Monday, May 6, 2013

Visiting our fam in San Fran!!!

We had an amazing week in San Francisco! Let's start from the beginning!!
We left early Tuesday morning and made the 13.5 hour drive in 12 hours! We actually really enjoyed this drive! We had The Host on cd and cruised on over to Cali. We were told (via doctor) to stop at least every three hours for pregnant women's prone-ness to blood clots. and even with that we got there in good time and in good moods. We pulled into the Loud's neighborhood at 4:15. They weren't home till 5 so we cleaned our car and stretched our legs! We were so happy to be there and couldn't wait to see Josh, Shelbs, Aubs, and Andrew! We went to a delicious Thai restaurant and stayed up late talking!
I secretly pray that when Josh graduates in June he somehow gets a job in Utah- even though he didn't apply anywhere in Utah. It would be so awesome to have my sis and little babies live closer than a 12 hour drive :)

The next day we hit the city!!!
Uncle Chase and the kiddos were ready to go! P.s. children wake up at 6 am? i was used to that with my job but i would head out the door for work sans children. waking up at 6 and playing all morning at home- that's a long morning! i'll get used to it when the times comes! i got used to it during our short week there but have to admit i loved sleeping till 10 this morning! catch up for this exhausted pregnant woman.
these little sunshines. andrew is our little precious moments nephew! his big eyes melt me!
we walked across the golden gate bridge!
there was a windy mist that was fantastic (shelby was cold but we remembered utah more clearly! and loved it)
and aubrey was constantly dodging bikers as she ran up and down the bridge with uncle chase tried to keep up!
i loved having these two babies on my hips all week! and my baby in my belly! i seriously loved this week! we were in heaven! and it was awesome that my sister got all those days off work to host us and love us!
we have alcatraz on the left. the city sky line on the right. and we're on the bridge.
then we drove up to a look out point and took in the beautiful city some more!!
 we love san fran..... and each other.
 and then off to fisherman's wharf for lunch! clam chowder bread bowl of course! and andrew was going crazy for the seagulls. as you can see in this photo- he can't focus on anything else :) and every time he sees a bird or dog he growls..... forever! rawr rawr rawr! it's the best AND whenever we walk outside or get out the car he points at the sky and says psht psht psht!! it's hard to explain but it's our favorite quirk now and we do it all the time!
 then a quick stop to china town and we bought a little chinese dress with matching shoes for baby girl! it was great! you really feel like you're somewhere in asia. not exactly china but some asian type country because nobody is speaking english and you are the minority as a white couple walking around! if we lived in san fran and didn't have a baby on the way- i'd wanna live in a walk up in chinatown! fav place!

 then the next day we spent the day at the beach! half moon bay!!
 i love how these two get along so well. play together. and look out for each other! this is us looking for starfish! we found over 15 and they were all such bright colors. yellow, orange, purple, blue, pink!
 an actual picture with my sister :) it's so rare now with my niece and nephew obsessions
 chase with our purple starfish! don't worry we put it back :)
then chase and aubrey were busy making a sandcastle!! 
 and we all enjoyed destroying it!

we got a little sun kissed aka burnt! (but that must happen once at the beginning of the summer and will keep me tannin' the rest of the summer!) and had a great picnic, put our feet in the water, and fun adventures!! a day at the beach was just the ticket for us! and naps on the way home- not shelbs- she was driving!

the next day we toured standford- no pics? unlike me! but i was very impressed with the campus. it was beautiful and massive!!!

also while we were in town, we cleaned out their storage unit. that was a TASK!! it took a couple hours but we got paid...... with baby items (i'll write a whole post on that next!) and shelby had to take advantage of her bro-in-law in town who can lift an abnormal amount and massive weight of things! i wasn't much help. i just entertained the kids and got water for everyone. 

also shelbs found a great deal at this store for this lil tike truck thing! chase put it together for the kids. that took another two hours. it's sturdy as a horse though- don't you worry!

 and this was the cutest thing ever! aubs is only 3 years old and a slow driver so this was safe and adorable! we followed closely! andrew is aubrey's shadow and she is cool with it... most of the time :) i can't wait to have TWO babies :) hahaha one step at a time though!

shelby also introduced me to saver's! i got a steal on books (included in the next post!) 
we also went to the bombay hut where we had an indian buffet! delicious! and i finally warmed up to mango flavor with their mango icecream! i normally do not care for mango. but this was delicious!!

oh also these children are very well behaved. and mature. they take after their parents and their good parenting skills! big shoes for me to try and follow. anyways! the children were disrupted by us with their nap schedules and it was all for exciting in their house this week and a few nights in a row we heard a pouting aubrey shout "my mom isn't being nice to me!"
"aubrey sit down on the step till the timer goes off" -parent
"yeah but my mom isn't being nice to me."
"well i think my mom isn't being nice to me."
over and over again. hahhahaha. what a cutie!! chase and i had to turn our head constantly to hide our smiles!!!

playing barbies was always a must! aubs was weary of letting andrew play with her barbies but no heads were popped off- just slobbered on :)

and on saturday we went to visit our uncle jared and the cousins! there was this great park with fountains and playgrounds. the kids had a blast! we loved chasing them around! we also had a barbecue dinner and trampoline fun. i watched :)

this week was fun-filled and amazing. i was so happy to see my sister and spend time with her family! it was great that chase could spend time with them and they could get to know chase better! i miss them so much already!!

but i do have to say that i'm happy to be home bc the drive home yesterday was longer than i could handle. i'm not too pregnant but still too pregnant for long car rides like that again :) we got a little lost at donner's pass and ended up at lake tahoe!  how did we even get off i-80? i have no idea! luckily we figured it out sooner than later! it was beautiful (maybe even beautiful enough for the hour detour). 
we now will plan a family vacay to lake tahoe. it was seriously one of the most beautiful sites i've seen! and we got home by 8 last night and this morning, i have been organizing, washing, and unloading the baby stuff!
i took this pic in the mountain tops before we realized we were lost and had let my frustration and carsickness get the best of me! chase was so patient and really helped me take in all the beauty!

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Kina Lambert-Anderson said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I can't believe how much you look like your mom in some of those pictures. How fun is that? And, how did you guys get lost? - Have you not figured out how to use that fancy Nav system in your car yet??? :)