Friday, July 26, 2013

baby girl is freakin out, too!!

this morning has been a good one. i have the day off from both jobs and i'm lovin' it! it's been a crazy couple weeks with fam in town and our house as a party hotel. i miss the crew but i'm lovin' the calm atmosphere. my flu body is still recovering and my prego body is prepping up.
this morning i was lounging in bed watching the birth labor class video via kerri's recommendation. and i quite loved it. and who loved it even more? chase.
i was cooped up in the bedroom while (little did i know) chase was cleaning the whole house- that was nice! he came in the bedroom and realized i was in over my head in labor visuals. he sat down next to me and was hooked until he had to go to work (3 hours later.) We are experts now! Labor, epidurals, natural births, water birth, episiotomy, swaddling, breast feeding, diaper changing, hospital bag, etc.
He kept saying, "I wish I could just stay here all day and watch these videos" and he was serious. what a cute future daddy! and he kept squealing with delight that he can't wait for the baby. hahaha i wish i felt as excited! i'm anxious for september to get here, but excitement is just one of the emotions i'm feeling.
these next vids have some exposure but i really wanted to try to capture this little cutie capri pushing and punchin! right before i started filming she was outta control- caused tremors, kicks, and belly rolls for 15 seconds straight! i was begging for her to do it again so i could capture it on vid but this is all i could come up with! these vids are still miraculous! if you wanna tear up- get pregnant and watch birthing videos! amazing!

i cannot wait for little baby girl to be here and i think she was freakin' out in my belly this morning because she knew i was watching birthing class vids and is scared like me- but we can't wait to snuggle and give kisses!

p.s. i must stop bloggin' and go to the store immediately bc last night with the bbq and the door being left open- we have four flies in this house! 1 in the kitchen. 1 in the bedroom. 2 in the living room. and they are driving me nuts. i must go get a fly swatter. over and out!

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Kerri Andersen said...

ok i had to bribe jeff to watch like 2 of those videos. exact opposite of chase! haha cute! :)