Sunday, April 7, 2013

it's a girl!

i'm so happy my brother came over for general conference today bc he brought his computer and now i can blog in between sessions. hallelujah! what a glorious weekend it has been, starting off with friday morning and the ultrasound of our beautiful baby GIRL :)
we got to the ultra sound place like half an hour early. of course. and then they let us in late so the wait killed us!
this was right at the beginning of the wait. we still kept our smiles bc nothing kept us down but my eyes prolly got darty and anxious over time! ahhhhhhh it was almost time!
 and there she is. the sweetest angel that melted my heart immediately. she wouldn't stay still the whole ultra sound so i'm surprised they got such good clear pics. her little mouth is open here (classic schroedter quality- i love that) and the technician said she had big lips! oh i hope she has my mouth! 

in the beginning of the ultra sound she was punching with her different arms over and over. apparently she didn't like the ultra sound stick thing bumping her. and she was constantly putting her hands on her face or behind her head. and she kept darting away. spinning and twirling! what a dancer. the technician couldn't get a good view of the gender bc my bladder was full and it made the baby crunched up in an indian style sitting position and the technician couldn't see. so i went to the bathroom and jumped up and down and did some back bending to try to reposition the baby (even though she never stayed in one position for long on the video- i tried so hard to be able to feel her bc i saw her actively moving but i haven't felt any movement yet. hopefully my next post will be that fun announcement!) so when the technician looked again the baby was sprawled out now in a better view and we look down at her legs and saw this. 
baby was jumping up and down with both feet on my bladder. she was jumping like crazy! and i love this pic bc its a clear view and her legs look like a frog! she made us and the technician laugh out loud she was jumping so ferociously. and the technician said she hadn't seen such a jumper in a couple years. well its cute now but once i can actually feel that on my bladder- i'm sure i won't think its as cute. hahahaha. 

and then the technician, anne is her name, found the baby in a good position for a few seconds and said she was definitely a girl. i asked her how positive she was and she said 95%!! she said there is no swollen-ness (sometimes if girls are swollen they can look like a boy for a second down there on the ultra sound) or any kind of testicles or anything in that area! well hip hip hurray- i loved the confident response and let the planning begin! then anne turned on the thermal lighting and we could see blood flowing in and out of the umbilical chord. it was so cool. 
i can't wait for my 20 week appointment (the in depth ultra sound) in 3 weeks! with my mom and dad in town, too!! 

yes, we do have a name. and i do not mind sharing it, but i will keep referring to my baby as baby even though we're 99.99999% sure on the name.

this song brings me to tears now. 
she will be sung this every night as her lullaby. 
it's playing in our house and in our car constantly now. 
i heard this song when chase was on his mission and loved it. then when he came home and we were talking about baby names- he mentioned how he has been obsessed with the name Capri for a while- i agreed that i liked it and remembered this song!
Capri Michele Anderson. 
*Michele is my mother's name!!! 
If you're not in love with the name yet, just listen to this song a few more times. You'll be converted. and yes i approve of the nickname Capri Sun!
this little girl is going to be so loved and spoiled. i'm so excited. 

and her parents love her soooo much already 

more baby stuff we have received! from chase's older brother and sister-in-law. Cory and Jessica- amazing!!!!!! we have so much stuff already (we love that they were contributions of love) and more family contributions on the way :) and now i'm on the hunt for a rocking chair, a dresser, and a stroller. 
p.s. i just asked my bro taylor what a baby needs and he said "food and love?"- hahahaha he's going to be a great dad. the essentials. 

anywho. later friday night i headed up to chase's parents to help ciara get ready for prom. she asked me to do her hair. i was intimidated since its her senior prom but her pinterest photo looked do-able and it turned out cute!
it was a french braid around the head with curls. here is some of it before the jewels and hair spray were added. 

 also i just like this photo (it doesn't do the actual visual justice) of her slathering on make up like paint. looked pretty cray but she smoothed it in and as you can see, the final product was beautiful. 

 nathan scared from getting poked and with good reason
 i love ciara and nathan so much. nathan is working on his mission papers and ciara is moving down to provo for school later and their lives are full of such happiness and great adventures up ahead!!
 and i just included this pic bc they posed with my new car and it looked sexy. 

saturday we had some conference uplifting. the girls watched the new les miserables (finally saw it- i was impressed) and met the boys for ice cream at leatherby's after priesthood!
life is sailing so sweetly!
graduation is in less than three weeks. parents coming to town. baby shower will be happening soon. san francisco trip to visit my sister and her fam. ending my job. starting my new job. pass of all passes will be put to good use. bring on the summertime! (i hope i don't swell up too badly)


Rick S said...

Love the name Capri and song of the same. You'll be fantastic parents and enthusiasm for life will be transferred confidently to Capri I'm sure. Congratulations. Great job with Ciara's hair - she looks beautiful and her beau (well, he's handsome too)...

Rick S said...

see you 2 + weeks....