Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I'm always saying I'm pregnant but I really should say we b/c Chase is in this too! we are SOOOOOO elated and SOOOOO excited for this miracle God has blessed us with!!
So i have been saving these pics and video for when I announced I was pregnant. I was going to wait till I was out of the third trimester b/c I don't have a doctor's appointment until then and I just wanted to wait till I knew all was going well and what not. But then I did an interview for Sam who writes for the Daily Universe and it's about having big families in the past and future and I am quoted saying I'm pregnant and graduating in April or something like that so I thought- meh I better announce myself in case a lot of friends of mine read the Daily Universe (which i know they do read sam's articles specifically). And I just got so excited that I'm posting it today. The article might not come out till Friday or even next week but I can't contain my excitement any longer. The fact that I kept this secret this long (well at least from the cyber world- i've been spilling the beans all over the place!) is a miracle and let's be honest- even in cyber world there are clues and symptoms! hence my last three posts have been about the horror of being sicker than a dog. we'll get to that horrible side later but first i wanna share the happy story and how EXCITED chase and i are!
so it was the beginning of the semester and i was overwhelmed! (ps this is about some tmi woman's troubles. hello we're talking about being pregnant- so be prepared) anywho i was all in a frenzy with the first week of school syndrome. i knew i was supposed to get my period that week and had been having this baby cramp (pun!) for five days straight and that was strange. i was at work and annoyed with this little cramp but thought i shouldn't take ibuprofen since chase and i had been trying for two months now and what if there was a fragile embryo in there trying to grow. so i told myself i will buy a pregnancy test and take it on saturday. it was tuesday. OF COURSE i couldn't wait till saturday. so i was at walgreens buying it and said to myself- i'll just try one (since there are two in the box) so i went to the bathroom right there in walgreens! classy! seriously no patience! but i couldn't pee enough as the stick needed. so i drank a gallon of water and drove to the gym (where i had planned to meet taryn earlier that morning). i was hoping by the time i got to the gym i would be able to go. so i'm at the gym and my drinking paid off! p.s i've taken about 4 pregnancy tests throughout the last two months so i was seriously expecting this one to be negative like the others. but then...... nope....... and i heard someone come into the bathroom. i say "taryn, is that you?" and she says "yes" and i busted down the bathroom stall door and shoved the contaminated stick in her face and it took her a few seconds to register! we start screaming and jumping in circles in the bathroom!!! then i freaked out and kept saying "you guys, this is happening. you guys. oh my gosh, you guys." even though it was just me and taryn. hahahaha. and then i freaked out that i hadn't told chase FIRST.
months before all this, i had planned to keep the pregnancy from chase until i could surprise him with the news with balloons and a big showy set up. but now it was actually perfect because taryn could video the whole thing! but then i thought- there is no way taryn can be a part of this and not taylor. so taryn and i get the balloons and we put them in taryn's car and she goes to get taylor. i drive home and tell chase that i have the flu and need some dayquil. he rushes off to the store and we get set up quick quick!

so that's pretty much how it went! chase got more and more excited as the day went on and it sunk in! then i called my mom and sister. and then chase went and bought two other different kinds of pregnancy tests for me to take to just double check. cute! esp before i called other people. called kelly and so on! it was such a good day and i wish i felt that happy about being pregnany every day! hahaha!
i remember the next couple weeks were fantastic! i would talk to people and be so happy. esp with kelly i had this one convo. i remember at like week 5 i said "if i feel this small nauseaus feeling my whole pregnancy and this is it, this will be cake and so easy! i got this!" and she cackled (yes like a witch b/c she forecasted a horrible curse) and said "yeah i doubt it'll be this easy." hahaha. i remember starting to feel pretty bad after having millie for like four days straight and just told myself it was because i was overworked with millie, school, work, etc. but then it just became a crescendoeing snowball. 
people (kelly again said this one too) told me that being sick is a good sign of a healthy baby. that's horse manure. some doctor made that up to quiet his whining patient and women BELIEVED it!!! this cannot be good for a baby! this is horrible! but i hear the nine months are worth it so i'll try to keep my whining to a minimum- but then again one reason i was excited to announce was so i can finally air out my feelings on this blog.
for a couple weeks there i was puking every hour without fail and throwing up all through the night and getting no sleep. finally my mom felt that motherly spiritual prompting and told me that i should go to the doctor (and she NEVER says that and i took it seriously!) and it's a good thing i did! the doctor gave me 6 different medicines and said i was severely dehytrated and that if these meds don't work by tomorrow by 8 am, then i'd have to go to the hospital and get iv'ed up. that was week 6. luckily they worked pretty good for a couple days..... but as the weeks go on and my symptoms get worse and the perscription doesn't get stronger, i'm not sure if i will have to be one of those pregnant women on iv's all the time. 
but it's actually ironic that i'm blogging today because today is the best i've felt in three weeks. if i'd have been blogging yesterday........ that was quite horrible. in bed all day except for when i went to class for an hour and tried to walk outside (i read in my book that exercise helps with the sickness)- yeah that was NOT the case for me yesterday. but i'm sure exercise does help a lot of the time. i'll keep that in mind.
ok blah blah blah. i'll have plenty of time to post many posts but i'm just jibber jabbering like crazy cuz i've been so lost without blogging about all this for the last month!!
here is a pic of me now- let's just evaluate me (i haven't gained any weight) but i wanna show this so when i get huge people don't judge me b/c i wasn't mrs. size zero to begin with! but i hope i see this body again in about 8 months!! well i see it right now in the mirror i guess but i'm sure once i've "popped" that i'll idolize this figure.
this is one of the tests and it was in way too many people's hands. unsanitary but you have to see for yourself when everyone is buzzing about your first pregnancy! hahaha.

we told my mother and father-in-law through a poem and dave got it right away when i said charlotte would have another cousin but julie was just busy cooking away and didn't realize what i was saying till the three pregnancy tests were out on the counter. 
we told my parents through skype and my mom was soooo smiley and congratulating us like crazy. later that day when we skyped my dad once he got home from work he said "oh" and there was a long pause....... hahahaha but he's really just as excited!! he was just in shock! 
i seriously have SOOOO much more respect for all mothers now! this is a crazy painful process and i ain't even close to done! i especially am grateful and can't believe my mom went through this 6 times! before there was even zofran and what not! mom, you have some serious pain tolerance! you are super di duper! and i have some sympathy for the husbands whose wives become angry pistol hornets (yeah sorry chase- you've been an angel) but still....... just respect your wives!!! this is cray cray!


Cam said...

Marissa I am SO happy for you guys! Not gonna lie... I may have screamed out loud a little bit from your comment on my blog. You're so cute and are going to be the best and funnest mom ever!! Congrats! And I hope you get feeling better... everyone can tell you what worked for them but you just have to do what works for you. Hang in there!!

Genevieve Larsen said...

YAY!!! CONGRATS. and yes it is worth it...although it may take some of us until child number three to even start considering admitting that in writing where the world (or my husband) may possibly see it and use it to remind me that I ever said it. No really being a mother, hardest and most rewarding thing ever.

Megan Morgan said...

So happy for you!!!! Worlds best mama!!!! Love you :)

Lacey said...

Yippee!!! Congratulations Andersons! You two are going to be great parents! So sorry you've been sick :(