Wednesday, August 28, 2013

let's catch up

It's been a while since i've blogged for my habits! i got a cute text from my sis-in-law yesterday, "Hey, Girl. You doing okay? No blog post in over 2 weeks.... Something has to be up! I'm a worrier. You can't scare me like that!" hahaha I take that as a compliment that we are blog close! Life is so busy that blogs keep us together. I really need to see Kin soon considering our baby infant girls will be causing us no sleep and house arrest tendencies soon!  
Last week was crazy with managing the tent sale in the middle of August. Hot! Sunny! Pregnant! It was an interesting combo. Got there at 9. worked till my Korean job at 3. Went back to the sale at 7 after my korean job and closed the tent up till 10 pm! Long days for this lady and I wrangled Chase into helping me and his height and muscles were put to too much use in his opinion for minimum wage. hahaha. it will be nice next friday when those two checks come in though :) 

And it's been busy with my sister and her two cuties here! 
  Andrew has the most beautiful big precious moment eyes that make him look sad and I love it. He was finally watching "choo choo" (Thomas the Train) with Uncle Chase and was in heaven- yet looks like a melancholy baby model!! 

Shelbs has her in-laws up near Ogden so I'm sharing her but still so excited she's here- she doesn't get to visit Utah much!! and with her moving to Virginia- it will be even more rare! but having t&t's wedding to look forward to that will reunite us is good. it's nice knowing when you'll see family again. 
Also, on the rare occasions both Chase and I are free- we are trying to cram in time with our friends before school gets too crazy and baby girl is here! we had a fun time with Kerri and Jeff and chase's fam on Saturday. I never know what strangers will think of my loud, loving, crazy in-laws but K&J seemed to be smitten! I know why :) but we are a certain breed! Swimming pool time. Wits and wagers game. The new movie: 42. and Many laughs!
Then last night we had Ashley and Clark over. Just fun to relax in more intimate settings. We love our game nights but getting to talk more one on one is legit!
  i only took this pic really to mock my cute dad (marissa, no one likes to be ridiculed) bc he is always sending us pics of his dinner and detailed captions and i sent him my set up of the fulton-anderson dinner :) i really do love those texts, his words, and feeling connected to the texas family and when he goes on his worldwide business trips! and let's be honest. i am my father's daughter. talks a lot and shares a lot!

Now prepare yourself for baby talk! It's therapeutic for this future baby mamma. And yes in Chase's phone I am now: Marissa My Babies' Mamma. 
37 weeks and full term and I can't believe it! 
I cannot imagine not looking like a bloated blow fish, but this can't last forever!

I like to say Chase is in denial (even if he is more excited for her to come. I don't think he realizes how quickly three weeks will pass.) Let me explain.
I try to get Chase to help me with getting the stroller ready, rearrange the room to be ready for her to sleep in our room for the first couple weeks with the pack-n-play, talk about the hospital bag last minute items, etc. [i admit i'm a little over planning but still- i think it's an appropriate time to cover all my bases.] 
see my hospital bag, boppy, and two car seats (stacked) ready!!

