Friday, June 28, 2013

these babies are going to be parents!

it's surreal to me that we will be parents soon. when i look at our baby pics i can't believe that these people are about to be parents. i tried to find new pics that i haven't shared before via blog. and all of these pics are from our wedding slideshow (which i never showed at our wedding.) but yeah. i like the end of the video the best. hahaha. we really make ourselves laugh.

i had kinda a bad week. started off with getting a bad review from one of my students (who i shoulda given a bad review about her first.) but anyways. i wasn't in trouble and my boss supported me but it's still hard to be criticized. you can't win 'em all. and then ever since then i've been over-pressuring myself with my job and yikes!
but i'm slowly getting over it and we'll see what the future brings.
speaking of the future, chase and i have been calling and trying to find a storage unit manager position. we have made some good contacts and i hope something will come through. that will help this job problem and help us save TONS of money! serious tons!
well i better hurry and blog these pics and then get ready for work. between my two jobs i never have a day off but i'm trying to work all i can before this little baby girl shows up! i've been very sick this week. apparantely throwing up every hour is back in style. i feel like the baby needs more food than ever so i'll chit chat with my doctor at my appointment on monday about this glorious phase that has reappeared. the third trimester is here and i can't believe it! it's surreal and i'm so excited that the summer is half over and soon little baby capri will be here!
she has some attractive (hahaha) parents and we can't wait to see what her attractive level will be!
between the two of us we have a lot of family love, some double chins, a lazy eye, and a hedghehog of hair!! i hope little capri takes after all of those traits! 
she has two parents who love each other so much and can't wait to shower her with all their love!

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Kerri Andersen said...

hahaha i love that video so much! i laughed so hard when you guys were talking about each other's phrases. you are the best couple ever! I'm so glad we became friends this year. also, I'm sorry you are still sick..but you are almost there! I'm SO excited to meet capri :)