Friday, March 29, 2013

THE picture

the funniest 10 minutes of my life. just happened.

 my baby pic impression

 a belly pic and taryn grabbing her bossums

me and taryn were taking all these pics. and this last one..... this is what happened. we took it. we realized what we took. she falls off the couch and laughs so hard she runs to the bathroom peeing her pants. i start laughing and then coughing from laughing so much and run to the bathroom and throw up. haahahahahaha. now you're hyped for this pic.
and now that i just posted this it's starting all over and i'm gonna be coughing--> throwing up again soon

now taylor is cleaning the kitchen from our romanian feast and trying to talk to us but we're just cracking up and not responding and he keeps saying "ok yeah that's cool thanks" and keeps talking to himself. hahahahahahahaha. please look up at the last pic again just to laugh with us. why does taryn look so normal? and then there's me? how is that me?? hahahahahahahahahahhahah he just said "yeah that's cool" again.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

tuesday tales

i have to blog at school nowadays because our computer broke. i knew it would kick the bucket soon bc i bought it refurbished back in 2007, but still- it's sad. once we get our tax return mula we will buy a new (aka refurbished) one. should be next week sometime. my poor mac isn't completely broken, i just can't use the T or R or space bar. so i can still navigate to netflix or shows on the internet but typing a blogpost would be impossible.

my  mother is in the air right now flying home to texas. yesterday was so fun spending the day with her but i had a lot to do once we dropped her off this morning bc i put hw off. but as you can see i'm blogging- so i'm not too stressed about it. i've done 2 of the 3 subjects i need to conquer by midnight.

yesterday after work, the fam met at brick oven. grandma and grandpa. mom. chase. taryn and taylor. garr and millie. [great] uncle leon and [great] aunt janet. we had our own party room at brick oven! delicious. pizza is a fav of mine these days. perhaps this has sped up my baby bump ;) here is me at 15 weeks this morning.
and ps this is tmi but there are no creases in my abdomen region so the shape you see is my natural shape. it's a weird shape but i'm accepting that it will be weird for the next month or two. it looks good in black. hence why i'm sharing this pic. 
i don't weigh much more but my abdomen shape and the weight its carrying weight has never taken this shape before so i know it's the baby's doing. that cutie! deforming me!
today i laid in bed for an extra 20 minutes trying to feel the baby move. it's too early but i was hopeful. to no avail. 

yesterday after brick oven, chase went to work and the rest of us went to feed ducks at the park.
 me and millie exploring the jungle gym. it was quite precarious getting in this position. chase woulda yelled at me for being unsafe. millie was loving it though. it was quite windy! and you can see millie is trying to actually smile for the camera. she hasn't loved doing that lately- but the dang wind skews it. she's still the cutest. 

here are more of millie. we were asking her different body parts. this pic is her displaying her hair. she has the most gorgeous hair.
how did i get no pics of my mother or with my mother? classic but not classic at the same time. i'm pic obsessed. and mother obsessed. so this should've occurred..... anywho you can see her so beautifully in the background here.
millie showing us her eye
 and i just like this photo cuz i see a mini-me here. the tongue out. the full cheeks. showing the midriff. round plump belly. classic! of my baby pics- not of my pics i take nowadays.

also yesterday we made cupcakes for a kiddo in my primary class's birthday today and watched adjustment bureau. good night with the fam.

 and after dropping mom off at the airport this morning, we went to visit grandma and give her some cash so she can get her hair done. she doesn't do much but she does enjoy getting her hair done! her nursing home in sandy is the nicest i've seen. i felt quite at home there. 
and this pic is cute bc grandma is so infatuated with chase and she loves him with her eyes in this photo. cute!

