Thursday, April 18, 2013

the baby presents begin!

Tuesday, I had amazing surprise visitors while Annie and I were cooking for a dinner party. I had an amazing professor and his family accompany us on our study abroad in France! And i was so surprised and smiley to see them show up on my doorstep on Tuesday. Jeanene and Kelly dropped off the most thoughtful present! France was four years ago and they are still taking care of me. My first official baby present! It was so thoughtful, unexpected, and adorable! I couldn't wait to show Chase when he got home from work! Both Chase and I are in love with the gifts. We got two nightgowns. As you can see they're the long kind that gather at the bottom. One is a print of elephants and the other has a single pink elephant on the front. I feel like baby animals are going to be my favorite!! She also made baby girl two burp rags and a matching blanket (polka dot pink and the other side are baby zebras.) Amazing!
and yesterday we found this steal on ksl!! with a little foot prop, it is the perfect rocking chair! so sturdy and chase tested it out with his giant body- it passed!
also, chase made this toy/blanket chest in high school. he brought it home to our house from his parents and stained it today. it looks great!
then this morning i went up to layton to babysit reagan while kelly had doctor's appointments galore. reagan napped half the time and woke up in a cheerful mood. this is her super smiley face. what a beaut!! i love kelly days.
and then, kelly pulled out a surprise gift she bought the day she found out i was having a girl! we finally had the time to get together and i (well baby) was rewarded. she is going to be a stylin, adorable baby! and she loves her aunt kelly so much already. baby and i both approve of the spoiling.

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Kelly said...

im so excited. chunky babies in summer clothes are the best. next summer!