Monday, May 6, 2013

The Baby Jackpot!!

Thank you thank you thank you SHELBY!!!!!!! and Josh too (even though i'm sure he was more than happy to see the space open up and the clutter come home with me!) not clutter to me- TREASURE TO THIS ANDERSON FAM!!!

the first two pics are the only things chase and i invested in!
the outfit from china town and the onesie i couldn't resist at saver's

and i bought these books at savers! with shelby's 30% off coupon and every fourth book free and they're all $0.60.... i spent about.... $9!!!! steal!!!!! and i love all these books! i will sit in my rocking chair and practice reading them :)

 and now for the best older sister donations of love and generosity! i didn't go there anticipating bringing back a car-full of baby goodies but it's an amazing perk of the already amazing trip!
 toys. jungle play. bouncer. baby einstein. beanie babies. blogs. bead twine thing.
toys toys toys! baby girl is set.

 some odds and ends!
socks. hats. washcloths. bibs. shoes!

 the newborn clothes!

3 months

 6 months!

9 months


 baby blankets
some from our Schroedter babyhood :)

 2 strollers and a carseat (the carseat is from my aunt and uncle!!!) the stroller on the left i couldn't prop open- chase closed it so he'll have to show me how to open it! hahaha.

 crib mattress sheets :) 6 sets!

 winter bundle and infant carseat padder (obviously i don't know official names)

and this is not from shelby :) my mom made it :) and i forgot to post it! amazing!

is this baby not spoiled? i am overwhelmed and so happy!! thank you for all the love for baby girl!! xoxoxo shelbs!!! and baby aubrey for donating her old closet!! it's good to be home and now i will spend the rest of the summer working, playing, and preparing preparing preparing for baby!!!

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Shelby Alisa said...

I love seeing all this. I miss Shelbys blog and its good to see her little ones again! Looks like you and Chase are already half set!