Thursday, February 28, 2013

I didn't cry during my OPI

The O.P.I.
To you it's just some silly acronym.
To me- it has been the bane and fear and dread of my existence for the past year and a half.
OPI stands for Oral Proficiency Interview.
I have been scared witless of this exam! In fact, I was so intimidated by it that last semester, I went from French Second Ed major to just French major because I didn't have the confidence to pass it. And if you don't pass the OPI as a French Second Ed major..... you cannot graduate till you do pass it.
It is something you have to pass to be a licensed teacher in Utah
and something you have to take in the language department of French regardless.
Now, I don't have to pass it to graduate but if I did pass- then I can be a licensed teacher (which I'm not planning on b/c there is a dependent child growing inside of me) but it's nice to know I could! and my self esteem would be through the roof- it already is b/c i feel the conversation went well- let's be honest!
Is it sad or just American that my self esteem is so closely related to grades?
Oh man, I hope I made it! and I can go back to teach French later aka after I've popped out 6 Anderson babies and they are in kindergarten!!!! b/c I am capable and smart! It went so well. There were no pauses and all the vocabulary came to me and I didn't ask him to repeat any questions or statements! We were laughing- like real people who understand real French!!! so I really do have hope! An hour ago I was picturing the worst and telling myself- it doesn't matter b/c you're still graduating in less than two months no matter what!!! But after actually taking it- I have some serious hope!!
Anyways! The ratings for the test go from Novice to Superior.
Novice (low, mid, high), Intermediate (low, mid, high), Advanced (low, mid, high), and Superior (low, mid, high.)
You need to have Advanced low or higher to get licensed. A year ago i was Intermediate high. I have taken a lot of French and really grown in a year! Maybe I've improved!!! I hope so! ahhhhhh i've been all smiles for the last hour! This is the happiest I've been all week (it's been a pretty bad week.)
As they sat me in my chair in front of the phone I thought I was going to blow chunks (not unusual if i am pregnant or not) and cry (unusual- but being pregnant- not unusual- except i haven't cried yet while being pregnant. i know it's coming. i'll eat these words soon.)
So, anywho, I took some deep breaths and just went for it! Who did I get as my interviewer? The most jolly African (well his accent sounded African- which was scary at first but i got used to it) French speaking man in New York (I asked him where he was- hoping he'd say Sierra Leon or something cool) but New York is cool too!!! This is what I pictured him as......
hahahaha. anyways. He said the interview could go for 15-30 minutes. I said a strong prayer and away we went. Before I knew it- he was telling me it had been 35 minutes and he was ending the conversation! I'm serious! There were some French speaking angels helping me out and pushing the time at a sonic speed!! Thank heavens that God knows French! Because he seriously loosened my tongue! I don't know if I passed (i won't know for 3 weeks.) If you do not hear back from me about my test results in three weeks, I either forgot to blog about it [doubtful] or they were not up to par for the state license level.
But either way, I am so happy because me and my African friend (i do not remember his name! how is this possible!) had a continuous, non-interrupted conversation for 30+ minutes and I was doing the major majority of the talking!! This is such a blessing and it's a small way that God is telling me that I have accomplished a lot in the past ten years (with His help) and that I can speak French (hopefully at an advanced low fluency or higher) and I can enjoy speaking it!!!! What a bless-ed day! The OPI did not make me cry! in fact just the opposite! Oh happy day!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

