Friday, April 12, 2013

no more homework! EVER!

That glorious moment when you finish all your homework..... ever! at least EVER for your bachelor's degree at BYU! oh how wonderful!!!!!!!! Yes, I still have 3 finals and 1 final project to prepare for and take! But that's cake since I've been keeping up all semester and know the material pretty well!!!!! The end is so near! This small taste of victory is fantastic!

Also, I am feeling extra happy from the endorphins I've received today...... the only endorphins in the past 5 months. I finally exercised today. aka walked 2.5 miles with Becca and baby Jimmy! But still! the only exercise I've been seeing lately is walking up the RB stairs on campus! and that was slowly and spitefully walked. I have my new route down and plan to make this walk a part of the daily morning sched! either with Bec or with a little TedTalk in my ear!
I prolly will be sore tomorrow (embarrassing) but gotta start somewhere. I finally feel well ENOUGH to eat better and exercise more. The sickness is totally gone and I have to take my pills religiously- but I'll take it :) life is enjoyable once more! and graduation is less than two weeks away!
Ohhhhh I hear the icecream truck- but I must resist. It's not good for me and I haven't had dinner. But it's so enticing!!! But I need a reward!! It's getting louder!!
Becca dropped off her cap and gown today, too- letting me borrow it! Woohoo! It's hanging up right in front of me! surreal!
Also, I'm bloggin on my new laptop (thank you tax returns!) and Bec was sharing with me that next year's return will be double because of the little baby girl addition to our family- something to look forward to!

It's a good friday night! I will reward myself with taco salad (and no ice cream :(!!!) and an episode (or two) of Parenthood! at least until Chase gets home from work!

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