Sunday, August 4, 2013

the family baby shower!

Yesterday, I had an amazing family baby shower! Julie, Kina, and Ciara did an incredible job! They really know how to decorate, make pinterest come to life, and show a granddaughter/niece some serious love! I was really excited and anxious about the shower bc I heard how much effort they were putting into it and I wanted it to be everything they hoped for and wished for! It was more than I could imagine and the turn out, gifts, and support was pure perfection! I took a lot of pictures! I had to..... your eye can barely take in everything so the close ups help me really appreciate and recall all the magic!

 They went with a baby animal theme! Chase let it be known that I adore baby animals and baby animal print for baby clothes and blankets and what not!! Pink and green everything!
 These were the party favors. Candies and what not- my favorite part was the little Capri Suns in the bags! I'm sure this baby will be sick of Capri Suns after all her parties bc I plan to constantly use them :) hope the company doesn't go out of business. I think Capri Sun is a cute nickname- people try to warn me about that nickname but I embrace it :) She will be a bright beam of sunshine in our lives!
the cupcakes. delicious. my mother-in-law knows her way around a kitchen! 
they also made these popcorn treats (covered in chocolate. ok!!!!) - they have a little note that says "ready to pop" on them. precious!
oh this looks like heaven! i'm really hungry as i'm bloggin' and i have some leftovers in the fridge! oh so yummy! and courtesy of ciara (the great harvest employee)! delicious!
ok  my heart is melted over this diaper cake and the ultra sound and all the cuteness! thank you so much, kina!
the game table here!!
here we have to guess the number of salt water taffy's in the bottle on the right corner of the pic. take a guess......there were 87. did you guess right? Linda guessed it spot on! Also some mother's advice pages. I need to go read those actually. As soon as I click "publish" i'm on it!

and with this game you guess the price of all the objects on the pic in the left. i didn't realize till half way through that their was a display of the items. i was just picturing in my head what they were at walmart or something! and i got to keep all those goodies! take a guess.... for the total.... i guessed $136. correct answer: $62. I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe a baby won't be as expensive as I'm planning. ha!
I saw this on the table and was especially giddy! I was going to take this on as a project- make a carseat cover. but the talented Julie already was one step ahead :) [with a matching receiving blanket]!! cute!!!!! and the cutest straps! I'm so happy and grateful because mine would have come out lookin like a blind person made it, but Julie's looks profesh!

And the presents!!! I told Julie and Kina (to relay to the questioning guests) what items I could still use and they sure fulfilled that wish list!!! Odds and ends, clothes, diapers, and wipes galore!!! It's still sitting in my living room and I'm overwhelmed to put it all away :) but that's a good thing!
 all i can say is freak nasty! and thank you :)
these lucky parents of this loved baby are so grateful and had such a blast yesterday. chase wasn't there for the party but he was drooling over the presents afterwards! 
I feel even more loved and close to my family ladies and love them so much! This is my sister-in-law Kina!! She is due with her baby girl Sept 17 and I'm due Sept 20. She really worked so hard for this shower and I just want to shower her with so many thanks!! We can't wait for our girls to arrive, be bestie cousins, and get our bods back (but Kina has been working out and staying sexy still- she told me she still can run a mile. Impressed. I can barely walk a mile!!) These baby girls are coming into an awesome family that loves them so much already! so blessed!
THANK YOU SO MUCH KINA, JULIE, and CI!!!! It was the most amazing day! xoxox

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Lacey and Phil said...

What a fun baby shower! And, I just wanted to say that we are so so sad that we didn't get to see you while in UT. I Love the name Capri and think you are looking amazing!