Sunday, January 13, 2013

tra la la la la

i am so extremely excited and full of serious gratitude! today has been the best day of service and it's only 3 pm! I have been praying for opportunities of service to present themselves and by-gol-ee today was just that!
i have that primary song stuck in my head: "when we're helping, we're happy...... tra la la la la la la"

the other day chase and paulo were at the mall and ran into the missionaries. so friday they came over and met with paulo at our house and that was such an amazing experience. the sincerity, the spirit, and the future plans that paulo made with the missionaries really have transformed our home into an even more heavenly place! right now, chase and paulo are at the portuguese ward in orem. and i can't wait to hear how it went. and boy do i have stories for them!
  • so this morning i was off to church by myself (can't leave our 5 year olds teacherless!) and it was frigid. i thought "boy i would hate to walk in the weather!" and then i remembered brother wyatt- we had given him a ride last week and had promised him we would give him a ride to and from church from now on. i barely remembered! i went to his apartment! and was able to get a hold of him and help. he is the sweetest man- probably in his 70's with a speech and walking impediment but with such a diligent and strong conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ!
    it did seem a little inappropriate considering chase wasn't with me- but i wasn't going to have him walk a mile in the single digit weather. 
  • then at church, i received a relief society flyer. and now am signed up to give a meal tomorrow for a sick mother and her family
  • also on that flyer was another sick sister (she's actually my visiting teaching supervisor) who wants to pay someone to clean her house for 2-3 hours each week. well i told her husband, i'd be happy to do it and i don't need any pay. i figure if i can find a friend to go with me, too, then we can get it done in half the time! and for my dad's bday this month- he wants us to all share stories of service- well dad this is only the beginning :)
  • and now i'm here just beaming to be Christ's hands today and within my ward! i also found the time to volunteer at the mtc this week and i know the Lord's gospel is in some good hands! the missionary work is moving along and moving up!

ope my phone is ringing. hold up.
another opportunity to serve............. i will tell you the story when i get back

  • i was sitting here watching downton abbey and blogging with my lunch and got a phone call from brother wyatt (the man i took to and from church). he is need of a meal and i have/had plenty of spaghetti, sauce and meatballs, and peas! so i took 3+ servings over and he was so grateful but i feel just as grateful to see an answer to my prayers to have these easy but important opportunities to serve! serve God and His children! (p.s. i might have heard a drug deal in the apartment over when i dropped off the food. needless to say i booked it back to my car and locked my doors! i'm glad i didn't eat it on the ice cuz i was scurrying quite quickly hahahaha! but that was just a little chuckle in the midst of enriching service!)
and now for fun activities that have been going on around here. yesterday, some of us went sledding at the bowl park up behind the temple! amazing! some baby injuries and crashes. but it was all hilarious and so fun and so cold. we then came back to our place, played dare jenga (chase lost and had to be drug in a sled with his face in the snow. i lost the next round and was given a swirly....... awk but true), we also had some pizza and banana bread [taryn made delicious banana bread], and watched white chicks. hahahaha what fun!
this pic is cut off but you can see most of us and tar was taking the photo
more of us. and taylor intently setting up the next round of jenga!

well now i need to get crackin on my novel for school, don quixote. i feel like i've been reading non stop and barely half way! that book is insane and considering the fact that i need to read it by tomorrow, i better get going!


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Awesome week! I can't believe you heard drug deal!