Monday, March 11, 2013

feeling grown up!

today has been a day of good news! let's recap!
  • gender ultra sound set up for april 5!
  • baby shower set up- xoxo kelly. no official announcements or invites yet just making plans and setting the date.
  • also i think my mom and dad will be in town for my 20 week ultra sound! and my baby shower! they're coming for graduation and i cannot wait!
  • also my mom is coming to utah next week for my grandparents' joint 75th birthday party! stoked!
  • another grown up highlight, i got a new car for graduation. thanks mom and dad. so grateful. prolly my favorite part about graduating!! eh and also not having to walk up the RB stairs anymore. it's hard for me- over my six years here (yes- i need to graduate. it's an issue) i have never been able to breathe- no matter how good of shape i was in- while trekking up those stairs.
  • chase and i finally (after almost a year of marriage) are on our own phone plan. we may have milked our parents contracts this year. thanks both moms and dads! that pretty much makes us 100% independent now.
    p.s. verizon doesn't offer cheap plans anymore :( so two iphones for us, it is, then. it feels great to be independent and growing up.
    oh wait. insurance. i'm still on my dad's insurance and it will stay that way as long they (the gov't & mom and dad) will allow. my baby will cost me nothing- thanks exxon! i will try to have as many babies as possible before age 26. thank you obama (rare sentence from me.) 
  • chase and i have planned a graduation present for me- a trip to san fran! to see our favorite louds! (ope kirsten- that wasn't directed at you- you know what i mean. actually you are technically not really a loud anymore bc you're married with a new last name! i'm safe!)
    i cannot wait to see aubrey and andrew! shelby and josh, too!!!!! it's all worked out with my sister's work and our work. i start my new job (the next bullet point) the day we get back! it's going to be the best roadtrip ever- in our new car, too! we feel like we're living the high life.
  • i got a job for post graduation and it is heavenly for me! i will be teaching international students (mainly koreans) via video chat in the afternoons from home. the lady that hired me works with a lot of women who have babies and we pray my baby doesn't have colic, bc that could be distracting....... why did that just pop into my head? was it a foreshadow or jinx? oh let's pray NO! my mother had two babies with colic. 2/6 kids. i don't like those odds. anyways. yeah. so it's 20 hours a week and i just need a computer and the internet! it's really amazing since i've studied secondary ed at byu and will be having a baby soon. i plan to have the job till chase graduates if not longer. which is for at least 2 years, probably 3. i love teaching and feel i will really enjoy it and it will be a nice little income to get chase through school and raise our babies! while chase continues to rack it in at chuck-a-grama, of course!
  • ok also i just got off work and have class soon. i better blog about the weekend and then call it a day! i'm feeling so grateful and excited about how everything is lining up! and i haven't thrown up today. yet! well.... there is the bachelor finale tonight and i read a spoiler on who wins so i bet i will feel extra ill when i watch the episode tonight and throw up then!
    i cannot wait for our weekly anderson bachelor dinner night tonight! ok let's recap the weekend!
 chase and i met up with some peeps for lunch on saturday. we had errands to run before and got done sooner than we thought so we waited for like an hour for everyone else. we waited in the restaurant. we tried to take a walk outside. it lasted for like 15 minutes bc it was cold and i was feeling nauseous. this is chase's unhappy face about smelling the food and not being able to eat the food. i seriously LOVE pizza pie cafe.
it was so good catching up with jessica and alyssa! friends from indiana :) and taylor and taryn were good company, too! and delicious food. one of the only buffets i actually like!

on sunday, i made it through all 3 hours of church feeling pretty good! normally the third hour is sickness city or i end up just going home! this sunday was awesome though! chase has been teaching the lesson every week (pretty much) since we never know if i'll make it through. this week's lesson was on repentance. so this next picture is kind of an oxymoron. 
we always end a little early and play a few games with them. they're 5. they enjoy 20 minute lessons and they enjoy the games. games such as: simon says. or we hide my earring in the room and look for it in silence. play charades. draw for pictionary. etc. 
well, this sunday chase pretended to pass out and this is what happened! we were missing two of our kiddos and just had 3 today! all boys! it was cute!

 and then last night we had a game night! it was a blast. i can't get enough of game nights! we started off playing mafia and then it morphed into a game that tristan and audrey taught us called werewolves. (same idea- more characters) it was awesome! our new fav game! then we finished the night with taboo of course!
oh crud. i'm late for class! ttyl!

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Kerri Andersen said...

how is your baby costing you nothing?! does your insurance cover 100% or something? thats awesome. we have had so many frustrating insurance problems. Our baby will definitely not cost us nothing....
by the way, i have to walk up the rb stairs everyday too and it never gets easier. ever.