Monday, May 27, 2013

babies and moab!

Just sitting here with my feet up- that's not unusual but tonight it is necessary- I am ALREADY that crazy woman with swollen feet and ankles. Chase and I went to seven peaks for 1.5 hours this evening and my ankles were feeling weird and I looked down and Mother of Pearl- we have gout feet, ladies and gentleman. it was totally worth it considering i just walked around the park watching chase, tay, and tar riding rides! welcome to my summer! anyways. my extremities.....they actually look like my baby nephew Andrew's feet but it's cute on him. this is 2 hours later with a lot of swelling gone down...... you can actually see some ankle bone. they're still cankley but not so much....... i'll be good as new tomorrow.... at least till i grocery shop and have to walk across the parking lot or something strenuous like that.... apparently.

in case you are a normal person and don't know what my normal ankles look like- let me remind you. good thing i take these photos so often. i actually have proportionately small ankles for my body..... they're called the weak ankles (look to kronk for validity) ....... well not anymore.

it's only month 6 and i'm swelling up like a "blueberry" as my lovely sister-in-law labeled me over the weekend. more on that later. ah yes my self esteem is flying. luckily my husband finds me unusually sexy while pregnant- he says my shortness makes pregnancy look even more accentuated which he finds cute? thank goodness. i wish i shared his perspective but i'll have to lean on his testimony for a while :)

it's been some crazy days lately! let's start with the most exciting day which happens to be the first day of my story telling. my bestie kelly had her precious baby girl on thursday morning!!
i got many phone calls (i slept right through them) at 2 am early thursday morning  (i'm a deep sleeper! i take it very seriously.) Chase busted in (luckily he couldn't sleep and was up late watching some murder show or something. i actually know it was the hand of God bc normally he is sound asleep next to me at 2 am but he needed to be awake to screen the calls!!!) and told me I needed to call Kelly immediately. It was 2 am so at first I was livid that he would wake up his pregnant wife! but then it registered that he said KELLY so i called her and we were off to Layton to watch Reagan so she could jet to the hospital! we were there by 3 am and it was a long, joyful day! I was so happy to be close-ish and tend Reagan during this monumental moment for Kelly!!! I'm so happy that God was watching out for them and that little Daryn arrived safely. What an angel!  I can't wait to visit Kelly soon and meet Daryn!
Reagan was an angel while I tended her- even though she was newly potty trained and I bugged her every 10 minutes to remind her to remind me when she needs to use the potty. I was determined to have no accidents so Kelly would be less stressed and proud of me. Selfless and selfish :) Reagan was a little taken aback when woke up bright and early and she saw a giant laying in the guest bed at her parents' house. then he reached for her and asked for a hug! how dare he! there was a major melt down- but then she warmed right up to Chase and was a doll for me all the rest of the day. We had fun! as you can see in her smiley smile face! hence! cute!
she's so happy to be a big sister!!!

other news for this weekend is our anderson family trip to moab :)
i once again had to watch people do a bunch of stuff that i was forbidden to do. four wheeling. pregnant during the whole summer? who's the genius that planned that? oh yeah that was me. but luckily my sister-in-law was right there with me! we have the same due date! which is so fun! and we're both having girls :) they'll be besties
four wheeling or not, moab was still so fun! we did some fun hikes, played games, watched movies, napped, read books, camped (in a trailer of course), ate, swam, and saw the beautiful scenery of moab. i love family time and the extra long weekend! it was just the best to be with family!
the arches national park has over 2000 arches (thanks tour guide kina for the fun facts) and these two arches are called the windows. beautiful! me and my sis-in-law, the beautiful kina!

p.s. woah the baby is kicking like crazy now. chase for sure 100% felt the baby kick today on the drive back from moab! you could actually see her little foot through my shirt kicking! amazing miracle of life that baby! p.p.s. my belly button looks weird now. i will refrain from sharing the outtie belly button pic but you can ask my mom or kelly for a disturbing pic if you want to see. they didn't appreciate it like i hoped. hahaha ok side tracked- back to moab pics.
 doing what i do best- taking breaks on hikes.
ciara and her love nathan on our hike on day 1! we went to double arches, too! hence! 
on day 2 of hiking we did the 3 mile hike to the delicate arch! i did it last year with the schroedter fam at our reunion but this year it seemed more difficult! however, i kept my complaining to a minimum and never stopped walking. i was the rear of that pack but i still kept walking! and i only fell twice. when i fell down this little slope and some other tourists all gasped- chase looked back and was quite upset with me. but baby was alright and so was i. he said "i don't care if you fall. i care if you fall when you're pregnant." hahaha.
 also on the hike i heard this mother whisper to her daughter who was crying, "that girl is pregnant. if she can do it, you can do it." hahahaha well the little girl was 9 years old or younger in her defense. and me- i'm just a freak show people use as justification now! i really have popped in the last three weeks. i hope i have reached a plateau for a while!
 ok back to the hike...... slow and steady wins the race.... or at least gets you to finish the race. this is where i was labeled the blueberry. my hands got crazy! so sausage-like that they were twice the size and i couldn't even spread apart my fingers because they were all wedged together! this is the point where i decided ONCE they un-swole i would take off my wedding ring for the rest of the pregnancy! i found a replacement ring for the next lil while! my mother-in-law told me to stop drinking water. that sounds like it could only help.....
 we made it to the end! and we found a nice spot in the shade!

what a splendid vacay! 
there were some other highlights during the game password. reminder to myself: shield. 
chase ate a nasty pawn minnow when he lost a dare. 
we put a live toad in the sink and ciara found it when she was washing her face- it jumped and brushed her cheek- the whole campsite heard! 
the boys found a huge nasty black cricket and threw it over the girl's shower. more screams. 
ah yes there is a lot of maturity going on with the anderson trips! 
we had a blast and made some great memories. family is what it's all about. 

well i better get to bed! i'm working two jobs this summer, exhausted, and i have my 24 week ultra sound at 9 am tomorrow. hopefully my placenta previa condition has gotten better. i'm sure it has! the odds are in my favor. like a 90% chance. i'm sure you'lll hear all about it and get an official 25 week belly pic in a couple days via this blog- i like to take the pics every 5 weeks for this pregnancy so you can see the difference. in fact, i better take my maternity pics soon before i get to monstrous! mental note.
i'm thinking i'll be a 40 lbs gaining type pregnant lady. something to look forward to! but honestly now that i'm feeling little baby capri kicking 24/7 and she's growing so big- it's all worth it and i'm taking perfect care of my health (counting calories, exercising, taking the pills, etc!)!! and just gotta roll with the punches! pun! life is good and there is so much excitement to look forward to for tomorrow alone- baby anderson agrees bc she just gave the grandest kick! 
kick over and out!

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