Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Today we got a crib! Julie wanted to get us a crib that turns into a toddler bed type deal! Well we found a one-month-used crib on ksl  (aka julie found it) and it's beautiful. Literally, we are way ahead of schedule in preparation and the baby's room is practically complete.
I'm sitting here, watching gilmore girls, and thinking about what i'm going to do the rest of the summer now. I am all trained for my work but no students have been assigned to me yet (which has been frustrating) so this week I've been knocking off all my summer to-do lists! My boss promised me some students by Sunday but she can't really control it and is doing all she can! one week of no work really makes you miss work? hahaha how sad. it's the money i miss more than anything really!
But I'm happy to be working from home, I just wish it'd pick up- but just as back up- I applied to a bunch of close companies today and if I don't have any students by Monday, I'll work at Chuck. no joke! that'd be weird for Chase but it'll just be temporary and good money. anyways.
ope rory and dean are fighting about him telling her he loves her and she doesn't know how she feels about that. i better pay attention. this is a good part. (no dad, i'm not tempted to get my master's yet) and i best finish the laundry so i can go hang out with my girlfriend for the night! if she texts me back :) !
also- plug for myself and the byu paper. our friend sam wrote this article. i feel famous. and your relationship and life story sounds so simple when it's summarized in a newspaper article. hahaha. precious. 
here are the crib pics.
this is not part of my crib. this is a gag gift box (you put a different, legit present inside) that kelly brought to the baby shower i threw last week and it is fantastic. when annie opened the gift we all were frozen and spitting out "wow that's new! oh how creative!" hahhahah while kelly testified that her baby loved it and it was so helpful. etc. etc. she laughed at our reaction! thank goodness it was a joke. except when i told chase- he doesn't think it's that bad of an idea. classic. his entrepreneur mind better not get any ideas. hahah cutie.
 after we picked up the crib from the ksl ad.... poor cousin cody. he was careful not to scratch the tinted windows though. hahaha. the things you do for family. 
 the beaut! the crib!
 and my mother-in-law, Julie the shopper, found these crib set decorations at a garage sale :) and some of the blankets are from my sister. so fun and cute!!
this crib is available at walmart. LINK. we got it for $80 including the mattress. aka julie got it. 
chase told her we'd pay $80 when she posted it for $100. I always feel guilty about haggling. but gotta do what you gotta do!

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Lacey said...

Looks good! That quilt is gorgeous! So, I just realized that my blogger reader hasn't updated your posts in a long long time - I have a lot of catching up to do :) Glad you're getting all prepped for the little girl!