Wednesday, March 27, 2013

tuesday tales

i have to blog at school nowadays because our computer broke. i knew it would kick the bucket soon bc i bought it refurbished back in 2007, but still- it's sad. once we get our tax return mula we will buy a new (aka refurbished) one. should be next week sometime. my poor mac isn't completely broken, i just can't use the T or R or space bar. so i can still navigate to netflix or shows on the internet but typing a blogpost would be impossible.

my  mother is in the air right now flying home to texas. yesterday was so fun spending the day with her but i had a lot to do once we dropped her off this morning bc i put hw off. but as you can see i'm blogging- so i'm not too stressed about it. i've done 2 of the 3 subjects i need to conquer by midnight.

yesterday after work, the fam met at brick oven. grandma and grandpa. mom. chase. taryn and taylor. garr and millie. [great] uncle leon and [great] aunt janet. we had our own party room at brick oven! delicious. pizza is a fav of mine these days. perhaps this has sped up my baby bump ;) here is me at 15 weeks this morning.
and ps this is tmi but there are no creases in my abdomen region so the shape you see is my natural shape. it's a weird shape but i'm accepting that it will be weird for the next month or two. it looks good in black. hence why i'm sharing this pic. 
i don't weigh much more but my abdomen shape and the weight its carrying weight has never taken this shape before so i know it's the baby's doing. that cutie! deforming me!
today i laid in bed for an extra 20 minutes trying to feel the baby move. it's too early but i was hopeful. to no avail. 

yesterday after brick oven, chase went to work and the rest of us went to feed ducks at the park.
 me and millie exploring the jungle gym. it was quite precarious getting in this position. chase woulda yelled at me for being unsafe. millie was loving it though. it was quite windy! and you can see millie is trying to actually smile for the camera. she hasn't loved doing that lately- but the dang wind skews it. she's still the cutest. 

here are more of millie. we were asking her different body parts. this pic is her displaying her hair. she has the most gorgeous hair.
how did i get no pics of my mother or with my mother? classic but not classic at the same time. i'm pic obsessed. and mother obsessed. so this should've occurred..... anywho you can see her so beautifully in the background here.
millie showing us her eye
 and i just like this photo cuz i see a mini-me here. the tongue out. the full cheeks. showing the midriff. round plump belly. classic! of my baby pics- not of my pics i take nowadays.

also yesterday we made cupcakes for a kiddo in my primary class's birthday today and watched adjustment bureau. good night with the fam.

 and after dropping mom off at the airport this morning, we went to visit grandma and give her some cash so she can get her hair done. she doesn't do much but she does enjoy getting her hair done! her nursing home in sandy is the nicest i've seen. i felt quite at home there. 
and this pic is cute bc grandma is so infatuated with chase and she loves him with her eyes in this photo. cute!

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