Monday, March 25, 2013

two good weekends

I would like to blog about two good weekends that have made me appreciate my future as a mother! This weekend and last weekend I (re-)realized that having a household of screaming, playing children is what I want! This weekend my grandparents had a 75th joint birthday party out in Roosevelt. My mom flew in town for it and us Provo-ians definitely made the trip out there and had a great weekend with our huge Ross family. 
me bugging my mom of course! she was just trying to play sudoku but i can't keep my hands off her!
when i got home from roosevelt last night i cried for a bit b/c i missed my mom so much. she takes such good care of me and is so drama free and just the best mom! i just love her and having her close. i'll see her again tomorrow when she comes to stay with me for a night before she flies out. it was such a wonderful weekend with you, mother! and thank you for recognizing my baby bump (aka weight gain) it actually was exciting seeing her really see it and acknowledge it. i'm on my way to hugeness! p.s. 11 days till we find out the gender of this little one!!

out in Roosevelt, Chase & I and Taryn & Taylor stayed at Brenda & Ryan's house with their house full of children! We were in heaven- the kiddos, too- as you can see! They have 6 children under the age of 12. Wouldn't you know it that Chase and I hoped we were looking into our future :)
It was a blast with these cuties! chase did most of the running around but just constant games of tag, candyland, hide n seek, red light green light, and running around screaming with happiness!

waking up Sunday morning to these cuties. Colt is such a cuddler! and so content even with his older siblings screaming and stepping on him! He's just a calm, cute kid! We really love him!

and then once some of the other kids realized we were awake- they came bustling in, too! 
some cute quotes from wyatt this weekend: "mom, i need to wake up my friend (aka chase)" and brenda stopping him. he was anxious both mornings for chase to wake up! 
wyatt: "i love you" to each one of us house guests as we were leaving
wyatt: the day before as we were going over to grandma's and meeting him there in like five seconds, he still said: "wait, guys!!! before you leave you need to give me a hug and kiss!" and embraces each of us. 
don't let wyatt's cuteness fool you though- he is quite the boy! rough housing and tough as nails!

i thought this weekend was going to be about spending time with my grandparents and mom (which it was somewhat) but it really turned out to be about me being re-instilled with the faith and desire to have a big, happy family and embrace the pregnant mom role :) i loved brenda & ryan's house and learned a lot of what kind of mom i want to be and how i want to have happy, playful children!

last weekend we spent some good time with millie- another cute favorite toddler of ours.
it's been warming up- hello spring- and we've been loving it. it's been good for my negative nancy sick spirit, too!
admiring the ducks!
the swings are her favorite. she requests them 24/7! it gets exhausting! especially since our backyard neighbors have a swingset and they now let her play on it. it's her new location of choice!
also, as we were playing on the jungle gym she kept screaming- 
"mrissy, chase is coming! run! mrissy, help me!" 
and i look behind us and chase is sitting on the grass a good distance away and bundled up in a blanket.  making no effort to move whatsoever. hahahaha. millie was quite concerned and kept warning me though. so finally i yelled for chase to actually chase us. she was having a ball! 
she loves time with her daddy so much and i'm glad because that normally means we get to see both of them, too!
 on the playground, she is too adventurous though and it takes all three of us adults to watch after her! you have to watch her like a hawk! bumps and bruises love her! luckily chase is so tall that if i can't run up in time  he can usually reach her! that cutie climber!

uncle taylor and millie love each other, too. this is millie guarding/hiding in her castle and trying to keep taylor out. 
i love family and all the support and love we have for each other! and the grandkids, nieces, and nephews make it that much sweeter!

here is another gem of taylor. we had dinner on campus the other day when we were having a late studying night. what an attractive man. 
on the drive home from roosevelt i was very sick, but taylor was cracking me (and chase) up and we were loving it. he's hilarious. and a really thoughtful brother. 

anyways. that's the summary of how i've been feeling lately- pregnancy is hard but little children are so amazing and i can't wait to welcome them into our home! chase and i are so excited and really looking forward to preparing this summer for this first baby! 
last week we drove a walking route for me! 2.2 miles that i'm making a daily walk. the safer part of our neighborhood and quite scenic with the mountains and farmland! i'm excited! and chase knows the route for safety, too :) i need to exercise- even if i'm sick! 
and i'm starting to round out in my belly area just a little and i'm excited! 
for your first baby, all you want is to be showing! it's four months- so i'm okay with the showing beginning! i'd rather show little by little than get huge in the end and have more terrible stretch marks. 
naked belly pics are not for me but i'll post a clothed pic soon :) maybe once we find out the gender!!! in 11 days!!! you might not be able to tell i'm showing but chase, my mom, and i can- we know my body well. hahaha.

