Monday, July 15, 2013

early mornin' skypes

the past three days have confirmed the worst- my 13 hour sleeping days are behind me. i still sleep about 9 hours but it's not enough. i'm tired. this baby has an agenda and me sleeping in is not part of her plan! which makes me even sicker throughout the day. ah well- at least she's havin a wild time and livin up her last few days in there. so this morning when i gave up on trying to sleep in, i decided i wanted to skype the texas fam.
my mom, grant, and cay are coming in town tonight actually! and it made me miss millie more bc she's not coming with them. but boy is she cute. sorry for the video overload but i love everything she does and says!
this is millie roaring at us and she wants to come to Riss's house! and she misses my baby in my tummy!
and caleb needs spanks for breaking her car. hahaha
and she knows baby capri's name
and she's a chomping machine. and she always calls caleb a "her" and it's hilarious and bugs caleb so bad! she can't correct the habit- and i encourage millie to keep calling him a her!

anywho- i better clean my house and my cars and my laundry and my life since my fam is staying with us in our humble abode for a couple nights!!
yesterday chase and i gave talks in our ward. it was successful. taryn and tay and paulo came over and it was succesful. life is just succesful.

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