle- taryn's mom got to fedex at 630- they were closed. she banged on the door and they came out and she explained the situation. my mom sped over there to give joni the spare key she got there at 6:59- they made it in the mail that night by the time the trucks left! hallelujah!)
10:29 AM, Dad: Key arrived?
later that day.......9:05 PM RING RING RING RING...... Me: Taryn's car overheated and we are 30 miles outside of Moab. It's -2 degrees.
Dad: chuckles. Are you serious? (he realizes we're serious...... it gets quiet)
11:02 PM, Me: Tow truck just got here! (yes that is 2 hours later- a couple ppl stopped and taryn almost peed her pants when we started bugging her with psycho, ted bundy, killer stories, our emergency lights breaking, a car hitting us, the tow truck guy being a scam, etc. hahahahaha)
11:39 PM, Me: Here at the hotel!
So Chase and Taylor got out and tried to put water in to see if we could just go slowly and make it to Moab at least. NOPE! we coasted 2 miles before it overheated again. We ended up calling a tow truck. We were prepared for the worst. planning on Dave and Garr to come get us. Well it turns out it was just outta anti-freeze. he had to put in 2 gallons! we love BRYAN our tow truck man/mechanic! He did have to thaw out the water we had put in cuz it froze in 5.2 second in that weather! genius! but we didn't have to order any parts or anything- oh my boy! BMWs are annoying! but anywho. Bryan had us back on the road the next morning by 11!!! Arrive in Provo by 2:15 PM on DAY 3!!!
I cannot believe the days we had- our lives!!!! but in hindsight. something happened yesterday that whispered to me that it was all for God's purpose. i'll get to that in a bit!

There is a little sneak peak! aka the whole story that's important pretty much. Now for the pics to fill in some of the blanks!
 road tripping it up!
no pics please please!
ps you can start noticing on this day one that we all have to wear the same clothes for three days! mother of pearl! but i washed underwear in the sink and put it on the heater. you're welcome for all the details!

these two lovebirds canoodling in the back 


switching up drivers! once again- chase refusing the papparazi
p.s. the justin bieber car killing papparazzi story? nuts! 

 us broken down in el paso. the next day i found out my bridesmaid/companion HEIDI lives there. i forgot that was the town in texas! if only i'd known!
but at least we had a hotel close to the gas station where T left the keys in the trunk and the gas owners were SOOOO nice and let us leave it at the pump for almost 24 hours so we didn't have to tow it! 
and we had charlie and the choc factory on tv (old and new version) and a denny's next door. 
yes, no one in el paso spoke english in the part of town we were in and we were less than a mile from the mexican border and we thought ahhhhhhh but we had our men and it coulda been worse!!!!

a good denny's dinner!!!
we picked it up to-go so we wouldn't miss too much of charlie and the choc fact!
 how i felt about being stranded! but luckily the key came by 10:30 am on day 2!!! new year's miracle!
a stop at chic-fil-a in alburquerque!!! met two different mormon families also on a roadtrip!
we love our mormon world and chic-fil-a! so delicious!!! chase is gonna adore this pic :) but sacrifices we make to document our trip!!
also on day 2....... the tow truck through the window. bad pic but it gets the message across.
a little video while we were waiting for two hours!

 made it to the hotel! frowny and tortured but really actually quite happy to have a warm bed and safe place to stay!
p.s. that is a hot chocolate mess that chase spilled in the sink. 
morning snuggle bugs

 and now we've been in provo one day and it's this little cutie (on the left) 's birthday!!! happy birthday my love taryn! we are so happy you and taylor are up here with us! so happy!
i snapped this gem of a pic this morning when i serenaded her with her birthday song!!! xoxoox

oh p.s. when we had gotten home- sometime in the two weeks we were gone our heater had broken. which made our pipes freeze. but our landlord is amazing and was over within five minutes of us calling her.... and her husband is the handiest man- honestly! and they fixed it all. but honestly- those being broke didn't even phase me after the three days we had!

ok so those roadtrip fiascos were crazy but yesterday they were all made worth it!
we got here in the afternoon and i moved taryn in and chase moved taylor in. then we cleaned taryn's car and they went to the management to pay rent and get keys. then we all met up at the bookstore to get books and then went to walmart to get all three of our houses groceries. and it was a crazy afternoon but we're settled and ready to party all day today for taryn's birthday!
well while chase and taylor were at the management building paying rent checks and getting keys- there was a kind gentleman there with a thick accent. chase overheard someone ask him where he was from and he said Sao Paulo! Chase jumped in and loved his new Brazilian friend. What did we find out? He had landed in America just minutes earlier and took a taxi to this management building. He is studying at BYU this semester. He is not LDS. He doesn't know a soul here in Provo. And was asking directions on how to get to his apartment (over 5 miles in 5 degree weather). He was going to walk (with his suitcases and backpack) and see what to do from there. Well Chase offered him a ride, settled him in, took him to the bookstore with us (because he missed orientation and had no idea where BYU was or what to do to sign up for classes or get books or get his ID, etc.), then we took him to Walmart with us, we got him a cellphone, and he was going to come over for dinner but he wanted to crash cuz he was jetlagged. we exchanged phone numbers and are now facebook friends. we think he's coming to church with us sunday and going to come over! he is sooooooo nice and super chill!! and what a trooper to have the stamina to just walk all over provo and orem- he was so grateful we found him when we did to help him out and we are so grateful we found him so we could meet him! chase was on a high all day! what are the odds? they are God's odds and i truly heard a whispering that this was part of the reason we had so much car trouble- so we could be at that management office when we did. well welcome to America, new friend! we'll see you soon!

i hope you have enjoyed this post. get excited for exciting provo posts now that i'm back in this freezing state. ha xoxoxo gossip girl.

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Kelly said...

i dont think running out of antifreeze is a bmw problem....also, you couldnt get clean underwear out of the trunk?

loved the brazilian story.