Friday, March 29, 2013

THE picture

the funniest 10 minutes of my life. just happened.

 my baby pic impression

 a belly pic and taryn grabbing her bossums

me and taryn were taking all these pics. and this last one..... this is what happened. we took it. we realized what we took. she falls off the couch and laughs so hard she runs to the bathroom peeing her pants. i start laughing and then coughing from laughing so much and run to the bathroom and throw up. haahahahahaha. now you're hyped for this pic.
and now that i just posted this it's starting all over and i'm gonna be coughing--> throwing up again soon

now taylor is cleaning the kitchen from our romanian feast and trying to talk to us but we're just cracking up and not responding and he keeps saying "ok yeah that's cool thanks" and keeps talking to himself. hahahahahahahaha. please look up at the last pic again just to laugh with us. why does taryn look so normal? and then there's me? how is that me?? hahahahahahahahahahhahah he just said "yeah that's cool" again.

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