costco encounter

it's just a relaxing evening here at the anderson house. well millie is jumping from couch to ottoman to love sack so that is a little crazy. but she hasn't injured herself yet. she was playing jenga with garrett and she's actually getting pretty good at that game. i foreshadow that she will rock at games when she plays people her age as she grows up- it's a schroedter upbringing tradition :)
p.s. i didn't even blog about last weekend! it was soooo good! but b/c i got NO sleep i think it's made for a rough sicky week. we went on a double date with d and laur friday night. it was the best.
saturday i just chilled with garr, tay, and millie, did homework, and chase worked.
sunday we had a big game party with friends and then our friend michael was in town and him and tay slept over for a huge sleepover! we also played many games and there were some funny consequences for whoever lost! let's just say taylor had to go up to two random dudes at smith's and ask them to take an oral survey that the rest of us thought up. he didn't see the survey till we got to the store. i couldn't believe he actually did it! he recorded it, too! the guys ended up following us back to our house from the store so that was scary but no harm done! i felt like i had time warped back to freshman year. hahah progression for sure.
i can't believe tomorrow is Friday! i'm stoked! i hope i can go to kelly's tomorrow but she's sick (more than pregnancy sick) and ain't nobody got time for that. i do not wanna catch something. but i haven't seen her in ages. so maybe it's worth it. ok i'll do it.
i've been pretty prego sick the last two days. yesterday at costco i was puking pretty bad in the bathroom. (p.s. it's the grossest in public bathrooms cuz the image of the public bathroom makes you not be able to stop puking!) i came out and this mother gave me a sympathetic look. i told her i was pregnant cuz the silence was too awkward. she said "oh thank goodness. i was making my girls wash their hands multiple times so they didn't catch some flu." hahahah you're welcome? and then she said "i never got sick for any of my pregnancies. you poor thing." well aren't we soul sisters. hahahaha. at least she recognizes that she was lucky and that this sucks, but honestly..... that lucky dog! and her children in the bathroom looked perfectly healthy. hence the morning sickness brings healthy babies story is crap!!!!
ok well i wanted to just blog a bunch of random stuff but millie is buggin me to watch dora on my computer. so i better oblige!

Friday, February 15, 2013

valentine's day

i was treated like a queen yesterday and it's crazy how chase read my mind. a man reading a woman's mind? it's a miracle! esp since i didn't even know what i wanted half the time (classic woman) until chase appeared doing whatever and i realized- that is what i want! hahahaha
he was prepping me all week about valentines day but keeping it vague about what he was planning. i was excited but also thinking- ugh what if i'm really sick and can't go party and fulfill all his hopes! but there is good and bad news! the bad news is that i was very sick. the good news is- chase's surprises catered perfectly to that!
so i was awakened before work with breakfast on a tray. i knew there was no way i could eat eggs, toast, peeled apple, etc- so he bagged them up for me and i was shoved out the door for work. i was considering calling in but chase said he had a lot to do and needed me gone. hahhaha that wasn't what i was expecting to hear. so i threw up one good time and then sped off to work before i got sick again. pleasant.
work went by quickly, and i did leave an hour early (after i got permission that it was okay for me to come home. hahaha) i was excited to take a nap. i was walking to my car and BOOM baby
welcome to the most stared at car at byu! chase seriously went above and beyond. i love this kind of stuff! and my fav part? he vacuumed and washed the whole car, too. i guess going to work was worth it :) and there were a dozen roses and a sweet card when i opened my car door! perfection!
i didn't really think through how driving home would be- let's just say provo got sprinkled with love! i'd say half of them made it home, if that! 

then i got home and showered chase with kisses and announced that i would like to take a nap. and he said he had planned that. hahaha. so i took a three hour nap and when i came out from my nap, the house was immaculate and spit spot clean! my favorite! chase then drove me to my one class (thank you tuesday/thurdsay schedules). my class got out an hour early, but chase wasn't there an hour early. i know why later....... but it gave me some nice time to sit (i love sitting these days) and talk to my mom, dad, and sister on the phone. 
then chase arrived and took me to my favorite restaurant. India Palace. i hardly ate anything but that means i have a ton of leftovers! a big plus! and i didn't lose what i did eat. another miracle.
then he said we had another stop. i said we better drop the food off. he said "ok we have a few seconds and it's on the way. we'll just run in it to the fridge quick." 
we pull up to the house and he asks me to go run it in. i look at him but didn't say it out loud cuz i didn't wanna complain and ruin the perfect night but i was thinking "are you serious?" b/c even seriously small tasks like that are too hard for me and my stomach. then he looked back and said "please" so i thought.... hmmmm. i must have a surprise in there for me. so i went in and this is what i saw. i was expecting movie tickets or a card. not THIS.......... wowee.........

