Thursday, June 13, 2013

Grant's here!

For my brother, Grant's, 17th bday, my parents bought him a plane ticket to come visit us in Utah and we bought him a pass of all passes. This is a terrific combination!

He got here Tuesday night and we've been utilizing and organizing our time with all our different work schedules and using up the pass of all passes like crazy! such a fantastic deal/invention. and i keep thinking that next summer when we have them we'll have a little 9 month old and even though i'll be sitting out some (chase can take turns and we'll have a cute baby in our adventures!) anyways. back to this week.
 Right when we got him, we sped (no understatement! no ticket) back to Provo to make it in time for sno-cones before the place closed. Got there with two minutes to spare! p.s. ever since grant has been here we have been noticing and overhearing a lot of annoying conversations. the single, dating, college, wtv provo life will provide you with unlimited weird eavesdropping opportunities. anyways.
when we got home from sno-cones we were wired and watched our beloved pitch perfect. oh man!
p.s. have you ever seen this youtube video. please laugh like we have done every day this week!! it's old but never gets old!

so wednesday we went to trafalga, i had work, then we went to lowe's extreme sport (located at 1111 w and 100 s) it was awesome. i watched but i was impressed with what i saw and what i imagined i could do!
then we came home and played imaginiff. i didn't win, but i wasn't last. but then again if you ain't first, you're last.
 a little put-put action. once again i didn't win. i won the first 9 holes. but the last 9... not so much.
taryn did get a hole in one on the first hole. but the boys were victorious in the end.
a fun fact about chase (if you didn't already know)- ever since brazil he really despises the sun. which is unfortunate bc i can't get enough of it- esp with utah winters, i bask in the sun. so there wasn't much shade on this course, but chase made do. and something even more impressive- he shot his ball from his lazy position and made it!!! that's my husband :)
 this is the lowe's extreme sports. 
they have an awesome climbing wall. a trapeze platform. trampolines to do tricks. tight rope. running spring floor. foam pits galore. basketball trampoline area. a long trampoline. a place where you bounce on your back and climb up the wall vertically. i sat and watched, but i still had a good time! 
 then thursday we hit up seven peaks. once again- bystander.

then i worked. chase worked. so tay, tar, and grant went to the byu pool and diving boards.
last night, i stayed home to make grant his requested sour cream cookies (caught up on bachelorette- oh boy!). i burnt the heck outta my finger with baking the cookies! that's love. there is a nice blister today to poke and bounce on.

 today we woke up and played risk. i seriously was winning. as in i would have in a round or two because i had half the world!!!..... but then when chase came at me in a desparate attempt..... i rolled ONEs (straight ones) about 10 times in a row and he took out two whole continents. i have never been so angry. it took me about 2 hours to look him in the eye or speak to him. of course i took it out on him. what are the odds of that dice rolling skills (lack of)? risk does wonders for our marriage. hahaha. grant didn't have a good set up to begin with but he held on to the very end with 40+ troops in japan. hahah weird strategy. anyways. we decided to call it water under the bridge (well chase didn't hear that part and kept reminding us that the schroedters never beat him.we know who will be allying and ganging up on chase next time) and we went to feed the ducks at the pond/park and got sno-cones. i have found the best combination. tiger's blood and hawaii blueberry. yum!!!
now i'm in between students (actually one of my 40 minutes students never showed! absent and getting paid! so i chose this instead. getting paid to blog. nice!) and once i'm done working in a few hours, we're heading up to the canyon to bonfire it up!

we also have an obsession with dare jenga. it's intense. grant lost three times in a row. tsp of salt. 5 minute freezing cold shower. and flour in the face. we know how to treat our beloved house guests!!

hope you're week is chalk full and fun, too!

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