Tuesday, May 28, 2013

no more placenta previa

it's been a busy day here and yet i still find the time to blog. i love it and i prioritize bloggin'. i am working with my korean students right now but i have a break so i'm eating crackers, watching gilmore girls, and blogging!
multi taskin' relaxin'!
i've enjoyed catching up with people today, cleaning my house, and running errands. and tonight i have a girl's night for the dvr bachelor season premier!
this morning we had our ultra sound, which is always breathtaking! and good news!!! my placenta previa went from complete coverage to 5 centimeters away from the cervix! tmi? well welcome to my blog. i needed it to move 2 cm to be in the clear so i'm way in the clear now :)  i am a normal pregnant case!! and labor will be all natural now (well epidural of course but no more 36 wk planned c-section!!) and no more ultra sounds anymore either.... which will be sad but i've been lucky to have as many as i have.
also our baby is measuring 1.5 weeks ahead of schedule. but maybe she is just huge. which she is!! above average on head size, length, femur, abdomen, weight, etc!! she's already 1 lb 11 oz at 23 weeks! oh baby! i do hope i have as plump of a baby as my body frame will allow!! chubby babies are adorable!
if you're gonna be a big pregnant lady, it helps if you can use the excuse that you have a big baby! gosh, i cannot wait to meet this little baby girl!
ok well i should relax my eyes from the computer screen and watch the tv screen.

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