Thursday, June 6, 2013

seven peak stories

today has been a not so fun pregnancy day. i'm sitting in my dark bedroom with the light of this computer on the lowest dim. i have had this horrible migraine (i'm calling it a migraine) since last night and i want to die. but then again it's easier being sick nowadays since i can feel the baby kicking and having a gay ole time in my tummy. i don't know why pregnancy sickness is back- it's not as horrible but it feels like it's getting worse everyday and soon i'll be in first trimester mode. oh freak nasty.
once i got home from my first job, i have been laying in my dark bedroom. only leaving to make my korean phone calls or for emergency bathroom runs. and even then i close my eyes the whole time. this is miserable. i am guessing this particularly bad symptom is from being in the sun so much yesterday.
chase and i went on a picnic to the park ( we sat in the shade)

and we went to seven peaks with taylor, ciara, nathan, bryton, katie, and camilla (once again i was in the shade almost the whole time).... but i still think it must be the hotness and sun? who knows!
at the time it was worth it because the headache hadn't come on yet. i'm convinced it is a migraine bc if you sit in the dark and lay down it offers some relief and with normal headaches normally laying down can cause it to become worse. i've been doing a lot of online reading.
oh and a new pregnancy symptom- charlie horses in my calves in the middle of the night. not pleasant. a little reading to enlighten you.

Why am I having leg cramps during pregnancy?

No one really knows why pregnant women get more leg cramps. It's possible that your leg muscles are tired from carrying around all of your extra weight. Or they may be aggravated by the pressure your expanding uterus puts on the blood vessels that return blood from your legs to your heart and the nerves that lead from your trunk to your legs.

Leg cramps may start to plague you during your second trimester and may get worse as your pregnancy progresses and your belly gets bigger. While these cramps can occur during the day, you'll probably notice them most at night, when they can interfere with your ability to get a good night's sleep.

How can I prevent leg cramps?

Try these tips for keeping leg cramps at bay:
  • Avoid standing or sitting with your legs crossed for long periods of time. not gonna happen with my downeast job
  • Stretch your calf muscles regularly during the day and several times before you go to bed. hasn't helped yet
  • Rotate your ankles and wiggle your toes when you sit, eat dinner, or watch TV. and again. useless.
  • Take a walk every day, unless your midwife or doctor has advised you not to exercise. i do this already.
  • Avoid getting too tired. Lie down on your left side to improve circulation to and from your legs. i have to rotate from left side to right side every couple hours throughout the night (when i roll over- that's when the charlie horse comes on! i whimper, but try not to wake chase up.) it's four nights in a row so far and it's not pleasant.
  • Stay hydrated during the day by drinking water regularly. never met someone who drinks more water than i do
  • Try a warm bath before bed to relax your muscles. i don't like baths.
well as you can see i am stuck with these charlie horses. and i'm not trying my best to avoid them so no pity for me i suppose. my mother says this was a big symptom for her so i guess it's in the hips! i got it from my mamma :) baby capri has something to look forward to in 25 years or so! p.s. when capri has a son we will have such a good time calling him capri's son!

ok well anyways- back to seven peaks. i was a loner the whole day but i enjoyed my book and people watching. 
when i went to get some food from the snack bar, a conversation cooked up with this 40 year old biker looking dude in front of me in line. he somehow got around to telling me how his first marriage went sour. very sour. he said he met her (the bishop's daughter- classic) and they got married. after a couple of years of marriage and a baby later he ended up taking the missionary discussions, got baptized, and a year later they were sealed. TWO WEEKS after their sealing she had an affair. well that's just depressing. he said he went off the deep end for a while then met his second wife and he's back on track 8 years later. about to baptize their daughter. and they're going through the temple to get sealed in a month! oh a happy ending. it's funny how sharing some strangers are. i'm the same way but it's not often i meet such open souls!! he was a nice man!
later when i was people watching (it was almost closing time so the people were sparse) i saw this little boy. in just his diaper. unsteady on his feet so i'm guessing he was maybe 2 years old. maybe younger. and i watched him for a good 10 minutes. just wandering around the wave pool. after 10 minutes i asked the nearest adult if this was their baby. they said no. then i started following him (yes creeper status). he walked to the locker room. to the bridge. and almost out the gates, when i started talking to him and told him i had something cool to show him! i picked him up (he didn't even cry- terrifying) and i went to find a lifeguard. they told me to sit at first aid stand till they found his parents. i sat there for about 30 minutes. i tried to get his name from him but he wasn't telling. i made a game out of it and said "is your name charlie? is your name caleb? etc." and he just kept laughing. finally i said "is your names james?" and he said "yes!" so i thought his name was james. i told the lifeguard. they looked around for frantic parents. nada. i had drawn about 6 dinasours by this point. we colored. and we had a good ole time. (apparantely at the same time chase was frantically looking for me.) hahaha. i was gone a good 45 minutes with this little buddy. anyways. finally an older gentleman strolled up nonchallantly (i saw him coming bc there was hardly a soul in the park anymore) and i said to the boy "is that your dad" and the boy said "yes." the dad said "sorry if moroni bothered you", grabbed his hand, and walked away....... um......... (apparantely james was his brothers name) and i watched them walk away and thought WHAT THE? no thank you? no concern?he walked over to his family and he had 13 kids!!! and moroni (classic) was the youngest and it took them 45 minutes to notice?? trying not to judge but......... um......... i'm no parenting genius but let's get it together. really. he coulda drowned or walked out into the parking lot. you're welcome! 
so that was a glimpse of my day at seven peaks. being pregnant (and not riding the boom-a-rang) kinda sucks during the summer but if every seven peaks outing is as eventful- i'll have quite the summer journal!
well my eyes are hurting and i better shut them for a little while. i want to be better within the hour bc a lady in my ward is throwing a little pornography warning class (she went to a huge convention a couple weeks ago in slc and wants to share with us what she learned.) and i'm actually intrigued to see if i learn anything new! i believe pornography is a very big issue and i want to be prepared as possible as a future mom and woman in this world! it's a serious issue!
and to close on a smiling note. take a gander at these pics. oughtta put a smile on your face! i'm so anxious to see what our baby girl will look like and i'm missing this baby girl millie a lot these past couple weeks!!


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