Thursday, January 10, 2013

the treasure hunt for the best treasure

what a sweet treasure i found today! 
i came home from class and found this trail of flower petals.....
don't worry it's not tmi personal marriage time- even though i was expecting to find a sprawled out chase......

 instead i found this! an old valentine present with a new note and some untorn flowers in his paws.
"You are lucky you married a Chase because now you get to chase me!
Clue 1: Go to the mall closest to you (Provo Town Center) to the store that you used to work at and talk to the cashier. (Tell them Chase sent you)"
p.s. when i turned the lights on in our room, the fan turned on, too, and chase had placed rose petals on the fan blades and they went flying! it was spectacular!

at the store, two giddy employees were watching my every move! a $25 gift card and this sweet note from such a sweet boy! i stayed a little longer to chit chat with the girls and we were all just in awe of all this effort and love! i wish my friend aimmie had been working that shift, too! hahahaha.
"You're a beautiful girl so spend some $ because that hot body deserves some beautiful clothes and meet me (or not) at the next spot!
Clue: Go to my place of employment and be ready for a challenge! xoxox"

Got to good ole chuck and found this beauty with a circle of chuck employees at the cash register!
I did my challenge successfully i might add- i forgot the last line but they helped me along!
Wherever there was a clue for me, there was also a stranger i didn't know that i had to receive my clue from! hilarious!
and at the sperry house! ding dong- rang the bell. 
some lonely byu chic (i'm assuming she was lonely cuz that sperry house is cray cray depressing like that) gave me my clue!
ta da!
and i ended at zupas! he forgot the memo about the india palace but i have been craving zupas! and you can never go wrong with zupas! 
i love you, chase anderson! 
what a sweetie and i got him all to myself tonight! i share this story for my geneological records (i'm in a geneology class this semester and i'm motivated to record my life even more so) and let it be known that chase anderson loves and treats marissa anderson like a queen and she is so grateful!


Kelly said...

hahaha the sperry house

Cam said...

That's so sweet! What a cute hubby :)