 a lovely trail! and when i turned the lights on
where did it lead?
the most heavenly bathroom sight. lights off. with an ipod set up, candles, rose pedals, and a piping hott bubble bath! i had a stupor of thought..... how did this stay warm? he filled me in. 
thanks taryn and taylor for lighting all the candles and scorching my skin with the perfect bubble bath seconds before we arrived! you sweeties!
thanks paulo for helping chase set up the whole house during my class!
 lights on.
i took the most delightful bubble bath in the dark and chase just talked to me about his blessings and other lovely things. i also received a massage and i seriously felt sooo relaxed and not pregnant! it was heaven! i was so happy to spend the night in and yet have it be so special! 
the night wasn't over!
presents and cards!
 i've wanted to read the two books on the end so bad and chase was wanting the book in the middle! yes, he got his own valentine gift! how thoughtful b/c all i did was get a card for him and he said that was enough b/c he wanted me to just appreciate the day. that, i can do, sir.
 the note he wrote inside was just as funny. classic chase.
 i actually had never seen this movie and it was really cute!
and during our movie, for desert- cookies and cream ice cream- i had one bite and it was quite delicious! more for later.
i had such a perfect valentine's day and woke up this morning feeling tolerably okay. days like yesterday really help and are SOOOOOOOOOOO cherished! and they carry over for the next day, too! 
thank you so much, chaser! you seriously outdid yourself and i loved every second!!!!!!!! i love you and i'm lucky that days like yesterday come more than once a year! you are such a romantic and i love that we both love the romantic, over the top, sensational gestures!!! thank you for being mine.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I'm always saying I'm pregnant but I really should say we b/c Chase is in this too! we are SOOOOOO elated and SOOOOO excited for this miracle God has blessed us with!!
So i have been saving these pics and video for when I announced I was pregnant. I was going to wait till I was out of the third trimester b/c I don't have a doctor's appointment until then and I just wanted to wait till I knew all was going well and what not. But then I did an interview for Sam who writes for the Daily Universe and it's about having big families in the past and future and I am quoted saying I'm pregnant and graduating in April or something like that so I thought- meh I better announce myself in case a lot of friends of mine read the Daily Universe (which i know they do read sam's articles specifically). And I just got so excited that I'm posting it today. The article might not come out till Friday or even next week but I can't contain my excitement any longer. The fact that I kept this secret this long (well at least from the cyber world- i've been spilling the beans all over the place!) is a miracle and let's be honest- even in cyber world there are clues and symptoms! hence my last three posts have been about the horror of being sicker than a dog. we'll get to that horrible side later but first i wanna share the happy story and how EXCITED chase and i are!
so it was the beginning of the semester and i was overwhelmed! (ps this is about some tmi woman's troubles. hello we're talking about being pregnant- so be prepared) anywho i was all in a frenzy with the first week of school syndrome. i knew i was supposed to get my period that week and had been having this baby cramp (pun!) for five days straight and that was strange. i was at work and annoyed with this little cramp but thought i shouldn't take ibuprofen since chase and i had been trying for two months now and what if there was a fragile embryo in there trying to grow. so i told myself i will buy a pregnancy test and take it on saturday. it was tuesday. OF COURSE i couldn't wait till saturday. so i was at walgreens buying it and said to myself- i'll just try one (since there are two in the box) so i went to the bathroom right there in walgreens! classy! seriously no patience! but i couldn't pee enough as the stick needed. so i drank a gallon of water and drove to the gym (where i had planned to meet taryn earlier that morning). i was hoping by the time i got to the gym i would be able to go. so i'm at the gym and my drinking paid off! p.s i've taken about 4 pregnancy tests throughout the last two months so i was seriously expecting this one to be negative like the others. but then...... nope....... and i heard someone come into the bathroom. i say "taryn, is that you?" and she says "yes" and i busted down the bathroom stall door and shoved the contaminated stick in her face and it took her a few seconds to register! we start screaming and jumping in circles in the bathroom!!! then i freaked out and kept saying "you guys, this is happening. you guys. oh my gosh, you guys." even though it was just me and taryn. hahahaha. and then i freaked out that i hadn't told chase FIRST.
months before all this, i had planned to keep the pregnancy from chase until i could surprise him with the news with balloons and a big showy set up. but now it was actually perfect because taryn could video the whole thing! but then i thought- there is no way taryn can be a part of this and not taylor. so taryn and i get the balloons and we put them in taryn's car and she goes to get taylor. i drive home and tell chase that i have the flu and need some dayquil. he rushes off to the store and we get set up quick quick!

