Saturday, June 22, 2013

Reagan's 2nd bday!

It's really great to sleep in every morning! This prego body sleeps 12-13 hours every night. Constant rolling over and stomach spasms but I still am sleeping long hours! I'm eating breakfast and contemplating taking a shower. I really need to. Last night I was pretty sick - car sick actually. Haven't gotten car sick in a while but it was worth it. Went up to Layton for Reagan's second birthday party! and I got to meet Daryn. and I got to see Kelly's beautiful face and Lance, too. And I love Lance's parents and Kelly's mome. Becca and AJ, too. And a newborn who's name was Capri (the spelling wasn't my fav but her name was still Capri.) It was fun seeing the fam and friends. It was hectic with the whole nursery there but they were sooo cute. So many kids and I was just trying to pick up and cuddle with all of them- some weren't having it but I still loved it.
I plan to go up and see Kelly for more one on one time and more fun! I can't wait!
Happy 2nd birthday, Reagan! We love you!!
Reagy opening our present! Little snow white tea set. What a lucky cutie booty!
Kelly, Rea, Gracey, and me! Why do some prego pics look good and others ahhh!! I need bigger shirts. hahah anyways! Kelly looks fantastic and her family of four warms my little heart!

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