Wednesday, July 31, 2013

a good doc day

today was pleasant at the doctor. why? because when i stepped onto the scale it said i lost 1 pound since my last appointment (2 weeks ago)! which was a nice surprise - esp if you keep in mind that at my last appointment i had gained 6 pounds [in the previous 2 weeks] so I'm at a 35 lbs total weight gain right now! the baby is perfect and maybe i'll be lucky and top off at 40 lbs :) there's hope!  unrealistic and i don't want to be starvin' the baby but there is hope!
it's crazy that i lost weight because if anything- i ate more unhealthy (this is how my mind works.....classic rationalization: if i gain 6 lbs when i'm trying to be healthy, what's the point of eating healthy!.... so it's been hotdogs, hamburgers, klondikes, kit kats, etc. for this prego girl- and i lost a pound! well don't mind if i do! but i do need to increase my vegetable intake. ok starting now i'll do better on that aspect.)
what i wouldn't give for the scale to say 110 like that! even in my sick hospital death days- i haven't weighed that little post puberty! post pregnancy weight goal is 125! i'll let you know- i can't keep secrets from my blog :) i'll settle for 130 but 125 would just be splendid!!

p.s. i am having some side effect issues from working (standing) too much and am quitting my second job once they find a good replacement. i feel bad bc i love my co-workers and love working there. but it is only a couple weeks before i was going to quit anyways (it is back-to-school season so that is kinda a jerk move of me to leave them now but this prego body has a mind of its own!) kudos to my sister who worked 12 hour shifts as a nurse standing constantly! every body is different i guess and i'm trying to avoid bed rest here :)
anywho-i am getting more and more freaked out of my mind about labor and delivery but there's only one way out (c-section is not an option in my mind! it's all mental as taylor would say. hahaha jk shelby :)!!!) anyway. today the doctor went over labor and delivery, her preferences, my preferences, our expectations- and YIKES!!! reproducing is insane!

Friday, July 26, 2013

baby girl is freakin out, too!!

this morning has been a good one. i have the day off from both jobs and i'm lovin' it! it's been a crazy couple weeks with fam in town and our house as a party hotel. i miss the crew but i'm lovin' the calm atmosphere. my flu body is still recovering and my prego body is prepping up.
this morning i was lounging in bed watching the birth labor class video via kerri's recommendation. and i quite loved it. and who loved it even more? chase.
i was cooped up in the bedroom while (little did i know) chase was cleaning the whole house- that was nice! he came in the bedroom and realized i was in over my head in labor visuals. he sat down next to me and was hooked until he had to go to work (3 hours later.) We are experts now! Labor, epidurals, natural births, water birth, episiotomy, swaddling, breast feeding, diaper changing, hospital bag, etc.
He kept saying, "I wish I could just stay here all day and watch these videos" and he was serious. what a cute future daddy! and he kept squealing with delight that he can't wait for the baby. hahaha i wish i felt as excited! i'm anxious for september to get here, but excitement is just one of the emotions i'm feeling.
these next vids have some exposure but i really wanted to try to capture this little cutie capri pushing and punchin! right before i started filming she was outta control- caused tremors, kicks, and belly rolls for 15 seconds straight! i was begging for her to do it again so i could capture it on vid but this is all i could come up with! these vids are still miraculous! if you wanna tear up- get pregnant and watch birthing videos! amazing!

i cannot wait for little baby girl to be here and i think she was freakin' out in my belly this morning because she knew i was watching birthing class vids and is scared like me- but we can't wait to snuggle and give kisses!

p.s. i must stop bloggin' and go to the store immediately bc last night with the bbq and the door being left open- we have four flies in this house! 1 in the kitchen. 1 in the bedroom. 2 in the living room. and they are driving me nuts. i must go get a fly swatter. over and out!

corn hole

last night we had oodles of fun playing corn hole! chase doubted it's amusement but is officially hooked. it's a major indiana past time and i'm glad it's brought to this utah household!
we had good food! good company! good times!
 this was the night before at the pioneer day fireworks. michael snugglin' grant. welcome to sleepovers at our house.

delicious barbecue food. yes i ate a bacon cheeseburger and a hotdog. i'm ashamed. but satisfied.
and our classy cornhole set up!
 socks filled with rice! solid bean bags!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Car ride of laughs

Some funny one liners from tonight:

Chase was pouting bc I was being mean to him about eating my food. So I told him I'd tell him 10 things I love about him. So I say: Ok #1. I love that no matter how fat I get and huge I look, I look small next to you and you always look bigger than me...... silence...... and we all start laughing and I start profusely apologizing but luckily Chase just thought it was hilarious. It didn't come out right but you know what I mean! It's nice being a whole foot shorter than my love- I always look petite.

