Monday, March 25, 2013

two good weekends

I would like to blog about two good weekends that have made me appreciate my future as a mother! This weekend and last weekend I (re-)realized that having a household of screaming, playing children is what I want! This weekend my grandparents had a 75th joint birthday party out in Roosevelt. My mom flew in town for it and us Provo-ians definitely made the trip out there and had a great weekend with our huge Ross family. 
me bugging my mom of course! she was just trying to play sudoku but i can't keep my hands off her!
when i got home from roosevelt last night i cried for a bit b/c i missed my mom so much. she takes such good care of me and is so drama free and just the best mom! i just love her and having her close. i'll see her again tomorrow when she comes to stay with me for a night before she flies out. it was such a wonderful weekend with you, mother! and thank you for recognizing my baby bump (aka weight gain) it actually was exciting seeing her really see it and acknowledge it. i'm on my way to hugeness! p.s. 11 days till we find out the gender of this little one!!

out in Roosevelt, Chase & I and Taryn & Taylor stayed at Brenda & Ryan's house with their house full of children! We were in heaven- the kiddos, too- as you can see! They have 6 children under the age of 12. Wouldn't you know it that Chase and I hoped we were looking into our future :)
It was a blast with these cuties! chase did most of the running around but just constant games of tag, candyland, hide n seek, red light green light, and running around screaming with happiness!

waking up Sunday morning to these cuties. Colt is such a cuddler! and so content even with his older siblings screaming and stepping on him! He's just a calm, cute kid! We really love him!

and then once some of the other kids realized we were awake- they came bustling in, too! 
some cute quotes from wyatt this weekend: "mom, i need to wake up my friend (aka chase)" and brenda stopping him. he was anxious both mornings for chase to wake up! 
wyatt: "i love you" to each one of us house guests as we were leaving
wyatt: the day before as we were going over to grandma's and meeting him there in like five seconds, he still said: "wait, guys!!! before you leave you need to give me a hug and kiss!" and embraces each of us. 
don't let wyatt's cuteness fool you though- he is quite the boy! rough housing and tough as nails!

i thought this weekend was going to be about spending time with my grandparents and mom (which it was somewhat) but it really turned out to be about me being re-instilled with the faith and desire to have a big, happy family and embrace the pregnant mom role :) i loved brenda & ryan's house and learned a lot of what kind of mom i want to be and how i want to have happy, playful children!

last weekend we spent some good time with millie- another cute favorite toddler of ours.
it's been warming up- hello spring- and we've been loving it. it's been good for my negative nancy sick spirit, too!
admiring the ducks!
the swings are her favorite. she requests them 24/7! it gets exhausting! especially since our backyard neighbors have a swingset and they now let her play on it. it's her new location of choice!
also, as we were playing on the jungle gym she kept screaming- 
"mrissy, chase is coming! run! mrissy, help me!" 
and i look behind us and chase is sitting on the grass a good distance away and bundled up in a blanket.  making no effort to move whatsoever. hahahaha. millie was quite concerned and kept warning me though. so finally i yelled for chase to actually chase us. she was having a ball! 
she loves time with her daddy so much and i'm glad because that normally means we get to see both of them, too!
 on the playground, she is too adventurous though and it takes all three of us adults to watch after her! you have to watch her like a hawk! bumps and bruises love her! luckily chase is so tall that if i can't run up in time  he can usually reach her! that cutie climber!

uncle taylor and millie love each other, too. this is millie guarding/hiding in her castle and trying to keep taylor out. 
i love family and all the support and love we have for each other! and the grandkids, nieces, and nephews make it that much sweeter!

here is another gem of taylor. we had dinner on campus the other day when we were having a late studying night. what an attractive man. 
on the drive home from roosevelt i was very sick, but taylor was cracking me (and chase) up and we were loving it. he's hilarious. and a really thoughtful brother. 

anyways. that's the summary of how i've been feeling lately- pregnancy is hard but little children are so amazing and i can't wait to welcome them into our home! chase and i are so excited and really looking forward to preparing this summer for this first baby! 
last week we drove a walking route for me! 2.2 miles that i'm making a daily walk. the safer part of our neighborhood and quite scenic with the mountains and farmland! i'm excited! and chase knows the route for safety, too :) i need to exercise- even if i'm sick! 
and i'm starting to round out in my belly area just a little and i'm excited! 
for your first baby, all you want is to be showing! it's four months- so i'm okay with the showing beginning! i'd rather show little by little than get huge in the end and have more terrible stretch marks. 
naked belly pics are not for me but i'll post a clothed pic soon :) maybe once we find out the gender!!! in 11 days!!! you might not be able to tell i'm showing but chase, my mom, and i can- we know my body well. hahaha.

other pics from my phone.
 i found this sweet bottle of 100% peppermint oil (for my temples and forehead for headaches) and julie showed me how it can work for heartburn, too (but it's strong to intake! but it did work a little)
anyways, this bottle is full to the top and it was $22. the best steal and deal i've found for peppermint oil! it's the good earth store on university by the kmart across from provo towne center.

 chase going to church by himself last sunday and me whimpering in bed. 
him saying "don't take a pic of me. i better not see this on instagram or your blog"
but he looked handsome. even if he wouldn't stand still i got the pic!

 had the worst night of my pregnancy two saturdays okay. i pushed myself too much that day- i'm guessing. 
deep cleaned the house, took millie to the park, and went to 3 stores for groceries. 
by the time i got home i  thought i was dying. 
called crying to my parents cuz chase was at work and they were freaking out. we didn't know what to do. they told me to call someone who could come over.
tried to call taylor but he was at a movie. he was so sweet about it once he found out though. taylor is sooooo good to me! giving me cute cards and helping with a lot! taryn, too- she brings me dinner and feeds me delicious food! 
finally called chase at work bc i was going to drive myself to the hospital. he came home from work right away (his work let him leave early- the restaurant was closed but he got out of some cleaning. i was really a frantic mess. the girl i talked to first to get chase on the phone was even trying to calm me down bc i was crying...... ope. i'm embarrassed). anywho he came home to a blubbering wife. 
what was this new symptom that was freaking me out so much? i was foaming at the mouth with acid (pleasant i know). but honestly. just pure acid vile and blood was spewing out of my mouth and gurgling at the back of my throat any time i tried to talk!
and i didn't know what was going on. does that sound like something you've learned in health class? well not to me.
apparently (i called my doctor on a saturday night at 10 pm!!!) and she told me i was having an extreme case of heartburn. i've had heart problems before- my heart felt fine. heart burn is a stupid name. it should be called esophagus bleeding burning acid spewing. anyways. it was intense and i was scared bc i didn't know what this new symptom was. i thought heartburn came from food. i hadn't eaten recently  anywho. but once i realized it was heartburn- i was even more embarrassed bc i didn't think heart burn was anything major. it felt major though. but once we gave it a name, it wasn't so scary. and it's weird i'm having it in the second trimester but eh- welcome to my weird life. we ended up not going to the hospital bc my doctor gave me advice and told me what the hospital could do for me- and it wasn't worth the money and all that and my baby was still fine- heartburn doesn't effect fetuses at all really. but i'm so grateful chase came home to calm me and put the groceries away and be there with me. it's crazy that every week there is a new symptom. 
p.s. tums does nothing but they do taste good! 
and i've decided that heartburn is better than food vomiting. bc at least my baby is hydrated.

 and the last pic to end on a happier note. the next day after this fiasco, we had a game night planned and it was fun! it was quite a big crowd but still fun. games really are bonding and uplifting for me!

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