Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Grant Part 2

Our beloved Grant is back in Htown and we miss him and are tired. because he had to be at the airport at 5 am. now i'm blogging and putting off life some more.

i think one of my two fav nights was the bonfire baseball night in the provo canyon (and the game night).
 nothing better than hotdogs over an open fire
 baseball was a blast! i fully participated! our team lost by 3 or 4 points but it was so fun and competitive!

 a little fire jumping. safe of course. this i did not participate in.
 then a little chubby bunny time. i played and am sparing you the video. where i upchuck the oversized marshmallows and leftover smores and hotdogs. you're welcome.
 overall, it was a super fun night with good ole fashion laughs

friday we had some planet play fun, work, and the others went to zupas, hangtime, and the movies.
we lazer tagged, mini golfed, bowled, etc!!

 saturday, some volltensocpong of course. worked. had chinese. redboxed it up!
some were even so dedicated to play with a broken foot. and they weren't even the worst player out there. impressive.

sunday we had some good church, some father's day skyping, and a game night.
this is the pic i choose to honor my father with. he is a dancing machine and always livin' life to the fullest! miss him, hopefully can see him next month, and am grateful for skype. love you daddy-o!! 
i was going to do a big-ish father's day for chase where i made this cute craft that said "daddy. daughter's first love. son's first hero." but we might be moving and i'm gonna hold off till we see how that place will furnish or if we'll even move before i do this wall craft for the baby's room. anywho.
game night time! one of our funnest yet! big laughs. great games. 15 amazing friends.
and of course tom getting dad of father's day!

and yesterday we went on some walmart and byu bookstore runs for souvenirs and bday presents. then to the andersons for a bbq, croquet, 500 football, and more memory makin'!
 a little mishap when grant pegged me with a football (on purpose) and i called chase in for back up to make him pay. he kissed my foot. as you can see i'm quite pregnant. i blame the black cardigan for hiding that my back is arched and lookin' slender. hahaha. but honestly i'm taking some maternity photos soon before i get too unbearable to even call cute :) it's all worth it and i've come to terms with my next three months and my three month plan after those three months :)
 i really miss this baby bro. (shirt all ski-wamp-us bc i just got done playing a little 500 football!)
 the brothers. xoxox
 dave trying to be a part of it. it's okay. this was a bbq for his father-in-law day! love my fam bam!
i'll be seeing less of these two. i got spoiled the last week. (tay with finals. grant in a different state) but i love them so much and have awesome brothers!! 

time to do some work, some laundry, some cleaning, take our car in for servicing, write some thank you's, file for baby's insurance, and organize a bin of baby clothes that chase got from a co-worker! can't handle all these blessings!

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