Saturday, February 9, 2013

5 blessings

i haven't blogged this week and that's a surprise! it's been quite the week. busy with work. busy with school. seeing good friends. having husband time. and sicker than a dog- welcome to my new life. been to the doctor's a couple times. i'm accepting it as the new me. but i have SOOOO much to be grateful for. let's list 5!

1. today my sweet sweet husband took 3 hours+ and cleaned the whole house by himself! while i rested. and i mean a deep detailed amazing clean! i have a high standard and i'm happy to say he passed it with flying colors! the house looks great and i love looking around and seeing this sight! it helps me feel better :)

2. my sweet brother taylor via taryn bought and brought me zupas today to my house! what a sweetheart! and i made it into two meals and it was delicious!i also got to spend the day with garr and mills.

3. my homework is done! my brain is a funny place but a healthy blessing i'll count.

4. i've been talking to my sister and mom non-stop on the phone a lot lately and it's been much needed and appreciated. thanks for always picking up the constant calls, listening, and yapping back! well my mom doesn't really yap. but says a few words in between my breaths of long winded yapping.

5. i'm sitting here with my favorite blanket, favorite water bottle, watching one of my favorite movies (sweet home alabama)! "wayne, isn't there some outstanding warrant for whoever dumped your mamma's tractor out in the fishing pond?" yeah that's the part i'm at!

anywho. i just wanted to blog even though i don't have anything specif to say! if you're bored- come over to my house :) we can eat bananas and peanut butter together and watch chick flicks!


Lindy said...

I had a banana and peanut butter today too! It was good :) Btw it's really weird to not see you on campus anymore.

Lacey said...

Wish I could come watch chick flicks with you!