Tuesday, April 16, 2013

the morning off!

apparently yesterday was my last day of work. i got to work and there was an einstein bagel spread at my desk for the office and the co-workers wishing me well. i thought i was working this morning, too. (up until the last days of classes) but i guess not. it didn't feel right mentioning that i was planning on working the next day- so we just celebrated and called yesterday my last day :) hahaha good times!
which meant this morning i got to sleep in a baby bit and chase made us breakfast. waffles and bacon! koolaid and homemade syrup! delicious! the only way it coulda been better was with scrambled eggs..... but eggs are on my list of DO NOT EAT. eggs and chicken are really the only things on that list. it's a big deal bc those are two of my favs, in everything, and a good source of protein. but at least the list is small. anyways. i had a great morning with my love! my belly is full and i'm watching reruns of the office. good day!

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