other pics from my phone.
 i found this sweet bottle of 100% peppermint oil (for my temples and forehead for headaches) and julie showed me how it can work for heartburn, too (but it's strong to intake! but it did work a little)
anyways, this bottle is full to the top and it was $22. the best steal and deal i've found for peppermint oil! it's the good earth store on university by the kmart across from provo towne center.

 chase going to church by himself last sunday and me whimpering in bed. 
him saying "don't take a pic of me. i better not see this on instagram or your blog"
but he looked handsome. even if he wouldn't stand still i got the pic!

 had the worst night of my pregnancy two saturdays okay. i pushed myself too much that day- i'm guessing. 
deep cleaned the house, took millie to the park, and went to 3 stores for groceries. 
by the time i got home i  thought i was dying. 
called crying to my parents cuz chase was at work and they were freaking out. we didn't know what to do. they told me to call someone who could come over.
tried to call taylor but he was at a movie. he was so sweet about it once he found out though. taylor is sooooo good to me! giving me cute cards and helping with a lot! taryn, too- she brings me dinner and feeds me delicious food! 
finally called chase at work bc i was going to drive myself to the hospital. he came home from work right away (his work let him leave early- the restaurant was closed but he got out of some cleaning. i was really a frantic mess. the girl i talked to first to get chase on the phone was even trying to calm me down bc i was crying...... ope. i'm embarrassed). anywho he came home to a blubbering wife. 
what was this new symptom that was freaking me out so much? i was foaming at the mouth with acid (pleasant i know). but honestly. just pure acid vile and blood was spewing out of my mouth and gurgling at the back of my throat any time i tried to talk!
and i didn't know what was going on. does that sound like something you've learned in health class? well not to me.
apparently (i called my doctor on a saturday night at 10 pm!!!) and she told me i was having an extreme case of heartburn. i've had heart problems before- my heart felt fine. heart burn is a stupid name. it should be called esophagus bleeding burning acid spewing. anyways. it was intense and i was scared bc i didn't know what this new symptom was. i thought heartburn came from food. i hadn't eaten recently  anywho. but once i realized it was heartburn- i was even more embarrassed bc i didn't think heart burn was anything major. it felt major though. but once we gave it a name, it wasn't so scary. and it's weird i'm having it in the second trimester but eh- welcome to my weird life. we ended up not going to the hospital bc my doctor gave me advice and told me what the hospital could do for me- and it wasn't worth the money and all that and my baby was still fine- heartburn doesn't effect fetuses at all really. but i'm so grateful chase came home to calm me and put the groceries away and be there with me. it's crazy that every week there is a new symptom. 
p.s. tums does nothing but they do taste good! 
and i've decided that heartburn is better than food vomiting. bc at least my baby is hydrated.

 and the last pic to end on a happier note. the next day after this fiasco, we had a game night planned and it was fun! it was quite a big crowd but still fun. games really are bonding and uplifting for me!

Friday, March 15, 2013

the chuck regulars

I’m sitting in the library trying to get my homework done for the weekend. All of my teachers have been lecturing us about not “pooping out” with the semester this week. Sad to say- I’m already there. Take a look around. There is sunshine in the air. My stomach is sick and round. Etc. Once I typed “I’m already there…..” I had to go with it.