so that's pretty much how it went! chase got more and more excited as the day went on and it sunk in! then i called my mom and sister. and then chase went and bought two other different kinds of pregnancy tests for me to take to just double check. cute! esp before i called other people. called kelly and so on! it was such a good day and i wish i felt that happy about being pregnany every day! hahaha!
i remember the next couple weeks were fantastic! i would talk to people and be so happy. esp with kelly i had this one convo. i remember at like week 5 i said "if i feel this small nauseaus feeling my whole pregnancy and this is it, this will be cake and so easy! i got this!" and she cackled (yes like a witch b/c she forecasted a horrible curse) and said "yeah i doubt it'll be this easy." hahaha. i remember starting to feel pretty bad after having millie for like four days straight and just told myself it was because i was overworked with millie, school, work, etc. but then it just became a crescendoeing snowball. 
people (kelly again said this one too) told me that being sick is a good sign of a healthy baby. that's horse manure. some doctor made that up to quiet his whining patient and women BELIEVED it!!! this cannot be good for a baby! this is horrible! but i hear the nine months are worth it so i'll try to keep my whining to a minimum- but then again one reason i was excited to announce was so i can finally air out my feelings on this blog.
for a couple weeks there i was puking every hour without fail and throwing up all through the night and getting no sleep. finally my mom felt that motherly spiritual prompting and told me that i should go to the doctor (and she NEVER says that and i took it seriously!) and it's a good thing i did! the doctor gave me 6 different medicines and said i was severely dehytrated and that if these meds don't work by tomorrow by 8 am, then i'd have to go to the hospital and get iv'ed up. that was week 6. luckily they worked pretty good for a couple days..... but as the weeks go on and my symptoms get worse and the perscription doesn't get stronger, i'm not sure if i will have to be one of those pregnant women on iv's all the time. 
but it's actually ironic that i'm blogging today because today is the best i've felt in three weeks. if i'd have been blogging yesterday........ that was quite horrible. in bed all day except for when i went to class for an hour and tried to walk outside (i read in my book that exercise helps with the sickness)- yeah that was NOT the case for me yesterday. but i'm sure exercise does help a lot of the time. i'll keep that in mind.
ok blah blah blah. i'll have plenty of time to post many posts but i'm just jibber jabbering like crazy cuz i've been so lost without blogging about all this for the last month!!
here is a pic of me now- let's just evaluate me (i haven't gained any weight) but i wanna show this so when i get huge people don't judge me b/c i wasn't mrs. size zero to begin with! but i hope i see this body again in about 8 months!! well i see it right now in the mirror i guess but i'm sure once i've "popped" that i'll idolize this figure.
this is one of the tests and it was in way too many people's hands. unsanitary but you have to see for yourself when everyone is buzzing about your first pregnancy! hahaha.

we told my mother and father-in-law through a poem and dave got it right away when i said charlotte would have another cousin but julie was just busy cooking away and didn't realize what i was saying till the three pregnancy tests were out on the counter. 
we told my parents through skype and my mom was soooo smiley and congratulating us like crazy. later that day when we skyped my dad once he got home from work he said "oh" and there was a long pause....... hahahaha but he's really just as excited!! he was just in shock! 
i seriously have SOOOO much more respect for all mothers now! this is a crazy painful process and i ain't even close to done! i especially am grateful and can't believe my mom went through this 6 times! before there was even zofran and what not! mom, you have some serious pain tolerance! you are super di duper! and i have some sympathy for the husbands whose wives become angry pistol hornets (yeah sorry chase- you've been an angel) but still....... just respect your wives!!! this is cray cray!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

5 blessings

i haven't blogged this week and that's a surprise! it's been quite the week. busy with work. busy with school. seeing good friends. having husband time. and sicker than a dog- welcome to my new life. been to the doctor's a couple times. i'm accepting it as the new me. but i have SOOOO much to be grateful for. let's list 5!

1. today my sweet sweet husband took 3 hours+ and cleaned the whole house by himself! while i rested. and i mean a deep detailed amazing clean! i have a high standard and i'm happy to say he passed it with flying colors! the house looks great and i love looking around and seeing this sight! it helps me feel better :)

2. my sweet brother taylor via taryn bought and brought me zupas today to my house! what a sweetheart! and i made it into two meals and it was delicious!i also got to spend the day with garr and mills.

3. my homework is done! my brain is a funny place but a healthy blessing i'll count.

4. i've been talking to my sister and mom non-stop on the phone a lot lately and it's been much needed and appreciated. thanks for always picking up the constant calls, listening, and yapping back! well my mom doesn't really yap. but says a few words in between my breaths of long winded yapping.

5. i'm sitting here with my favorite blanket, favorite water bottle, watching one of my favorite movies (sweet home alabama)! "wayne, isn't there some outstanding warrant for whoever dumped your mamma's tractor out in the fishing pond?" yeah that's the part i'm at!

anywho. i just wanted to blog even though i don't have anything specif to say! if you're bored- come over to my house :) we can eat bananas and peanut butter together and watch chick flicks!