Friday, February 15, 2013

valentine's day

i was treated like a queen yesterday and it's crazy how chase read my mind. a man reading a woman's mind? it's a miracle! esp since i didn't even know what i wanted half the time (classic woman) until chase appeared doing whatever and i realized- that is what i want! hahahaha
he was prepping me all week about valentines day but keeping it vague about what he was planning. i was excited but also thinking- ugh what if i'm really sick and can't go party and fulfill all his hopes! but there is good and bad news! the bad news is that i was very sick. the good news is- chase's surprises catered perfectly to that!
so i was awakened before work with breakfast on a tray. i knew there was no way i could eat eggs, toast, peeled apple, etc- so he bagged them up for me and i was shoved out the door for work. i was considering calling in but chase said he had a lot to do and needed me gone. hahhaha that wasn't what i was expecting to hear. so i threw up one good time and then sped off to work before i got sick again. pleasant.
work went by quickly, and i did leave an hour early (after i got permission that it was okay for me to come home. hahaha) i was excited to take a nap. i was walking to my car and BOOM baby
welcome to the most stared at car at byu! chase seriously went above and beyond. i love this kind of stuff! and my fav part? he vacuumed and washed the whole car, too. i guess going to work was worth it :) and there were a dozen roses and a sweet card when i opened my car door! perfection!
i didn't really think through how driving home would be- let's just say provo got sprinkled with love! i'd say half of them made it home, if that! 

then i got home and showered chase with kisses and announced that i would like to take a nap. and he said he had planned that. hahaha. so i took a three hour nap and when i came out from my nap, the house was immaculate and spit spot clean! my favorite! chase then drove me to my one class (thank you tuesday/thurdsay schedules). my class got out an hour early, but chase wasn't there an hour early. i know why later....... but it gave me some nice time to sit (i love sitting these days) and talk to my mom, dad, and sister on the phone. 
then chase arrived and took me to my favorite restaurant. India Palace. i hardly ate anything but that means i have a ton of leftovers! a big plus! and i didn't lose what i did eat. another miracle.
then he said we had another stop. i said we better drop the food off. he said "ok we have a few seconds and it's on the way. we'll just run in it to the fridge quick." 
we pull up to the house and he asks me to go run it in. i look at him but didn't say it out loud cuz i didn't wanna complain and ruin the perfect night but i was thinking "are you serious?" b/c even seriously small tasks like that are too hard for me and my stomach. then he looked back and said "please" so i thought.... hmmmm. i must have a surprise in there for me. so i went in and this is what i saw. i was expecting movie tickets or a card. not THIS.......... wowee.........

 a lovely trail! and when i turned the lights on
where did it lead?
the most heavenly bathroom sight. lights off. with an ipod set up, candles, rose pedals, and a piping hott bubble bath! i had a stupor of thought..... how did this stay warm? he filled me in. 
thanks taryn and taylor for lighting all the candles and scorching my skin with the perfect bubble bath seconds before we arrived! you sweeties!
thanks paulo for helping chase set up the whole house during my class!
 lights on.
i took the most delightful bubble bath in the dark and chase just talked to me about his blessings and other lovely things. i also received a massage and i seriously felt sooo relaxed and not pregnant! it was heaven! i was so happy to spend the night in and yet have it be so special! 
the night wasn't over!
presents and cards!
 i've wanted to read the two books on the end so bad and chase was wanting the book in the middle! yes, he got his own valentine gift! how thoughtful b/c all i did was get a card for him and he said that was enough b/c he wanted me to just appreciate the day. that, i can do, sir.
 the note he wrote inside was just as funny. classic chase.
 i actually had never seen this movie and it was really cute!
and during our movie, for desert- cookies and cream ice cream- i had one bite and it was quite delicious! more for later.
i had such a perfect valentine's day and woke up this morning feeling tolerably okay. days like yesterday really help and are SOOOOOOOOOOO cherished! and they carry over for the next day, too! 
thank you so much, chaser! you seriously outdid yourself and i loved every second!!!!!!!! i love you and i'm lucky that days like yesterday come more than once a year! you are such a romantic and i love that we both love the romantic, over the top, sensational gestures!!! thank you for being mine.

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Kerri Andersen said...

Wow this is SO SWEET! Your husband is quite the romantic! :) So cute!