I am 5 weeks plus a couple of finals away from graduation. I cannot wait! I am tired (literally, I sleep 12 hours every night and if I’m lucky, I also take a 2-3 hour nap, too!) Chase is impressed with how much I can sleep and how easily I knock out. This has some to do with this baby- but I’ve always been blessed with sleeping powers. Anyways…. I am tired. Tired of juggling work and school and etc. It will be nice when school can be factored out! Five more weeks, baby! That is me dialoguing with you and my baby. I have started to converse with my baby. Today I was feeling overwhelmed and a little regretful about being pregnant (quite horrible of me.) especially since I (and a lot of professional people and familial people) was/were worried that I would never be able to have children with my health problems…. so I really am soooo grateful that Chase and I are pregnant. But just this morning I was wishing it could all go away. Chase always chastises me and reminds me of how much it will all be worth it - I need to be put in my place- esp with these crazy pregnancy emotions. So I had a little bit of a breakdown. I told Chase, “I feel like no one has been as sick as me.” (which is super high and mighty and self-centered. But that’s who i can turn into- repenting in progress) And he says “that’s probably true. But then again, you’ve been that way your whole life. Sicker than the average.” I didn’t crack a smile on the outside b/c I was feeling snappy and thought his comment was unhelpful. But I was chuckling on the inside b/c it’s true. Why did I think pregnancy would be sick free? This is ME we’re talking about! Well, actually my UC was put in remission with birth control so I had this inkling that all my sicknesses would be put in remission for pregnancy, too. Same hormones in birth control, right? Well that theory has jumped off a cliff.

 Anyways. How did I get on this topic again? Every blog post? Oh yeah- because I was telling you that I talk to my baby. So I decided to turn to the scriptures and prayer and I heard some remarkable words of wisdom from God in response. I need to think of my pregnancy as a real baby in there! When I normally think of being pregnant I don’t think of a baby in my belly, I think of the pain in my belly. I need to really try to connect with this baby and put that before the sickness. So I had this little vision (thank you babycenter for jogging my memory during my prayer)

Instead of my usual pregnancy vision (google image not my actual photo) of this
Ok I’m wasting time blogging instead of doing homework. I specifically came to the library so I would focus. Classic.

The original plan I had for blogging was to share the convo I had during my ride with Chase to school. Chase drove me to campus (I love it when he does that!) Finding parking, walking up the stairs, and all that- I just love to avoid it and spend time with Chase instead!
this was not the picture i was going to share but my gmail is being stupid and i can't get the actual picture of us in the car from today. and i just think he is so handsome and love how he towers over me- makes me feel little! and i just wanted to share a picture. and i'm glad i wasted 20 minutes trying to get the other pic.
And on the way we had some good laughs. This week as we’ve been driving around together we’ve seen the craziest people in Provo and Orem. And every time we see these lovely creatures, Chase says “that person comes into chuck-a-rama all the time!” hahahahahah
that’s a quality group of customers you got there!

And most of the time these people are pan handling. They pan handle and then turn around and go eat at chuck-a-rama AKA $13+ for a dinner there. Think twice before they fool you! I’m not saying we shouldn’t give to the poor- but handing out money isn’t always the best way to give. Anyways.  These different characters we saw around town are apparently regulars at chuck-a-rama, too!

·         This 60 year old crack addict (that was judgmental but I’m just giving you some imagery. No one is that skinny without some drug probs) who was standing there begging for money with her 20 year old boyfriend on a bike. I didn’t think they were together but chase says they come into chuck a lot and make out… all the employees are notified and peak around the corner to see for themselves b/c it is such an outrageous site! That must be appetizing for the other customers that are there to eat…….. there is somebody out there for everyone, I suppose.

·         This 80 year old man (no exaggeration) on an old school bicycle with a basket just peddling as slow as possible! He was actually cute and looked sweet. He’s prolly still functioning b/c he exercises on his bike daily!

·         This woman dressed a little less to impress and ST-RUT-TING! No exaggeration on the verb to describe the way she was walking. Chest out, left shoulder out, right shoulder out, left shoulder out, right shoulder out, etc.

·         The other panhandlers always on university and center st.

·         This man walking and talking to himself quite animatedly and looking rather homeless

·         And me!!  I go to chuck-a-rama to eat, too. And sometimes I go on walks around the neighborhood. so I’m in the group with these clowns! Lately, I’ve quite enjoyed eating at chuck b/c I don’t have to cook and can pick from a variety for whatever sounds good at that exact second and it’s free for me and all the employees tells me how skinny I look (b/c they know I’m pregnant) and I feel huge so I like the compliments!

