Wednesday, July 31, 2013

a good doc day

today was pleasant at the doctor. why? because when i stepped onto the scale it said i lost 1 pound since my last appointment (2 weeks ago)! which was a nice surprise - esp if you keep in mind that at my last appointment i had gained 6 pounds [in the previous 2 weeks] so I'm at a 35 lbs total weight gain right now! the baby is perfect and maybe i'll be lucky and top off at 40 lbs :) there's hope!  unrealistic and i don't want to be starvin' the baby but there is hope!
it's crazy that i lost weight because if anything- i ate more unhealthy (this is how my mind works.....classic rationalization: if i gain 6 lbs when i'm trying to be healthy, what's the point of eating healthy!.... so it's been hotdogs, hamburgers, klondikes, kit kats, etc. for this prego girl- and i lost a pound! well don't mind if i do! but i do need to increase my vegetable intake. ok starting now i'll do better on that aspect.)
what i wouldn't give for the scale to say 110 like that! even in my sick hospital death days- i haven't weighed that little post puberty! post pregnancy weight goal is 125! i'll let you know- i can't keep secrets from my blog :) i'll settle for 130 but 125 would just be splendid!!

p.s. i am having some side effect issues from working (standing) too much and am quitting my second job once they find a good replacement. i feel bad bc i love my co-workers and love working there. but it is only a couple weeks before i was going to quit anyways (it is back-to-school season so that is kinda a jerk move of me to leave them now but this prego body has a mind of its own!) kudos to my sister who worked 12 hour shifts as a nurse standing constantly! every body is different i guess and i'm trying to avoid bed rest here :)
anywho-i am getting more and more freaked out of my mind about labor and delivery but there's only one way out (c-section is not an option in my mind! it's all mental as taylor would say. hahaha jk shelby :)!!!) anyway. today the doctor went over labor and delivery, her preferences, my preferences, our expectations- and YIKES!!! reproducing is insane!

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