Monday, July 22, 2013

crazy bday weekend

my mother and some brothers are in town. we've been go go go.
i found this gem on my phone. idk who took it but i like it! i love having my mom in town. 

tuesday some of us had to work and then we went to zupas and hangtime. that really is a fun place and even though my mom and i were bystanders- it was a good time. don't let the faces fool you :)
wednesday there was more working and some family time.
thurdsay the ross family reunion began :) when i was done at work, we went to the bees game. i actually enjoyed watching the baseball game and being with the whole family.
friday we went to lagoon and that was quite fun. i was allowed to go on three rides, and i walked, watched, and tried to crack the code for a game. we got a paper with many zoomed in pictures and had to find which rides the pic belonged to. because i sat around while they rode rides, i found the little pictures miraculously! and of course- out in 100 degree weather means some major swelling. my feet aren't even back to normal yet. after every night of sleep since then, they've gone down a little but i think the next 8 weeks will just be marshmallow feet for everyone to pity. hahaha. it makes me want a pedicure bad.
 and saturday was my 24th birthday. we had the last hurrah of the ross family reunion in the morning and then it was off to my in-laws. we saw despicable me 2 and had some delicious pizza and game time. thanks so much dave and julie! some highlights were when nathan and mason broke chairs from an intense game of spoons.

and then sunday was a morning from hell. i started the morning early with some major vomitting from both ends. who knows why!
i really felt like i should go to sacrament (bc we were singing primary pioneer songs and the adults had a solo and i'm one of the only ones who knows the words. chase was off the hook at work- he wasn't too bummed. hahah he's the tallest and sticks out like a sore thumb mouthing "watermelon" over and over. hahah that's a little exxagerated. he knows a lot of the words but on the day of they don't have the signs and pictures and lyrics like they do in primary so it's a little difficult) and then i got a sub for my class and went home to die. i recovered some and got through work.
then we had an awesome fireside w/the constructor of the new provo temple giving us some great slides and a powerful message of temples! it's gonna be a really special and beautiful temple when it's finished.
i got a bunch of missed calls from my sister and when i called her back she informed me that my grandpa had a heart attack and was being life-flighted to salt lake. we got half way there but got more news and ended up going home. he's resting and it seems that he's recovering nicely. please keep him in your prayers. we'll be seeing him tonight and i already feel the presence of angels watching over him.
what a weekend! and this week has a forecast of just as much busyness and overwhelmingness for this prego bod!

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