Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Maternity love.

This evening I finally convinced Chase to take some maternity photos and the stars aligned so Tar could snap away! Thank you, Taryn!!!!
Now. This was Taryn's first time. She did great- she couldn't hide all the 30 lbs but she did the best with what I gave her :) I am huge. But I am pregnant. I can't believe how big I am all over..... but just more of the baby to snack on- I wish it worked like that. but no- i doubt this extra arm, leg, neck weight really benefits the baby in any way. but a mother must sacrifice and start being selfless now. I am owning up to this prego bod and flaunting what being a mamma is all about for this gene pool! I am so grateful to be pregnant and have a healthy beautiful baby girl gestating inside of me. (apparantely gestating is a legit word! point for me.)
If you have a fav of one of me and Chase- let me know. I'm putting one of these in her room but I haven't totally decided which, yet.
I'm leaning towards one of us sitting on the grass, or kissing with the mountains, or the one with Uncle Taylor in the background. Decisions decision. As Taylor would say: First world problems!
 i believe this one is the pic to beat. it's my fav but i'm gonna keep staring at it for the next couple days to make sure. classic.
 i've decided this is cute. 
i can only stand head on or totally profile. 
3/4 gets too crazy wide load 18 wheeler kinda visual.
 i can't wait till she can fit these little shoes and the pitter patter of little feet will run a muck!

 i am so grateful chase agreed to this lil sesh. his whining wasn't too loud even if he did say "i hate this" in between every kiss and snap shot- but i got the pics :) and that's what counts!!
 i really like this photo, too. with the mountains and what not!! and then baby girl will know her parents love each other. oh i can't decide!
 this one is probably the cutest of these poses but the next two are such gems with uncle taylor making an appearance. hahahahahah
 reminds me of the scene in the movie signs where the alien is caught on tape and he blurs across the tv news from the mexican bday party. i just youtubed that signs  scenes to make sure i got it right- and it was terrifying. idk why that movie scares me so much. it's really quite tame for a scary movie. anyways back to the quirky uncle t. hahahahahaha
inconspicuously still there
i have that pregnancy glow :)
and chase was beaming the car lights on us to try to hurry us up but really it had a great effect.


Hailey N said...

The one of you 2 on the grass (the first one you posted) is by far my favorite of the 2 of you! You should frame that one. BUT, the one of you in the maxi (which is GORGEOUS by the way) is my favorite picture of all of them. You look incredible and I cannot wait for your little girl to arrive. You're going to be a great mother :)

Kerri Andersen said...

i like the first one the best :) tailors photo bomb is hilarious!!

Cyndi Ruske said...

I love the first two and they last one. You are beautiful. Congratulations again :)

Shelby Alisa said...

The first three are great and the lsat one looks really good, personally of you all kissing I like the one in front of the creek. You two look great in all of them though!

Fairwell Family said...

Marissa, you look adorable!! :)I like the top two the very best! Chase, you look great too. haha oh and I cant forget Taylor! He is looking wonderful as well!

Fairwell Family said...

I must add that the last picture is beautiful and you are simple glowing! beautiful pregnant lady :)

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