Monday, June 3, 2013

25 weeks!

This is what a 25 week pregnant woman who has gained 25 lbs looks like. In all her pregnancy glow and glory. I am very concerned that I have already gained the amount I planned to gain at week 40, but the doctor isn't concerned and I can't do anything about it. I actually really like this picture- it hides some of that 25 :) I am so happy to be pregnant and will just be more motivated to lose the weight later! Feeling the baby kick, hiccup, roll, and what not is the best feeling in the world. I don't know what's better!!! Reaching this 25 week mark with 15 to go is surreal and I'm so happy baby girl and me are doing so well!!

Change the tune.
I've actually had a really horrible day/past 24 hours but I've been relaxing the past hour and I'm less negative nancy. Last night I was up till 1 am puking. (which is late for this incubating lady.) Throwing up at 25 weeks. humph! Who knows why?! But I have such a sweet husband who rubbed my back and clorox wiped the toilet afterwards. What a sweetie.

Then this morning I had an early doctor's appointment and had to do that glucose test and puked trying to choke down that sugar drink. Then they made me redrink the whole amount and wait an hour once I got all the drink down. It took me thirty minutes to choke it down the second time and basically I was at the doctor's for too long. I begged for them to let me come back another day when I wasn't so queasy but they said no. What's one day later? Mother of pearl. But I got through it and am good on the sugar and iron level!

Then I went to my downeast job and was having a good old time talking to girls going into the mtc on wednesday, seeing yet another tsquare sister, and helping them shop! but then my time to go home came around (and i had to be home on time bc of my second job with the korean esl students). well it's getting later and later and my replacement employee isn't showing up. i call her. she wrote down her shift wrong. long story short i missed a VIP student! i called my boss scared out of my wits and she checked the computer and said oddly enough this VIP monday-friday student cancelled her "tuesday" aka monday for the usa appointment and i have an hour till my next student! it was a miracle and i really felt blessed. i was still wound tight but realized... woah answer to prayers!

now i'm home. waiting for my next korean appointment, excited for bachelorette tonight, reminiscing over our fun weekend of game nights, and still exhaling from a crazy day! but i have a healthy baby kicking me right now and i was just reminded of a funny anecdote.

on our saturday night game night we played a newlywed game and the men had to answer who their wife's celebrity crush was and 4 of the 5 women said Channing Tatum (and we are all very different looking and different people with different tastes yet Channing Tatum quenches the common thirst. ha i feel 18 again. our husbands accepted it.) Kerri is the one girl who said she had no celebrity crush (she's a loyal wife who made us all look bad) but I must give her a shout out because today is her 'inducing day' and baby girl andersEn is on her way! i can't wait to meet her tomorrow! good luck kerri :)

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Kerri Andersen said...

thanks for the shout out. it was the most amazing experience. I'm seriously so excited for you to have the same one in a couple months. GET EXCITED! And remember it is so worth it!!!!!