Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter

I am motivated to blog about the great holiday and celebration of Easter. The real importance of Easter and the traditional symbolic fun side, too.
P.S. awesome insight here at emily's blog post on Easter.

So the night before on Saturday, Nate came down to Provo and went to the movies with us and Cody and then he slept over. It was fun and Chase was in heaven bc Nathan and Chase are big buds. We went to the movie Life of Pi (read the book over Christmas break so I was stoked) at the Spanish Fork 8 movie theater. Our new fav theater bc the snacks are all $1 and it's pretty secluded ! I'm going to see Safe Haven there soon. With someone or by myself. ha either way. Anywho. So Easter morning Nate was already with us and Taryn and Taylor came over bright and early. I hid baskets. Here is Chase's:
 yes, a volltensocpong. 
if you don't know what that is but love tennis, soccer, volleyball, and ping pong- it is the sport for you and you can join us play this summer. well i'll be sitting bc it's too much of a contact sport for my belly- but still! it's awesome! and yes, mamma schroedter and mamma anderson - we bought you two one, too! because they are a rare find and we need to stock up!

then after basket finding, there was some serious egg finding. it was intense and each round it was very close. the winner only won by finding ONE more egg than the competitor every time. we re-hid the same eggs a couple times :)
then it was off to church as one big happy family. it was great and i was so happy i was feeling well so i could attend all three hours and get so much from church and teach our kiddos!
my non elastic skirts are gonna hit the back shelf soon. i love these cute little pics of us.
love chase so much and that we matched by fate.
something that really touched me was a talk during sacrament- the speaker related how we are all like Barabbas. In reality, we should be the one detained, punished, and the one who suffers. Christ should be released; however, that's not what Christ chooses (bc he could have left his doom any second if he wanted. but he didn't. he took Barabbas's place. he took ALL of our places) We are the sinners, like Barabbas, and Christ stands in our place. He is our Advocate and our Savior. I never compared myself to Barabbas before really bc he is such an extreme murderer sinner, but we are all unworthy like Barabbas.That really sunk in for me. The spirit of Christ's Atonement and Resurrection is strong!
I made this little craft for Easter for our new family's traditions (my mom had one. i loved that tradition. carry on!) and we used it for my Primary class. 
Each egg is filled with a symbol from Christ's last mortal week on Earth.
Some examples:
-a nail
-three dimes
-a sacrament cup
- a piece of soap
and they all have a scripture included so you can learn of Christ's Atonement, Crucifixion, and Resurrection with the scriptures and visual aids. The kids loved this activity and so did I :)
studying the scriptures and napping and church and the sacrament and reflecting on Christ was the best this Sunday and I've really been feeling better (spiritually....... meh and physically too- the first trimester is over. it's not all gone but it's better.) this past month as I've centered His light in my life and put Christ first. What a happy holiday weekend it was for us!

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