We always play "would you rather" and there are some heinous, disturbing scenarios (that won't be mentioned..... ok maybe a small mention.... small glimpse of the horror: would you rather punch the prophet or punch a baby.... inappropriate) however, the ones that shocked Chase are these next two.....

*Chase: Would you rather fight superman or iron man?
Me: Superman
Chase is in shock: What? What? Are you kidding me? What?
Me: What? I don't wanna fight Iron man! His whole suit is steel. How would you penetrate that (not a good enough reason to use the word penetrate. hahaha)
Chase: Are you serious? Superman's nickname is the Man of Steel! He would destroy you!
And the conversation gets weirder!

*Chase: Would you rather be on the show banana in pajamas or blues clues?
Me: Blues Clues
Chase: Stop! What?! Of course you should choose bananas in pajamas! They go to the beach every day!
Me: Hahaha! I've never seen an episode of banana in pajamas! But I wanna go around the house looking for the paw prints. And sit in the thinking chair.
Chase: NO!! The bananas get to wear pajamas all day!
And the debate continues...

I seriously think my husband is the funniest person! That's why #2 thing I love about him- He is so funny!

crazy bday weekend

my mother and some brothers are in town. we've been go go go.
i found this gem on my phone. idk who took it but i like it! i love having my mom in town. 

tuesday some of us had to work and then we went to zupas and hangtime. that really is a fun place and even though my mom and i were bystanders- it was a good time. don't let the faces fool you :)
wednesday there was more working and some family time.
thurdsay the ross family reunion began :) when i was done at work, we went to the bees game. i actually enjoyed watching the baseball game and being with the whole family.
friday we went to lagoon and that was quite fun. i was allowed to go on three rides, and i walked, watched, and tried to crack the code for a game. we got a paper with many zoomed in pictures and had to find which rides the pic belonged to. because i sat around while they rode rides, i found the little pictures miraculously! and of course- out in 100 degree weather means some major swelling. my feet aren't even back to normal yet. after every night of sleep since then, they've gone down a little but i think the next 8 weeks will just be marshmallow feet for everyone to pity. hahaha. it makes me want a pedicure bad.
 and saturday was my 24th birthday. we had the last hurrah of the ross family reunion in the morning and then it was off to my in-laws. we saw despicable me 2 and had some delicious pizza and game time. thanks so much dave and julie! some highlights were when nathan and mason broke chairs from an intense game of spoons.

and then sunday was a morning from hell. i started the morning early with some major vomitting from both ends. who knows why!
i really felt like i should go to sacrament (bc we were singing primary pioneer songs and the adults had a solo and i'm one of the only ones who knows the words. chase was off the hook at work- he wasn't too bummed. hahah he's the tallest and sticks out like a sore thumb mouthing "watermelon" over and over. hahah that's a little exxagerated. he knows a lot of the words but on the day of they don't have the signs and pictures and lyrics like they do in primary so it's a little difficult) and then i got a sub for my class and went home to die. i recovered some and got through work.
then we had an awesome fireside w/the constructor of the new provo temple giving us some great slides and a powerful message of temples! it's gonna be a really special and beautiful temple when it's finished.
i got a bunch of missed calls from my sister and when i called her back she informed me that my grandpa had a heart attack and was being life-flighted to salt lake. we got half way there but got more news and ended up going home. he's resting and it seems that he's recovering nicely. please keep him in your prayers. we'll be seeing him tonight and i already feel the presence of angels watching over him.
what a weekend! and this week has a forecast of just as much busyness and overwhelmingness for this prego bod!

Monday, July 15, 2013

early mornin' skypes

the past three days have confirmed the worst- my 13 hour sleeping days are behind me. i still sleep about 9 hours but it's not enough. i'm tired. this baby has an agenda and me sleeping in is not part of her plan! which makes me even sicker throughout the day. ah well- at least she's havin a wild time and livin up her last few days in there. so this morning when i gave up on trying to sleep in, i decided i wanted to skype the texas fam.
my mom, grant, and cay are coming in town tonight actually! and it made me miss millie more bc she's not coming with them. but boy is she cute. sorry for the video overload but i love everything she does and says!
this is millie roaring at us and she wants to come to Riss's house! and she misses my baby in my tummy!
and caleb needs spanks for breaking her car. hahaha
and she knows baby capri's name
and she's a chomping machine. and she always calls caleb a "her" and it's hilarious and bugs caleb so bad! she can't correct the habit- and i encourage millie to keep calling him a her!

