Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stewart Falls!

What a good morning today with my honey bunches of oats. He kept calling me that to encourage me to keep going on our trail! We hiked Stewart Falls this morning. 
It was weird reminiscing how we did this hike four years ago. And if you woulda told us I'd be carrying his baby in four years, we woulda been freaked! hahaha! It's really a great hike and a lot of great memories for us! However, I don't remember it being so hard. But I've never hiked it pregnant before today. I swear it was an easy hike, but my abdomen and back were killing ten minutes into it. The baby has been reminding me all evening that she can't handle such a hike again! Ow!!!We didn't go slow but we weren't bookin it either! It took us about 1 hour each way.
Anywho. I'm really happy we did it, I got the exercise, and I spent the hike with Chase. He was so sweet to me and helped us (me and baby) enjoy the journey! I almost fell three times, which caused Chase three almost heart attacks. Weak ankles. Tired feet. Bad combination. But the mountainside was absolutely stunning, the temperature was in the 60's up there (i didn't complain during the hike bc i was so grateful for the weather!!), and having fun with Chase was great.
We practiced our primary pioneer songs for the upcoming 24th of July and it was quite fitting.
We are marching ever marching, we are pioneers. 
Little pioneer children gathering berries for food. 
Pioneer children sang as they walked and walked and walked and walked. 
You get the picture!! It was especially special when another couple passed us and told us we sounded harmonious. Why thank you!
I'm dying from back spasms (my first glimpse of back pain- i'm sure the next 2.5 months will continue to shower me with back probs. I really haven't been uncomfortable or in a lot of body muscles ache pain YET) and I think I overdid it today (so now more hour long hikes for me.)
but it was such a good day and i'm so grateful for how healthy I feel and the good husband I have. On our hike we were talking about how just 8-10 short weeks ago I wouldn't have been up for such exercise as a hike! I'm grateful the sickness has subsided for the most part and we can have fun little dates like this! We have fun nights planned for Friday and Saturday this week, too. I'm getting so spoiled to have Chase working day time and having nights off this weekend!
Also, I am on the Priesthood talks in the Conference Ensign right now and I feel especially blessed to be married to such an upstanding priesthood holder. In the talk today I was reminded of his divine worth and that Chase is a son of God! It's something I should never forget!! What a blessing this husband is to me! And he pushes me to be better and hike more!
Ope he's coming (I can hear him coming because he walks like there is led in his feet. it's an anderson trait. i'll let you know if baby capri carries on the tradition)- he'll nag me for bloggin' so I better jet off here! Until next time :)

Utah is such a beautiful place and we have such a beautiful life!

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