Wednesday, July 10, 2013

30 weeks

It's been a tiring day and yet I haven't done much physically. Classic. I'm so sleepy but trying to stay awake until Chase gets home. This prego body is running out of battery. Good thing I only have two months left. It seems so short to me! I'm getting to the uncomfortable stage but it's tolerable. Today I had to sit down for an hour trying to catch my breath- recovering from nothing! I was just having a hard time to breathe. Yikes!
When Chase and I were at the temple today, the sealer kept asking if I was okay to keep going- I breathe really loudly and am always out of breath- Chase excused me and said "she's fine; she just breathes that way." hahahah. Anyways. I'm once again out of breath- she's partying up in the lung lounge again, but at least my heartburn has subsided for the night. I am watching Step Up (oh channing tatum!) and just ate biscuit casserole with veggies. a schroedter specialty! always been one of my favs.
Some fun recaps from the past week- on Friday night I set up the proposal for T&T and it was an adventure. I won't blog too much about it bc taryn hasn't but I'll share a few perspectives from my end.
I was setting up with Becca (thank heavens she helped me!) when a massive thunderstorm hit. I was surrounded by 10 metal picnic tables and kapow--> lightning striking everywhere! close! visible! she started screaming from across the park and told me to get my pregnant body away from the metal! It was a disaster but very hilarious. I also spilled Taylor's soup all over the ground- poor Taylor. at least it wasn't Taryn's food. her night needed to be perfect. We finally found another spot to set up and I kept having to stand guard (hidden in Becca's truck that taryn wouldn't recognize) and tell ppl that my brother was about to show up and propose to  his gf and could they please leave and not go over to the pavilion! one couple stayed in the car to witness, i suppose. hahah. as soon as T&T showed up, we jetted off and left them alone for their moment. it was a success. she said yes! they're getting married in december and selfishly- its perfect for me- to motivate me to be postpartum sexy for the wedding! it's the anderson's christmas so julie isn't too thrilled but it will be a short trip for eternity purposes :) and it will be awesome to show off baby capri to the texas crew! here's one pic of the set up (i have many but i will let taryn share her night her way.)
 also other random factoids- one shift at downeast.- i was by myself all saturday morning and the air was broken. it was over 80 degrees in the store and i was a sorry sight! i was swollen like a balloon, sweating, and needing backup!! people were pity shopping they felt so bad for me. what a sweat shop downeast runs! i hope my shift tomorrow is more tolerable :)
also- found a new bachelorette night group since my girl brooke moved to st. george! gosh i love brooks! 
also- this week i cut chase's hair for the first time! i did quite splendidly if i do say so myself. i cut a little too much above one of the ears and didn't blend perfectly but it was a-okay for my first time! and the flaws are not too noticeable. i'm excited to try again in a few weeks- his hair grows like the hedgehog he is :)
 i also had to get a rhogam shot last week (i hate shots. it caused a burning. but it was tolerable.) and they told chase and i to wait in a delivery room at the hospital till they were ready- i was having an anxiety attack. 
chase was chatting it up that he would be taking a bubble bath and sleeping in the recliner until the baby arrived. hahah. the bath tub is only in the non-epidural rooms and i promise you i'll be injecting that epidural myself if i have to- so that won't be our room- there won't be any tub for chase to bathe in and drink his mojitas. hahaha. chase was wishing the baby could be delivered right then and i was thinking- holy smokes, good thing i have 10 more weeks to mentally prepare for what is physically impossible!
i'm at 30 weeks and i can't believe i'm almost in the single digit week count down stage!!
 30 weeks and 30 pregnant pounds to love! The baby is only 3 lbs at this stage (Capri is probably 4-5 bc she's 98% for weight and height according to ultrasound via the doc. but even she admitted that she isn't too good at guesstimating how much a baby will come out weighing or being in length)..... that's 27 lbs of hormones, genes, and unhealthy eating right there! Owning it!

In honor of 10 weeks to go. The 10 ways I know I'm pregnant:
1. Previously mentioned- always short of breath (and related- throwing up every day when you can't breathe is quite a mess and challenge!)
2. Shaving my legs or putting on shoes is getting embarrassing. I was putting on shoes the other day and Chase kept shouting: "Take it easy. Just put them on slowly." hahaha the slower i put them on- the longer I can't breathe! he was so cute though and the fact that he realized how hard of a time i was having- observant!
3. Bending over to pick something up off the floor has become a dreaded work out for me (working at the retail store gets humiliating-there's stuff on the floor all the time and it's my job to pick it up)
4. Seeing the baby move just by looking down at my stomach sans touching is such a thrill
5. Sleeping 13 hours every night with an hour nap in the day is standard
6. Everyone asks me when I'm due and I can see the judgment when I tell them I still have 2 months left. "Ohhh.... you're only 7 months? well you're almost there." shifty eyes. hahahah. or perhaps "well i'm sure you're short stature just makes you look bigger sooner." hahaha. awkward moments- i embrace them!
7. The cravings have started yesterday (icecream and waffles)
8. Arching the back and shoving the baby down from my ribs is a daily occurrence
9. My wedding finger has swollen from a size 5 to a size 8.5. My substitute wedding ring (my ruby ring) is getting too small.
10. People (mainly strangers) are constantly opening doors, picking up things for me, concerned about me, and looking out for me.

p.s. Chase just got home and I remembered something so hilarious that I needed to mention- he was eating a hamburger for lunch and said "i would trade having a toilet in my house if i could eat a hamburger every day." hahaha so i challenged him to that. he is not allowed to use our bathroom and i promise to give him a hamburger every day. he can go to the mcdonald's bathroom or pee in the shower if necessary and he is not allowed to pee in our yard (bc that can put you on the sex offender list). hahahahaha. i bet he can't last through the night.

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