anywho- i better clean my house and my cars and my laundry and my life since my fam is staying with us in our humble abode for a couple nights!!
yesterday chase and i gave talks in our ward. it was successful. taryn and tay and paulo came over and it was succesful. life is just succesful.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

30 weeks

It's been a tiring day and yet I haven't done much physically. Classic. I'm so sleepy but trying to stay awake until Chase gets home. This prego body is running out of battery. Good thing I only have two months left. It seems so short to me! I'm getting to the uncomfortable stage but it's tolerable. Today I had to sit down for an hour trying to catch my breath- recovering from nothing! I was just having a hard time to breathe. Yikes!
When Chase and I were at the temple today, the sealer kept asking if I was okay to keep going- I breathe really loudly and am always out of breath- Chase excused me and said "she's fine; she just breathes that way." hahahah. Anyways. I'm once again out of breath- she's partying up in the lung lounge again, but at least my heartburn has subsided for the night. I am watching Step Up (oh channing tatum!) and just ate biscuit casserole with veggies. a schroedter specialty! always been one of my favs.
Some fun recaps from the past week- on Friday night I set up the proposal for T&T and it was an adventure. I won't blog too much about it bc taryn hasn't but I'll share a few perspectives from my end.
I was setting up with Becca (thank heavens she helped me!) when a massive thunderstorm hit. I was surrounded by 10 metal picnic tables and kapow--> lightning striking everywhere! close! visible! she started screaming from across the park and told me to get my pregnant body away from the metal! It was a disaster but very hilarious. I also spilled Taylor's soup all over the ground- poor Taylor. at least it wasn't Taryn's food. her night needed to be perfect. We finally found another spot to set up and I kept having to stand guard (hidden in Becca's truck that taryn wouldn't recognize) and tell ppl that my brother was about to show up and propose to  his gf and could they please leave and not go over to the pavilion! one couple stayed in the car to witness, i suppose. hahah. as soon as T&T showed up, we jetted off and left them alone for their moment. it was a success. she said yes! they're getting married in december and selfishly- its perfect for me- to motivate me to be postpartum sexy for the wedding! it's the anderson's christmas so julie isn't too thrilled but it will be a short trip for eternity purposes :) and it will be awesome to show off baby capri to the texas crew! here's one pic of the set up (i have many but i will let taryn share her night her way.)
 also other random factoids- one shift at downeast.- i was by myself all saturday morning and the air was broken. it was over 80 degrees in the store and i was a sorry sight! i was swollen like a balloon, sweating, and needing backup!! people were pity shopping they felt so bad for me. what a sweat shop downeast runs! i hope my shift tomorrow is more tolerable :)
also- found a new bachelorette night group since my girl brooke moved to st. george! gosh i love brooks! 
also- this week i cut chase's hair for the first time! i did quite splendidly if i do say so myself. i cut a little too much above one of the ears and didn't blend perfectly but it was a-okay for my first time! and the flaws are not too noticeable. i'm excited to try again in a few weeks- his hair grows like the hedgehog he is :)
 i also had to get a rhogam shot last week (i hate shots. it caused a burning. but it was tolerable.) and they told chase and i to wait in a delivery room at the hospital till they were ready- i was having an anxiety attack. 
chase was chatting it up that he would be taking a bubble bath and sleeping in the recliner until the baby arrived. hahah. the bath tub is only in the non-epidural rooms and i promise you i'll be injecting that epidural myself if i have to- so that won't be our room- there won't be any tub for chase to bathe in and drink his mojitas. hahaha. chase was wishing the baby could be delivered right then and i was thinking- holy smokes, good thing i have 10 more weeks to mentally prepare for what is physically impossible!
i'm at 30 weeks and i can't believe i'm almost in the single digit week count down stage!!
 30 weeks and 30 pregnant pounds to love! The baby is only 3 lbs at this stage (Capri is probably 4-5 bc she's 98% for weight and height according to ultrasound via the doc. but even she admitted that she isn't too good at guesstimating how much a baby will come out weighing or being in length)..... that's 27 lbs of hormones, genes, and unhealthy eating right there! Owning it!

