Wednesday, July 3, 2013

skypin m&m

just skyped my precious mother and millie. it's always such a hoot.

some fine lines from the sesh:

  • millie is sitting on my mom's lap and says "ow that hurt" and what was she talking about? well then my mom says "i need to shave my legs. i know" hahahahaha
    and apparently that's not the first time millie has commented on the prickly legs. millie is a crack up.
  • millie kept giving my mom 10 second long kisses. hahaha why??? prolly watching too many movies. she has been watching cinderella a lot.
  • i told millie i'm going to bite her and chomp on the screen. and she cackles and says "you cannot reach me." she's too smart! i wish i could reach her to give her hugs and tickles!! oh how i miss them.

also nathan (the sister ciara's boyfriend) got his mission call in the mail today and the grand opening is at 9 tonight! after work for me and hopefully chase can get off a little early if it's slow. but i'm for sure going and i can't wait to see where he has been called! missionary work is so exciting and legit!
well i am in between korean calls and gotta get back to the grind!

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