Thursday, February 28, 2013

I didn't cry during my OPI

The O.P.I.
To you it's just some silly acronym.
To me- it has been the bane and fear and dread of my existence for the past year and a half.
OPI stands for Oral Proficiency Interview.
I have been scared witless of this exam! In fact, I was so intimidated by it that last semester, I went from French Second Ed major to just French major because I didn't have the confidence to pass it. And if you don't pass the OPI as a French Second Ed major..... you cannot graduate till you do pass it.
It is something you have to pass to be a licensed teacher in Utah
and something you have to take in the language department of French regardless.
Now, I don't have to pass it to graduate but if I did pass- then I can be a licensed teacher (which I'm not planning on b/c there is a dependent child growing inside of me) but it's nice to know I could! and my self esteem would be through the roof- it already is b/c i feel the conversation went well- let's be honest!
Is it sad or just American that my self esteem is so closely related to grades?
Oh man, I hope I made it! and I can go back to teach French later aka after I've popped out 6 Anderson babies and they are in kindergarten!!!! b/c I am capable and smart! It went so well. There were no pauses and all the vocabulary came to me and I didn't ask him to repeat any questions or statements! We were laughing- like real people who understand real French!!! so I really do have hope! An hour ago I was picturing the worst and telling myself- it doesn't matter b/c you're still graduating in less than two months no matter what!!! But after actually taking it- I have some serious hope!!
Anyways! The ratings for the test go from Novice to Superior.
Novice (low, mid, high), Intermediate (low, mid, high), Advanced (low, mid, high), and Superior (low, mid, high.)
You need to have Advanced low or higher to get licensed. A year ago i was Intermediate high. I have taken a lot of French and really grown in a year! Maybe I've improved!!! I hope so! ahhhhhh i've been all smiles for the last hour! This is the happiest I've been all week (it's been a pretty bad week.)
As they sat me in my chair in front of the phone I thought I was going to blow chunks (not unusual if i am pregnant or not) and cry (unusual- but being pregnant- not unusual- except i haven't cried yet while being pregnant. i know it's coming. i'll eat these words soon.)
So, anywho, I took some deep breaths and just went for it! Who did I get as my interviewer? The most jolly African (well his accent sounded African- which was scary at first but i got used to it) French speaking man in New York (I asked him where he was- hoping he'd say Sierra Leon or something cool) but New York is cool too!!! This is what I pictured him as......
hahahaha. anyways. He said the interview could go for 15-30 minutes. I said a strong prayer and away we went. Before I knew it- he was telling me it had been 35 minutes and he was ending the conversation! I'm serious! There were some French speaking angels helping me out and pushing the time at a sonic speed!! Thank heavens that God knows French! Because he seriously loosened my tongue! I don't know if I passed (i won't know for 3 weeks.) If you do not hear back from me about my test results in three weeks, I either forgot to blog about it [doubtful] or they were not up to par for the state license level.
But either way, I am so happy because me and my African friend (i do not remember his name! how is this possible!) had a continuous, non-interrupted conversation for 30+ minutes and I was doing the major majority of the talking!! This is such a blessing and it's a small way that God is telling me that I have accomplished a lot in the past ten years (with His help) and that I can speak French (hopefully at an advanced low fluency or higher) and I can enjoy speaking it!!!! What a bless-ed day! The OPI did not make me cry! in fact just the opposite! Oh happy day!

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