In honor of 10 weeks to go. The 10 ways I know I'm pregnant:
1. Previously mentioned- always short of breath (and related- throwing up every day when you can't breathe is quite a mess and challenge!)
2. Shaving my legs or putting on shoes is getting embarrassing. I was putting on shoes the other day and Chase kept shouting: "Take it easy. Just put them on slowly." hahaha the slower i put them on- the longer I can't breathe! he was so cute though and the fact that he realized how hard of a time i was having- observant!
3. Bending over to pick something up off the floor has become a dreaded work out for me (working at the retail store gets humiliating-there's stuff on the floor all the time and it's my job to pick it up)
4. Seeing the baby move just by looking down at my stomach sans touching is such a thrill
5. Sleeping 13 hours every night with an hour nap in the day is standard
6. Everyone asks me when I'm due and I can see the judgment when I tell them I still have 2 months left. "Ohhh.... you're only 7 months? well you're almost there." shifty eyes. hahahah. or perhaps "well i'm sure you're short stature just makes you look bigger sooner." hahaha. awkward moments- i embrace them!
7. The cravings have started yesterday (icecream and waffles)
8. Arching the back and shoving the baby down from my ribs is a daily occurrence
9. My wedding finger has swollen from a size 5 to a size 8.5. My substitute wedding ring (my ruby ring) is getting too small.
10. People (mainly strangers) are constantly opening doors, picking up things for me, concerned about me, and looking out for me.

p.s. Chase just got home and I remembered something so hilarious that I needed to mention- he was eating a hamburger for lunch and said "i would trade having a toilet in my house if i could eat a hamburger every day." hahaha so i challenged him to that. he is not allowed to use our bathroom and i promise to give him a hamburger every day. he can go to the mcdonald's bathroom or pee in the shower if necessary and he is not allowed to pee in our yard (bc that can put you on the sex offender list). hahahahaha. i bet he can't last through the night.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

skypin m&m

just skyped my precious mother and millie. it's always such a hoot.

some fine lines from the sesh:

  • millie is sitting on my mom's lap and says "ow that hurt" and what was she talking about? well then my mom says "i need to shave my legs. i know" hahahahaha
    and apparently that's not the first time millie has commented on the prickly legs. millie is a crack up.
  • millie kept giving my mom 10 second long kisses. hahaha why??? prolly watching too many movies. she has been watching cinderella a lot.
  • i told millie i'm going to bite her and chomp on the screen. and she cackles and says "you cannot reach me." she's too smart! i wish i could reach her to give her hugs and tickles!! oh how i miss them.

also nathan (the sister ciara's boyfriend) got his mission call in the mail today and the grand opening is at 9 tonight! after work for me and hopefully chase can get off a little early if it's slow. but i'm for sure going and i can't wait to see where he has been called! missionary work is so exciting and legit!
well i am in between korean calls and gotta get back to the grind!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Maternity love.

This evening I finally convinced Chase to take some maternity photos and the stars aligned so Tar could snap away! Thank you, Taryn!!!!
Now. This was Taryn's first time. She did great- she couldn't hide all the 30 lbs but she did the best with what I gave her :) I am huge. But I am pregnant. I can't believe how big I am all over..... but just more of the baby to snack on- I wish it worked like that. but no- i doubt this extra arm, leg, neck weight really benefits the baby in any way. but a mother must sacrifice and start being selfless now. I am owning up to this prego bod and flaunting what being a mamma is all about for this gene pool! I am so grateful to be pregnant and have a healthy beautiful baby girl gestating inside of me. (apparantely gestating is a legit word! point for me.)
If you have a fav of one of me and Chase- let me know. I'm putting one of these in her room but I haven't totally decided which, yet.
I'm leaning towards one of us sitting on the grass, or kissing with the mountains, or the one with Uncle Taylor in the background. Decisions decision. As Taylor would say: First world problems!
 i believe this one is the pic to beat. it's my fav but i'm gonna keep staring at it for the next couple days to make sure. classic.
 i've decided this is cute. 
i can only stand head on or totally profile. 
3/4 gets too crazy wide load 18 wheeler kinda visual.
 i can't wait till she can fit these little shoes and the pitter patter of little feet will run a muck!

 i am so grateful chase agreed to this lil sesh. his whining wasn't too loud even if he did say "i hate this" in between every kiss and snap shot- but i got the pics :) and that's what counts!!
 i really like this photo, too. with the mountains and what not!! and then baby girl will know her parents love each other. oh i can't decide!
 this one is probably the cutest of these poses but the next two are such gems with uncle taylor making an appearance. hahahahahah
 reminds me of the scene in the movie signs where the alien is caught on tape and he blurs across the tv news from the mexican bday party. i just youtubed that signs  scenes to make sure i got it right- and it was terrifying. idk why that movie scares me so much. it's really quite tame for a scary movie. anyways back to the quirky uncle t. hahahahahaha
inconspicuously still there
i have that pregnancy glow :)
and chase was beaming the car lights on us to try to hurry us up but really it had a great effect.