Thursday, February 21, 2013

costco encounter

it's just a relaxing evening here at the anderson house. well millie is jumping from couch to ottoman to love sack so that is a little crazy. but she hasn't injured herself yet. she was playing jenga with garrett and she's actually getting pretty good at that game. i foreshadow that she will rock at games when she plays people her age as she grows up- it's a schroedter upbringing tradition :)
p.s. i didn't even blog about last weekend! it was soooo good! but b/c i got NO sleep i think it's made for a rough sicky week. we went on a double date with d and laur friday night. it was the best.
saturday i just chilled with garr, tay, and millie, did homework, and chase worked.
sunday we had a big game party with friends and then our friend michael was in town and him and tay slept over for a huge sleepover! we also played many games and there were some funny consequences for whoever lost! let's just say taylor had to go up to two random dudes at smith's and ask them to take an oral survey that the rest of us thought up. he didn't see the survey till we got to the store. i couldn't believe he actually did it! he recorded it, too! the guys ended up following us back to our house from the store so that was scary but no harm done! i felt like i had time warped back to freshman year. hahah progression for sure.
i can't believe tomorrow is Friday! i'm stoked! i hope i can go to kelly's tomorrow but she's sick (more than pregnancy sick) and ain't nobody got time for that. i do not wanna catch something. but i haven't seen her in ages. so maybe it's worth it. ok i'll do it.
i've been pretty prego sick the last two days. yesterday at costco i was puking pretty bad in the bathroom. (p.s. it's the grossest in public bathrooms cuz the image of the public bathroom makes you not be able to stop puking!) i came out and this mother gave me a sympathetic look. i told her i was pregnant cuz the silence was too awkward. she said "oh thank goodness. i was making my girls wash their hands multiple times so they didn't catch some flu." hahahah you're welcome? and then she said "i never got sick for any of my pregnancies. you poor thing." well aren't we soul sisters. hahahaha. at least she recognizes that she was lucky and that this sucks, but honestly..... that lucky dog! and her children in the bathroom looked perfectly healthy. hence the morning sickness brings healthy babies story is crap!!!!
ok well i wanted to just blog a bunch of random stuff but millie is buggin me to watch dora on my computer. so i better oblige!

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Kelly said...

umm....i would not recommend it. this is the sickest ive ever been and i def dont have the energy to disinfect the house. :)