Monday, August 12, 2013

baby girls are precious

goddaughter, neice, and baby daughter

yesterday was a special sunday with this little one being blessed. i'm so grateful kelly and lance invited chase into the circle because he was truly touched by her strong spirit and the intensity of the Holy Spirit during her blessing! Daryn is a miracle baby and a testament to us all! Since her family and friends found out about her struggling lil body at kelly's gender ultrasound, she has been a testament to God's miracles and so many answered prayers and fastings! she is growing so healthy and such a little beauty. Her parents and big sister have so much love for her! There is even more love in that home now!
During her blessing, i really felt the Spirit when thinking that she is the one who will show us an incredible love in the next years to come. she will be a serious warrior!
i can't wait to get up there wednesday and spend some more time with my brunson fam.

also, along with yesterday's activities, a lot has been going on here. i'm in the middle of working right now. i love my stay-at-home teaching job. it is so chill and just creates an environment of more security for our growing family. 
i received a new calling thursday as the first counselor of the primary presidency and overwhelming is definitely how i felt. however, today i called my new visiting teaching companion (who happened to be the second counselor and i didn't know it yet bc i missed my own sustaining at church bc daryn's blessing was at the same time) and we chatted forever. just 30 minutes later and i'm still on the phone! it was a nice surprise that we get along so well already. i haven't met her in person yet but i feel that there is some serious friendship and support blossoming. our primary will be rockin'! the timing of little baby girl and the primary program isn't the most convenient but i know i'll be given the strength to handle it all :) 

i had more to say but i am too sleepy and i think i'll shut my eyes before my next korean call.

oh wait. this, then sleep:
cute phone convo with millie today:
-Hi, Millie!
-Hi, Riss! I want to come to Riss's house and you read me a book.
-So do I, but I can't! It's too far away.
-I'll come in daddy's truck.
-It's too far. 
-You come swim at pappa's pool with me.
-It's still too far, Millie! But Uncle Caleb and your daddy will have fun with you.
-Get in your car and come to pappa's pool!

Oh that sweet little angel. She makes a good point. I should just get in my car! 
Ha I can only imagine how my little (aka BIG) prego body would do in a 24 hour car ride. Yikes.

Last picture: my mother cross stitched the two frames on the outside for me when i was younger and my grandma schroedter gave me the frame in the middle after she died. I feel so much love and support when I look at them hanging above little capri's crib!
And have been reflecting a lot about how little Capri is probably enjoying her time with my grandma and chase's grandpa hanks up there. I can see my grandma showering her with abundant love and chase's grandpa causing a riot of laughter!
2 weeks till full-term. 5 weeks till due date. 6 weeks till induced if baby girl wants to be late!! i'm just mentally preparing for the late date! zoo wee mamma!!

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