Ok why am I still typing? When it’s not my homework! I have to get back to work.

Monday, March 11, 2013

feeling grown up!

today has been a day of good news! let's recap!
  • gender ultra sound set up for april 5!
  • baby shower set up- xoxo kelly. no official announcements or invites yet just making plans and setting the date.
  • also i think my mom and dad will be in town for my 20 week ultra sound! and my baby shower! they're coming for graduation and i cannot wait!
  • also my mom is coming to utah next week for my grandparents' joint 75th birthday party! stoked!
  • another grown up highlight, i got a new car for graduation. thanks mom and dad. so grateful. prolly my favorite part about graduating!! eh and also not having to walk up the RB stairs anymore. it's hard for me- over my six years here (yes- i need to graduate. it's an issue) i have never been able to breathe- no matter how good of shape i was in- while trekking up those stairs.
  • chase and i finally (after almost a year of marriage) are on our own phone plan. we may have milked our parents contracts this year. thanks both moms and dads! that pretty much makes us 100% independent now.
    p.s. verizon doesn't offer cheap plans anymore :( so two iphones for us, it is, then. it feels great to be independent and growing up.
    oh wait. insurance. i'm still on my dad's insurance and it will stay that way as long they (the gov't & mom and dad) will allow. my baby will cost me nothing- thanks exxon! i will try to have as many babies as possible before age 26. thank you obama (rare sentence from me.) 
  • chase and i have planned a graduation present for me- a trip to san fran! to see our favorite louds! (ope kirsten- that wasn't directed at you- you know what i mean. actually you are technically not really a loud anymore bc you're married with a new last name! i'm safe!)
    i cannot wait to see aubrey and andrew! shelby and josh, too!!!!! it's all worked out with my sister's work and our work. i start my new job (the next bullet point) the day we get back! it's going to be the best roadtrip ever- in our new car, too! we feel like we're living the high life.
  • i got a job for post graduation and it is heavenly for me! i will be teaching international students (mainly koreans) via video chat in the afternoons from home. the lady that hired me works with a lot of women who have babies and we pray my baby doesn't have colic, bc that could be distracting....... why did that just pop into my head? was it a foreshadow or jinx? oh let's pray NO! my mother had two babies with colic. 2/6 kids. i don't like those odds. anyways. yeah. so it's 20 hours a week and i just need a computer and the internet! it's really amazing since i've studied secondary ed at byu and will be having a baby soon. i plan to have the job till chase graduates if not longer. which is for at least 2 years, probably 3. i love teaching and feel i will really enjoy it and it will be a nice little income to get chase through school and raise our babies! while chase continues to rack it in at chuck-a-grama, of course!
  • ok also i just got off work and have class soon. i better blog about the weekend and then call it a day! i'm feeling so grateful and excited about how everything is lining up! and i haven't thrown up today. yet! well.... there is the bachelor finale tonight and i read a spoiler on who wins so i bet i will feel extra ill when i watch the episode tonight and throw up then!
    i cannot wait for our weekly anderson bachelor dinner night tonight! ok let's recap the weekend!
 chase and i met up with some peeps for lunch on saturday. we had errands to run before and got done sooner than we thought so we waited for like an hour for everyone else. we waited in the restaurant. we tried to take a walk outside. it lasted for like 15 minutes bc it was cold and i was feeling nauseous. this is chase's unhappy face about smelling the food and not being able to eat the food. i seriously LOVE pizza pie cafe.
it was so good catching up with jessica and alyssa! friends from indiana :) and taylor and taryn were good company, too! and delicious food. one of the only buffets i actually like!

on sunday, i made it through all 3 hours of church feeling pretty good! normally the third hour is sickness city or i end up just going home! this sunday was awesome though! chase has been teaching the lesson every week (pretty much) since we never know if i'll make it through. this week's lesson was on repentance. so this next picture is kind of an oxymoron. 
we always end a little early and play a few games with them. they're 5. they enjoy 20 minute lessons and they enjoy the games. games such as: simon says. or we hide my earring in the room and look for it in silence. play charades. draw for pictionary. etc. 
well, this sunday chase pretended to pass out and this is what happened! we were missing two of our kiddos and just had 3 today! all boys! it was cute!

