Monday, April 29, 2013

graduation and baby shower weekend!!!!!

Brace yourself...... there are 45 pictures of a packed full weekend coming your way!

We picked up Mom and Dad on Wednesday evening and met up with the Schroedter clan at Brick oven and then played games at our house. and taryn was our server :)

We had our 20 week ultra sound appointment at 9 AM!!
 Mom, Dad, Taylor, Chase, and I got to see so much of baby girl! We saw her heart pumping and all the valves. We saw the stomach, bladder, diaphragm, spine, arms, legs, rear, eye sockets, brain, etc! It was crazy!!!! She is strong and healthy and it makes it all so worth it! It is so humbling!
Then we had another personal appointment at 11. Then I had to primp and prepare for graduation and we took tons of graduation pictures before the commencement for the whole BYU class of 2013!!!
 BYU Bachelor's Graduate! Class of 2013.
And couldn't have done it without my parents and the love of family!
I am so grateful my parents came up from Texas! They have done sooooo much for me over the years and are the greatest cheerleaders. I value their advice and all the good times we have! Their financial, emotional, and spiritual support have been one of the greatest blessings! I love you so much Mom and Dad!! xoxoxoxo
 i'm so appreciative of my grandparents coming out from Roosevelt, too. so sweet.
we heart Paulo! and are stoked he's staying for Spring term (and hopefully longer!)
letting the baby know she's a part of my big day!
it was fun having the day all about my monumental moment!

and gratefully, BYU clumped humanities and engineering together (for obvious, relative reasons......) and i got to sit next to the astle's. standing out in the parking lot for an hour in line before we walked in just became a lot better!! 
Annie was one of the first girls I met my first semester at BYU, summer of 2007. I was moving into the dorm across the hall and our doors were open! She came over and opened up to me right away! I took a week or two longer to adjust and we've loved each other ever since! We were roommates, bridesmaids, missionaries, and other life chapters simultaneously! Now we sat next together at graduation, married and pregnant with baby girls! it was a surreal, special moment!
Lance and Annie Astle.
my beloved in-laws came down for graduation, too! i had quite the crowd of love and support!
then we had a huge dinner party at the India Palace and enjoyed each other's company! and then my camera died so i only got two pics of that- which considering i have 45 in this post- is alright!
so happy lauryn and dallin could make it down, too.

Looking less than glamorous this graduation morning b/c I had to BE AT the marriot center at 7 am for the college of humanities convocation! I'm glad I did though because it was a first for me- I graduated early from high school and never got to walk across a stage so this graduation was the real deal!! Mom, Dad, Chase, and Taylor hollered and took pictures! It was a great morning!
I heard someone saying my name and saw my dad leaning over the railing to snap this pic! I had just walked across the stage successfully and was all smiles!
 found my parents first! chase and taylor apparently had made a game out of who could find me first..... i beat them all! but then i hid and made it look like chase found me :) such a pleasing wife.
 one of taylor's many sexy outfits
taking "sexy" pics (chase's request and notice the fanny pack) with my graduation present. thanks mom and dad. xoxoox
 found my mission trainer Ali!!! and we snapped some pics. gorgeous and so excited for her graduating too!
i love the little moments!
Then we watched a little survivor, had some lunch, and were off to Ogden to visit my grandparents from my Dad's side!!!!

Then we dashed to visit one of taylor's mission companions. then zipped down to SoJo and had a fun dinner and game night with aunts, uncles, and cousins! except for the fact that i got very sick in their backyard- but my angelic mother cleaned it up. she's too good to me.

mom, taryn, and i did a little bit of maternity shopping before the baby shower and that was trippy! i am getting bigger and it's all becoming so real! thanks mom for the treats! and thanks for all the pregnancy support. even if she does remind me that my face will get fatter and fatter...... when i complain about how full this cheeks and this chin are already getting!!!  it's the way we schroedter women morph with pregnancy. luckily the hormones peace out and the arm, leg, and face fat falls off easily too.... i'm banking on that! but until then- i'm embracing the roundness! the love for this baby is already so strong and it's worth it!

while my mom is still in town and before Kelly has her baby! it was a blast and my friends were so generous!
 the pregnant crew by closest due dates!
Kerri: 35 weeks. Kelly: 33 weeks. Annie: 23 weeks. Me: 20 weeks!

 My love, Mary, and her awesome bumbo! I hope Capri can fit in it for a long time but then again I am anxious for a chubby baby, too :) anywho- I love to picture little baby in her bumbo while I'm cooking dinner or applying make up!
the woman who made it all happen! kelly!! best friends pregnant together! I can't wait to meet baby brunson next month!!!!
 the baby shower crew!
Taryn, Katherine, Ali, Kerri, Mary, me, Kelly, Annie, Mom, Lauren, Lauryn
 some of the fantastic baby shower decorations (via becca who was out of town this weekend and kelly!) thanks so much girls!
 a hairbow/headband making station! cute idea! a plethora of fantastic hair accessories made with love! i'm hoping baby anderson follows her mommy (and daddy actually) and comes out with a mop of hair!
what my friends made! They're talented. i just put it in the shape of an A for the pic. but really it's a long ribbon that i'll hang in baby girl's room :) and I got 10 or so headbands they can clip on to, too!
 mmmm..... this food reminds me of deliciousness. speaking of i have pigs in a blanket in the fridge i must warm up!
 cutest diaper cake from kelly!! me and this baby are spoiled!
 and clothes galore! chase gets so giddy about little clothes for the baby and he was in heaven!!!
what a successful, amazing shower! i'm so happy with how the afternoon went and had a great time with friends celebrating this new arrival coming soon......... at the end of the summer!