But Chase replies every time: "I'll get to it when the time gets closer!" Closer? Closer? Yes I'm planning on her coming late and being induced September 27 but still- I'm technically full term and she can come any day!! hahaha. I'm sure it has more to do with procrastination than Chase actually denying the fact that the baby is coming so soon! hahah. Case and point: He hyperventilates and shakes with joy when people bring up the baby coming. "AHHHH I'm so excited!" he shouts!  he is the most baby ready daddy and hands on helper!but still in denial that we should get the furniture and what not totally ready when he's on the comfy couch watching netflix ;) i just do it myself till the guilt overtakes him. works every time. classic! 
Anywho- I'm so excited for her to be here, but (of course there is a but- i'm the one giving birth) I think it would be awesome if someone could invent teleporting fetuses right about now. 
I have been talking a lot with my friends about giving birth and it seems that the last couple girls i've chit chatted with went all natural?! oh my! I don't think I'm one of those girls. I trust epidurals and feel like if I can enjoy it even the slightest- I choose that course. And TMI I haven't had a period cramp in almost two years (the birth control I was on before prevented all periods) and I cannot fathom the pain of a contraction! I ask everyone to describe them to me but it's still impossible for me to imagine! I haven't had braxton hicks at all! I know digestive, ulc col pain like no one else but uterus contractions- i'm lost! All births are different and it's crazy that giving birth is just an accepted part of life- it has to be for the human race but I still can't believe more people aren't shocked by it. I remember first learning about periods and having babies- I was driving to gymnastics with my mom and I was horrified. "How do you not die after bleeding for so long?" was my exact question! hahah. and since that 9 year old conversation till I was 19 years old, I was set on adopting. Like seriously. But then when my sister had little Aubrey- I thought.... maybe I want one of my own, too. And I toughened up. And when Chase and I discussed trying to get pregnant, I pushed the part about squeezing out a child out of my mind. Well the last couple weeks- that aspect of pregnancy cannot escape my thoughts! freak nasty- i just am trusting that my body will know what to do bc my mind is a scary over analyzing place as Chase would say! 
looking at my calendar overwhelms me! the month is here! 

Something else quirky that me and Chase do all the time is give our baby spankings. It might sound cruel but it's the truth. Whenever I'm barfing, or rolling (not really bc that'd squish the baby) in pain, or etc.- Chase will give my belly a little spankin' and lecture her about being nice to her mamma. This has been going on since week 7, but I think we have a discipline problem. 30 weeks of spankings and she doesn't listen! 
Ope guess what tomorrow is? THE doctor appointment where they check dilation and effacement and who knows what else they search for up there. I will have a full room, too, bc my sis and her kiddos are invited! the nurse in her loves those kind of things. She will miss the birth and meeting baby Capri until she's 3 months old so she can be a part of this. lucky sis. I kinda wanna see Chase's face, too. The cna in him has seen births and what not but he's psyched himself out of seeing me in that state and position. he has declared he will stay up by my head for the birth but i think seeing her crown and come out will be a miracle- i hope they can hold one of those mirrors for me! hahaha. 
i can't help but talk about baby things all the time- accept it. On Sunday I received three new stretch marks on the front of my belly! Ah these next 3 weeks the number of 6 total belly stretchmarks might turn into 60! Settle down in there! I've felt less movement lately but I think that's bc she is wedged. She seems healthier than ever and knows just what to do. Less movement doesn't mean calm nights though. Getting up to pee and rearrange every 3 hours is really getting old! perhaps this is the body's way of preparing you for the night feedings of a newborn? insightful!
Chase and I (and apparently Kelly on my fbook wall like a mind reader of what i was blog posting) have made predictions of this little baby's arrival. Hence:
Mine: She will be born at 2:00 am September 28 at 8 lbs 3 ounces. It will take 20 hours of labor for her to arrive. She will have brown eyes (eventually) and dark black thick hair. She will be off the charts of cuteness to me but maybe a little manly like her daddy to the stranger's eye for a while. I'm preparing myself.
Chase's: She will be born on September 23 at 8:30 pm at 8 lbs 2 ounces and 19 inches. It will take 10 hours of labor for her to arrive. She will have blue eyes ( permanently) and brown hair. She will be 14 out of 10 on the cuteness scale.
Kelly: She will be born in the morning on September 20th at 8 lbs 13 oz and 20.5 inches. 

Anywho! hope this catch up wasn't too much for you even though it was almost too long for me! ha!


Shelby Alisa said...

Yay! So, many exciting things, one I was wondering where your blog was too, two so excited to see Shelby got to visit you all, and three your baby is almost here!!! I hope you are able to keep up with the vlog once she is here!

Lacey said...

Six stretch marks? Six?! Lucky girl - you look great, by the way! Love the baby spankings. She'll be the best behaved baby out of the womb.