 and then last night we had a game night! it was a blast. i can't get enough of game nights! we started off playing mafia and then it morphed into a game that tristan and audrey taught us called werewolves. (same idea- more characters) it was awesome! our new fav game! then we finished the night with taboo of course!
oh crud. i'm late for class! ttyl!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

my baby hates me

the title might offend you but i say it all the time. so i'm sorry for being offensive. when people ask me how i'm feeling (ppl say that first thing now instead of good morning, hi, how are you or what's up) it's always just "how you feelin, maris?" and i just reply "my baby hates me" and they laugh but look a little uncomfortable. but i'm not a bad mother already i just think it could be true. but i hope it's not. i love this baby and i'm sure this baby loves me- (s)he just has a funny way of showing it. (s)he is just teaching me how to be tough, i suppose!
what a day today has been! i was sick all morning- finally made it to work (two hours late)- and stayed at work the whole day till my class at 4! i feel like i force myself to be strong and healthier when i'm at work- so after my early morning hours of misery at home, i figured my best chances to having a healthy day was by staying at work- the money was a deciding factor, too :)
then i gritted my teeth through my civ lit class. came home. more sickness. and read goethe's faust- intense! chase is at work and i miss him. i'm just feeling so much love for him right now!
i've had a rough time emotionally (i blame the pregnancy and also the fact that i'm trying to mature- becoming a mother will do that to you. i'm scared and also glad that motherhood happens one day at a time and it's not like tomorrow i'll wake up with four screaming teenagers or something!) anyways. i've had a rough time emotionally trying to de-stress my life and become a better person. gossip less. be more independent. try to put make up on. you know- the important things.
and i am so grateful for Chase. he has finally come to realize that my crazy self is hardly ever personal yet he has the pleasure of putting up with the crazy . he used to rebuttal "stop. don't take this out on me" but now he just rebuttals "i'm so sorry, my love. i'm sooooo sorry you're sick, my love." he really is quite wise! and such a sweetie! he jokes (i hope he's joking) that he is going through just as much as i am with this pregnancy.
but honestly- he doesn't have it easy. and there is a direct correlation with how sick i am = how rude i am. i have learned a lot over the last couple months and have learned how to better cope- but it is still hard. especially the last five days. i left kelly's house (it was sooooo good to see you/her!) and it was all downhill from there. the sickest period thus far. i'm sure tomorrow will be a turning point- but for now- my toilet is spotless. i have the habit of meticulously cleaning my toilet as i'm getting sick in it. it's never been cleaner! chase is overparanoid about taking me to the hospital- but he just might have to soon. i don't want my baby in danger. my personal rule: if i can keep one meal down a day, i tell myself the baby is hydrated. well, we'll see if this dinner stays down!
but through all this complaining- i'm really grateful for my medicine! i ran out the other day for like half a day and i could really tell a difference. there is a difference from being sick to being REALLY sick. and as i'm becoming stronger, i'm learning to be more and more grateful constantly about being pregnant! it's becoming real and i'm so happy to be pregnant! and as far as i know, my baby is healthy and having a splendid time swimming around and growing- what a little miracle. i'm hearing the heartbeat friday :) chase and i can't wait! also, sidenote, i feel the fatness coming (i'm sure it's mental and just on my mind b/c my babycenter email yesterday said women start gaining weight around this week and showing a belly over the next couple weeks.) i haven't gained weight technically and i can still fit normally into all my clothes and i really do look the same- but i'm starting to wear fat goggles or something b/c i feel huge. the female mind is a scary place. the pregnant female mind is just disturbing.
p.s. i've been having "pregnant dreams" aka they've been harmful, wild, weird, disturbing, and too exciting. apparently it's a symptom. i'd like it to stop b/c i always wake up disturbed.
anyways. i wanted to blog to blab about chase and now i'm blabbing about being pregnant. get used to it :) all my posts will be pregnant talk for the next six months i'm guessing. then after that it will be baby talk. i've accepted it.