and when taylor came back over later that day, there was a lack of couch space for him to sleep so i found him here.

then later that night we did some errands and met up with my aunt and her two boys at chili's! my baby was happy about that, too. then back to my aunt's for games and playing with the kiddos.

We had a glorious time at church, visited Bob and Danielle Freeze, and had a delicious barbecue.
Millie enjoying the Sunday sun and finding her new fav activity- blowing dandelions into the wind! what a precious cutie. i just love her to pieces!

My aunt, cousins, Jeff, Kerri, and fam came over to try out our new barbecue for the first time (merry 2012 christmas from the in-laws)! we plan to have a many barbecues this summer. look for your invite ;) and we ate on the lawn and had a fun game night after dinner! eating and games seemed to be our routine this weekend and we loved every second! my parents left early this morning (aka at 4:15) thanks tay for taking them to the airport and my house is so quiet. i miss them already and can't wait to see them later this summer!

I better get to the laundry, cleaning, and packing! We're leaving early tomorrow morning to visit my sister and her family in San Francisco for the week and we cannot wait!!! It's also our one year anniversary during our trip to SF! We're putting off reality for a little bit longer and are loving our weeks of family time!
Oh also, I am 20 weeks so here is my 20 week picture :) and i have my doctor's appointment in an hour that will tell me the detailed results of the ultra sound from friday! we're  discussing as i'm typing how excited we are for the appointment! 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

graduation week coming up!

exhale!! happy sunday.
i'm sitting here so content with chase and life! we just decided to start on episode one of my fav: gilmore girls and make it through the whole series again. i'm so happy chase loves gilmore girls and i'm so happy when i watch gilmore girls.
my spirit is full from the sabbath, personal study, couples scripture study, and our 3 mile walk where we tried to have companionship inventory- it was hilarious. and i'm embarassed to admit that my legs are sore and just plain walking is strenuous for me. i've been making it more of a habit and i'll do it again tomorrow. i wanna be a sexy pregnant chick and recover with my post baby bod quick- so walking it is. i hope at my doctor's appointment on thursday i haven't gained any weight. and if i have- one pound in the last three weeks. i'm still in denial.

p.s. i heard a GREAT quote today from our friend tom's talk in sacrament meeting. it really is such a beautiful quote.
“Eve was not taken out of Adam's head to top him, neither out of his feet to be trampled on by him, but out of his side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected by him, and near his heart to be loved by him.”-Matthew Henry

fav part in bold underlined! love it!

i have one more final tomorrow (aka a final powerpoint that all the hard work has already been done for.) and i seriously feel like a graduate! i bought my tassel and everything. with our book return we figured we could afford it.
it's so surreal that i'm graduating this semester. i just wanna sit here and take in this feeling!

my house is clean, my head is clear, and my week is gonna be awesome. can't wait to see y'all, mom and dad on wednesday!!!

also for a reminder- to all you ladies out there- i'm having my maxi skirt party on tuesday! 3:30-5 at my house! come check it out and have fun with us!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

the baby presents begin!

Tuesday, I had amazing surprise visitors while Annie and I were cooking for a dinner party. I had an amazing professor and his family accompany us on our study abroad in France! And i was so surprised and smiley to see them show up on my doorstep on Tuesday. Jeanene and Kelly dropped off the most thoughtful present! France was four years ago and they are still taking care of me. My first official baby present! It was so thoughtful, unexpected, and adorable! I couldn't wait to show Chase when he got home from work! Both Chase and I are in love with the gifts. We got two nightgowns. As you can see they're the long kind that gather at the bottom. One is a print of elephants and the other has a single pink elephant on the front. I feel like baby animals are going to be my favorite!! She also made baby girl two burp rags and a matching blanket (polka dot pink and the other side are baby zebras.) Amazing!
and yesterday we found this steal on ksl!! with a little foot prop, it is the perfect rocking chair! so sturdy and chase tested it out with his giant body- it passed!
also, chase made this toy/blanket chest in high school. he brought it home to our house from his parents and stained it today. it looks great!
then this morning i went up to layton to babysit reagan while kelly had doctor's appointments galore. reagan napped half the time and woke up in a cheerful mood. this is her super smiley face. what a beaut!! i love kelly days.
and then, kelly pulled out a surprise gift she bought the day she found out i was having a girl! we finally had the time to get together and i (well baby) was rewarded. she is going to be a stylin, adorable baby! and she loves her aunt kelly so much already. baby and i both approve of the spoiling.