Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

It's been a nice Mother's Day in the Anderson household. Everyone at the restaurant has to work today :( so Chase has left for work- so that's mehhh but at least I'm in a quiet, clean, comfortable home feeling my baby kick. I can officially declare that I feel her movements. They are far and few between but I feel at least 5-10 kicks/rolls throughout the day! Distinct kicks! I've been feeling some kind of movement for the last 5 or so weeks but starting yesterday they became very distinguishable. Once Chase gets a feel- then it will become even more official.
I was secretly hoping for some showered mother love today but we can't win 'em all. By next year's mother's day it will be official and Chase will for sure remember :) haha. I will just make him feel guilty when I shower him with father love on Father's Day next month- that's true love right there with selfless motives.
But I must say that I feel very blessed to be a mother in the makin' ( 9 month makin'!) and have a fantastic mother and mother-in-law!
In sacrament meeting today, I was hit with a special memory of my beloved Julie. When I came home from my mission I was a wreck- and that's an understatement. I was driving home from institute one evening and had to pull over because my bawling tears were blinding me. I didn't want to be home. I was reminded by my good-intentioned-institute teacher that I was reluctantly back home (she made me stand up and tell the class something that was hurting me that they wouldn't know by looking at me. [the lesson was on not judging each other bc we never know what the other person is going through] I stood there all awkward and thinking of what to share when she voluntarily shares "maybe having to come home early from your mission last week? i'm sure that's something really hard to deal with that nobody can tell by looking at you." it was a weird moment and i nodded and then just sat down.) anyways- that was on my mind as i was driving- but with only being home for a week, it was never NOT on my mind. i hadn't received a letter from chase in weeks (it turned into months!) bc the federal mail system in brazil was on strike. perfect timing! and i was at my breaking point. i pulled over and called Julie.she is just the woman to call when you want someone to cry with you. she was at a family gathering and it was noisy- but she still stepped aside to take a few minutes for me! she showered me with love and reminded me of God's love and Chase's love. It's a very tender memory for me and Julie prolly doesn't even remember bc she is constantly supporting, nurturing, and comforting others. but for me- it was crucial! and for some reason, in sacrament meeting today, that popped into my mind and I felt so blessed to have Julie as my mother-in-law. She is a very loving mother and cares so deeply for others! Chase has inherited that great skill of how to love someone so completely from her and his dad! I am grateful for the mother that Julie is!
I also am so grateful for my mother and that she was in town just a couple weeks ago! And she'll be back again for the baby in September, for sure! She might even come before that, too. Her presence and constant phone calls are such sunshine in my life. My mother has taught me that having inner happiness regardless of circumstances is vital, that having a personal private relationship with God is most important, that being a loyal wife and mother is of great value, and that living an honest life makes for a more simple, joyful life. She is a strong woman and a great mom! She raised 6 completely different kids that all have parts of her in them and great reasons to love her! I always joke with her that she raised me and made me into what I am- it's a joke bc I do quite the opposite of what my mom would do. I came out spitting fire and making jokes whether she taught me to or not. She doesn't always take credit for who or why I am the way I am but she loves and supports me through it all! We have such an honest, open, and close relationship that I wouldn't want it any other way and I do all I can to keep it growing and awesome! I hope my baby daughter in there and me can be as close, honest, and loving to one another. My mother is a major voice of reason and voice of love in my head! I love you, Mom! and here are some lovely pictures and memories to prove it! (p.s. when you awake from you nap we must skype- dad is supposed to remind you :)!!!)
it's so nice to record who loves you, who you love, and all the love you have in your life! it makes for such a strong spirit in the home!
oh also as i'm laying here- i am reminded of some funny quotes from our little primary class today:
"your stomach is getting so fat" -e. why thank you, e! just before the opening prayer of our lesson. my spirit is flying high. hahaha but honestly it's cool. i told them weeks ago that i was pregnant and they could expect me and my belly to get quite large. hahah. even in this pic of lying on my back- the belly is popping. it's weird that's it's becoming obvious to others now :) but i welcome it.
also, chase was trying to quite some of the children and one of of our kids said "yeah.... well you have yellow hair" and for some reason chase and i couldn't stop laughing. yellow hair? who says that! 5 year olds- that's who! yeah, he's blonde but it's not albino blonde or anything.
then i was telling a little girl how her mommy (who told me herself after sacrament meeting) likes to scuba dive and how that's a cool hobby and can see such pretty fish and etc. and the little one says "my mommy does not scuba dive. who do you think you are?" and pulls my face all close to hers and starts pretend punching me..... ok. sorry? hahahaha.
kids are so strange and so cute! we love our calling!
well this post is getting long- like they always do- but i still have some pictures to show. this week has been crazy with settling in from our california trip and baby finds. there was an ad on ksl that said we are giving away a ton of free furniture in our garage- stop by and check it out. it was in provo. chase stopped by. we snagged some serious items!! we just added the dowel to these shelves- but otherwise- brand spanking new! we painted this dresser- i love color! the baby's room is really coming together. we're waiting on our crib and a few small items- but besides that- September can hurry up and get here!

also been spending some good time with mills this week! she loves to go to the "play park" and be outside! so do i!! she doesn't appreciate when i make her take pics with me, though. hence. and garret likes to look artistic sitting on a children's slide.
she loves kissing my belly and loving the baby. and when we were watching rio she put her feet over my belly and bounced her legs and kept repeating "i'm bouncing on your baby!" hahaha that's a good idea! but her legs prolly weigh... what? 6 pounds? justification!

and it's officially summer. i've started my new job and am loving it- more on that when i have more stories. 
and we're back to our ritual volltensocpong mornings on saturdays (except i can't play this summer :( so i cuddle with cute babies :)!) if you like volleyball, tennis, soccer, and/or ping pong- come play with us! it's an amazing new sport that everyone will be into someday!
well that's that for now- more blogging later but for now i must turn the fan on and read the scrips. we're trying to go as long as possible without aircon this summer and i think i can make it at least till june.... being pregnant doesn't help :) gotta save those dollar bills!!!!

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